Allowance of Change

How do you feel about change? Do you resist or do you surrender? Many of us resist change because we fear the feeling of “not being in control.” However, the very dynamic nature of life means that things are almost always going to change at some point. So how can we embrace these changes? Perhaps it’s as simple as adjusting our attitude to one where we willingly allow and welcome the change to happen.

How do you feel about change? Most of us don’t like change of any kind and the reason is because fear of change is a natural survival instinct, ingrained in us from the moment of birth. Even when the change is for the better we still experience some level of stress! Why would we fear change? Before I answer that question let’s define change. In an article written by Adam Dachis, he quoted a relationship and family therapist, Roger. S. Gill. Mr. Gill defined change as “a modification to a person’s environment, situation, or physical/mental condition that results in circumstances that challenge their existing paradigms.”

This definition essentially means that whenever anything happens in our personal world that is inconsistent with our beliefs or how we feel the world should work, we encounter change! Whoa! That means we are literally facing change on a regular basis. So how do we navigate an endlessly changing world? I’d like to answer that question by presenting some concepts given by Kryon, an angelic entity channelled by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel).

The first concept Kryon has given us relates to the planetary shift in consciousness. There is a new energy on Earth which is biased in love and benevolence. However, before we reap the most benefit from this new energy Kryon says we need to cognize the belief that the energy we are moving into is vastly different from the energy we came from. When you cognize something it means that you become consciously aware of something that you absolutely believe to be true without question. Do you believe in gravity? If you answer yes, then you have cognized your belief that gravity exists. So Kryon asks us to cognize the new energy as the new normal. This means you are alive in the years that matter. You have existed through the ages to be here now, in this new energy, living a life of joy.

Once you have cognized that things are going to keep changing, Kryon ask us to have an attitude of allowance for change. What if things change in a different direction to what you had planned? Can you embrace the unplanned changes in your life? Can you allow personal growth and celebrate it? Can you allow consciousness change? As you allow consciousness change it’s a catalyst for other things to take place and may lead to changes that you never ever thought would change.

With your belief intact, and your new attitude where you have an allowance for things to change, you are ready for one of the biggest steps. That is to implement compassionate action, where everything you do from now on is from a standpoint of compassion. For example, if someone around you is having a bad day you don’t let it affect you. There’s no grudge to hold, no retort to make because you’re buttons of anger and frustration are disconnected so that there is no reaction at all. You have compassionate action in everything you do.

Kryon tell us that when you start a compassionate path, everything changes. A compassionate person changes those around them, instead of being affect by others. No negativity activity will attach to a compassionate person. It’s a position of balance and strength, and others will often want to just sit and be with a supportive, compassionate person. A person who demonstrates compassionate action literally changes the earth where they walk!

The next concept is having spiritual sight and the ability to see God in everything. Someone with spiritual sight starts to see the bigger picture and can see the creative source in all things and other people. A compassionate soul, with spiritual sight doesn’t get angry when somebody yells in their face, because they see the face of God in front of them. This was what the masters who walked the planet taught us.

Integrating these four concepts into your life doesn’t happen instantly, you have to work on it. The belief that the energy around you has changed gradually becomes solidified to your brain as you see evidence of it. You actually train yourself to cognize and believe. Then your allowance for change is training you to accept things that might be different. A compassionate personality comes slowly, not all at once. It’s important you don’t feel like you failed if you get frustrated or angry. It’s simply a reminder that you weren’t compassionate yet. Spiritual sight comes over time and eventually you will treat others differently and see the beauty first instead of judging or criticizing them.

The last concept, which is one of the hardest to do is to have patience. Most of us want everything now. In general, we are conditioned to have and do things immediately. When parents ask their children to clean their room they want it done as soon as possible. When instructions are given to do or accomplish something, there is a push to do it at the moment of request, not later. Even when it comes to long-term tasks, we still want to see immediate results of our progress. When we don’t there is a tendency to quit.

Kryon urges us to practice relaxing with synchronicity and says, “The things that many of you are asking for are dependent on other things happening first! Relax!”

Spiritual patience is gold, but it’s hard work. In fact, all of these concepts are difficult because they are not intrinsic to any of us. We are not born with this attributes, but all of them are accomplishable. We are all so unique and vastly different to each other that our approach to these things are personal and require independent work. Don’t compare yourself to others. Allow the changes to occur and know that you are God.

Source: Kryon live channelling “Five Concepts for the New Human” given in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada – February 7, 2016

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