Astrology and the Way it Works

The celestial night sky is filled with secrets to a hidden universe, and Astrology is one of the keys to help open the door to understanding. While some regard Astrology as interesting entertainment, such as the daily horoscope forecasts in newspapers and magazines world-wide, it is a very real phenomena where the planetary positions do impact our lives. Being aware and having an understanding of how it all works can greatly enhance your life so that you are working with the flow of life, and not against it.

Telescope Under The Stars

I should mention that I am not an astrologer. So why am I writing an article to tell others how Astrology works? The reason is because for many years I didn’t understand that Astrology is one of the oldest sciences on the planet. “Science,” you say? Yes, that’s right; Astrology is a science. Loosely defined, Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, such as planets and many stars, have on humans.

There are many types of Astrology, including Chinese, Vedic and Tibetan, to name just a few. While the methods used to determine a reading or a prediction vary, all of them make calculations based on the position of the Sun, stars, moon and planets, measured at a specific point in time during the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. This is how your zodiac sign is determined and why astrologers can accurately “read” what influences the planets and stars have on your life. It’s old, and many don’t even know how old. It is reported that the three wise men in the classic Christmas story, were – you guessed it – astrologers! It even existed way before that.

If Astrology is a science, what are the mechanics of how it works? Let us start with the basics, by just looking at the planets and their influences. Our sun, which is in the center of our solar system, is the “engine of Astrology.” In simple terms, the constant tug of gravitational energies from the orbiting planets around our Sun, transfer to us, and we feel the affect.Sun in universe or space, sun and galaxy in a nebula clouds.

Why would this affect us? We feel effects through a physical mechanism known as the solar wind: The Sun blasts out a constant stream of magnetic energy called the heliosphere (the solar wind). This solar wind is a multi-dimensional stream of energy that carries with it the information of whatever pattern of gravity the Sun is experiencing from the planets pull at that moment. More science: This patterned magnetic energy intercepts our own magnetic grid, where the informational pattern is transferred. We actually can see this interception of magnetic fields through the Aurora Borealis. In electronics, one magnetic field overlapping another creates inductance … information transfer!

The energy stream from the Sun is always there, but it has cycles of intensity. Science already recognizes the energy of our solar wind, and in fact there is an acknowledgment that solar flares directly interfere with our electrical equipment and navigational devices. However, science has yet to see or discover the multi-dimensional patterns within the solar wind. Therefore, I am giving you future information that is yet to be discovered. This information has come from Lee Carroll, an international author and speaker who channels an entity known as Kryon.

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this article I would like you to know that Lee Carroll and Kryon have channelled at the United Nations in New York City for The Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, a record seven times! In 2012 Lee was presented with an honorary doctorate degree of Science, Transpersonal Psychology and Metaphysics. In addition, over the last twenty-five years, numerous predictions and scientific information from Kryon have later become validated.

Okay, back to the multi-dimensional patterns within the solar wind. These patterns reflect the energy-state of the Sun as the other planets exhibit their tugs and pulls via gravity. The Sun is so greatly affected by this pull from the planets, that it actually “wobbles” in orbit if the planets align in a certain way. The scenario changes every moment, and the planets provide new gravitational situations to the Sun, constantly altering the patterns we receive. As mentioned above, when the solar wind, carrying this Sun-pattern, hits the Earth, it deposits the pattern upon our own magnetic grid. Our Earth’s magnetic grid is dynamic and is responsive to being constantly re-patterned. Because of the dynamic and changing nature of our grids, these patterns have greater and lesser areas of influence in different Earth locations. This explains the mechanics of why astrologers make calculations based on the position of the Sun, moon, stars and planets.

Now, how and why does this patterned energy that hits the Earth’s magnetic field, affect us? The answer lies within our DNA. Our DNA is sensitive to magnetics, since it has been shown to have some quantum aspects. It’s almost a “receiver” of quantum energy. Science now agrees that we need the magnetic grid for our biological existence. Your unique life expression, and your astrological “pattern” is implanted to your DNA from the moment that you take your first breath, independent of your mother. This explains why astrologers ask for your birth date, time and geographic location.

HoroscopeBecause the Earth is actually one of the contributing planets in this scenario, there is also a basic Earth pattern that works with the Sun. It contributes to the unique energy within the specific geographical location of where you were born. This is factored in when calculating your Zodiac sign. When astrologers determine your Zodiac sign, they consider which constellation the Sun is passing through at the time of your birth, in conjunction with many other attributes of the cosmos. So the positions of the planets help astrologers know what the actual physical pattern was that was given to you and your DNA at birth. Hopefully you now understand more about the mechanics behind why the planets actually affect your biology. The moon is important too … for some of the same gravitational reasons, all patterning your DNA. It has such a big influence in our lives!

While the cosmos exerts its effects on us, I have some good news. You can actually alter your sensitivity to attributes within your own individual Astrology type! While generic influences of the planets’ and moon’s movements will always affect you to some degree (because you’re not an island apart from others), still, you can lessen other aspects. The new energy of the planet is now giving you the ability to change your DNA (with free choice). When you change your DNA, you change the very core pattern that you had at birth. Consciousness has energy, and it has been seen many times to be able to alter biology. This premise allows you to work on some of your own astrological attributes. This is what the Masters of the planet did, and this is now available to you. It involves becoming a balanced Human Being, where you can look into your life and eliminate the things that are challenges, yet keep the basic attributes of your astrological sign that support you.

Can you see the potentials of how practicing your mastery can change your life? This is why I say to you that you are a powerful co-creator in this life altering process. Practicing mastery is a life-long pursuit, and while I may have tempered some of the cosmic influences that affect me, I still pay attention to Earth-wide events such as a Mercury Retrograde. This means that when certain things happen, such as my flight being delayed, or my emails not getting through, I can simply relax and smile; I know there are unseen forces at play.

What about you? Can you see how there is so much more to our wonderful celestial night sky and beyond, than anything you ever imagined? Perhaps it’s time to think again about the personal and global insights that astrologers can give us.