Many of us do not understand why or how individuals become addicted to certain substances. There is often a mistaken assumption that the addictive habit can be overcome with sheer willpower. The reality is that many people do not have control over their addiction, and even if they want to stop, they can’t! The spiritual reason, according to Kryon (through Lee Carroll), is a lack of self-worth.

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Have you ever wondered why some individuals get addicted to certain substances or have a compulsive behavior? Perhaps you have even been addicted to something yourself? Did you manage to overcome your addiction? If so, I bet it was incredibly difficult, and perhaps the cravings are still there? Even more difficult is watching someone we love succumb to an addiction. So why does this happen, and what can we do to help?

According to Kryon, a loving entity channelled by Lee Carroll, addictions and compulsive behavior are a result of more than just psychological disorders and/or chemical imbalance. Kryon tells us that addictions/compulsive behaviors are:

“…a way for the biological-self to distract a Human from completing what it came here for, spiritually. It is also given as a test or challenge.

If you work with addicted Humans, then I don’t have to tell you the frustration they feel. They absolutely know what they are doing, yet they can’t communicate with their cellular structure enough to stop it. The main part of this struggle is the one where the biology builds a “wall of addiction or compulsive behavior” so that the Human does NOT have to make the decision they came here for. Worse, sometimes this activity is actually designed to kill them quicker!

Many of these precious souls are very spiritual … did you notice? They are “on the edge” of complete knowledge, but just can’t seem to “go there.”

What to do? Your work as a healer is to help them over this hump of fear. They can’t stop smoking … or eating … or sexual desire … or drugs? These are all classic Human biological ploys that are part of the “seed fear” of enlightenment.

Clearing the fear is the answer … fear that perhaps this time they won’t suffer and go through torture because they accept the information of the Higher-Self. Many are unconsciously fearful of moving into a spiritual experience. Even those who are healers … channellers … and ministers will also experience this! They don’t want to “go all the way,” since the last time they did this … they died, horribly.

So, healer, help them to begin talking to their cellular structure in ways that will relax the fear of spiritual information and action. The more they can love themselves, the less they will rely on outside stimulus for their peace. The more they can drop this very real fear of theirs, the less they will need their addictions. Behavior will modify and the addiction will eventually drop away.

Meditation is also part of the key to this … real meditation, with intent and motivation. Finally, self-worth is the real issue (same as loving themselves). When this is settled, then the addictions begin to diminish and go away.”Yoga Meditation Concept, Woman Silhouette Meditating In Healthy

Those who work with addicts tell us that the reasons for addiction are not fully understood. They consider the contributing causes to be physical, mental, circumstantial and emotional factors. The information from Kryon is quite different to conventional opinion. Kryon tells us that the underlying “spiritual” cause for addictions is a lack of self-worth!

Perhaps one solution, therefore, would be to focus on creating balanced self-worth, instead of trying to “kick a habit.” This would especially be true with a habit where your biology has cooperated with your original addictive instructions. Some people can instantly stop a habit, but for many others changing their habits is not necessarily something that happens overnight. Often it happens slowly. So how can we create self-worth? Great question, and lucky for us Kryon has given a channeled message* which includes seven attributes that will increase your angelic awareness and provide a balanced self-worth. Kryon guarantees, that if you practice them regularly with intent, your self-worth will increase and create balance in your life.

Attribute One: Get Creative

Do something creative! You may say, “I have nothing whatsoever that is creative.” Yes, you do. All of you do. Doing creative things takes that God-part of you and spills it in to the duality part of you. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a singer, so why not write a tune? Perhaps you’re not a painter? Paint anyway. Let your inner child paint pictures that you painted as a child or grab an adult coloring-in book. Do something creative. It sounds overly simplistic, but watch how this attribute melds into the other six. All seven attributes work together in a circle of creating a balanced self-worth. Creativity knocks at the door of your God-self, and begins to exercise the parts of you that need to be awakened.

Attribute Two: Help Others

Sounds simple, right? What if you challenged yourself on how you could help others? What about volunteering in a place where people are dying? How about visiting children with terminal diseases? Put yourself there so you can read to them, hold their hands, and tell them stories. What about the seniors? Why not read them stories? Ask about their lives, and celebrate their youth. What if you could help those in passing, no matter what their age? Can you celebrate being there and helping? If so, your divinity will celebrate their divinity, and the two of you will be enhanced. You could also help out at a local animal shelter, where the abandoned animals are ready to receive your love in any way you can give it. Perhaps you might even take one home and care for it!

Attribute Three: Exercise and Meditate

This is the most difficult one, and the one that most of us don’t like to hear. Exercise! Biologically, when you exercise there is a chemical balance that is shifted and changed. In addition, we take in much needed additional oxygen, a real needed fuel for anyone who is trying to enhance new parts of their thinking. However, the real secret is to go exercise then follow it up with meditation. Watch what happens. An oxygenated brain creates a new palette for the artist of meditation. That’s the order: Exercise, then meditate.

Attribute Four: Personal Verbal Affirmations

Watch what you say! The words out of your mouth are powerful. Instead of negative posturing, give yourself affirmations. Affirmations are statements of intent that carry energy which the cells of your body hear. Whatever you tell your body, your cellular structure hears it and begins to cooperate with your instructions. This is why you manifest the energy that you place into the air through speech. Most of us are accustomed to speaking out when things are at their most challenging. What if we could balance that by focusing on speaking out when things are going fantastic? Isn’t it time to speak your joy? Start with the things you are grateful for, and as your gratitude increases, you attract even more things to be grateful for.

Attribute Five: Challenge Your Darkest Part

Challenge the dark side of you to a fight! Tell it where and when you’re going to meet, then wait for it! Dare this part to meet you head-on. Set an appointment. The reason Kryon tells us to do this is because these dark and horrible parts are not going to show up! They are afraid of the light part of you, and especially the parts that are becoming stronger. You have won the fight just by standing there in the dark and daring them to show up. Your divine intent will defeat darkness every time. As you empower yourself, the dark parts of you begin to abandon ship.

Spiritual sci fi scene with angel and cloaked figureAttribute Six: Claim the Angel Inside

After you realize that the dark part of you is a coward, it’s time to claim the angel that’s always been there. This is about understanding who you really are. Even though you may never be able to see this angelic part of you, it is your true self, and it’s ready to be claimed. When your angel is in charge, nobody can push or mold you in any direction, in any way. You know who you are – an empowered diving being. Self-worth is no longer an issue.

Do you understand how these attributes fit together? As you express your creativity, help others, exercise and meditate, watch what you say, realize that the dark side has no power over you, you begin to feel your life potential. It’s time to claim the angel (your God-part) that is inside of you.

Attribute Seven: Melding

The last attribute is about melding polarity. Our planet Earth is currently experiencing a shift – a shift where the masculine and feminine energies are becoming more balanced. Each of you is one gender, so it’s about accepting the attributes of the other gender within you. You exist with the ability to meld a healthy balance of both genders within yourself. This will allow you to understand and therefore co-exist with the other gender on the planet. It brings humanity closer together!

It’s called consciousness melding, and it’s the start of another Human consciousness change on the planet. It’s about women becoming stronger and men becoming more sensitive. Instead of seeing the other gender as opposites or adversaries, see the spiritual family and how we need the consciousness of the other. This creates a balanced Human Being who has an awesome self-worth!

* Seven attributes from the Kryon channel, “All About Self-Worth.” Source: CLICK HERE