The Atlantis Effect

To most people Atlantis was a fictional continent that fell out of favor with the Greek Gods and hence submerged beneath the ocean. What if I told you that Atlantis was a real place, and that there was actually more than one? Sound controversial? Very!

Undersea Ruins

Ancient civilizations like the Romans, Greeks, Incas and Egyptians, all left behind examples of their agriculture and urbanism, some of which are still seen today. In contrast, Atlantis has predominantly existed within our film and literature only as a legend. But why has this mythical island created such a popular culture, and why have so many humans from around the world believed they had a past life in Atlantis? Is there more to Atlantis than what is commonly believed? The answer, of course is yes.

According to many spiritual sociologists, humanity almost terminated itself four times during Human history. During these waves of civilization, there were actually several “Atlantis” type events. Kryon, a loving entity channelled by Lee Carroll has given information about Atlantis and provided us with a clearer understanding about this past culture. Perhaps this may help shift your perspective of what you know, and what may have actually happened.

To further understand Atlantis it’s important to know about a place called Lemuria. Lemuria can be described as the first spiritual civilization on the planet. The entire reason for the Lemurians was to plant seeds of Akashic energy within thousands of Humans, who potentially could awaken in the future. Once the Akash for the planet was set, the purpose of the Lemurian society was complete and the demise of this island-based civilization occurred following a series of natural disasters.

Fish Swim in spiral formation in Submerged RuinsMany humans that experienced a Lemurian incarnation share a common trait. In the past, former Lemurians would often gather with others of like mind and create a separate society. Over and over, many attempts were made by these former Lemurians to re-establish an enlightened island city, and with each attempt the name Atlantis was remembered. Within our human bias of singularity, the various Atlantis’s are seen by our Akashic record as “one past and one history.” It became one event in our cellular remembrance, which can be described as “The Atlantis Effect”.

Thousands of years ago, as the Earth was evolving, the magnetic grid system was continually being adjusted. It was being balanced and re-balanced to match the physical vibrations of our planet and therefore the polarity of this grid “flipped itself” many times. Scientists have in fact discovered that Earth has had several magnetic field reverses in history where the North Magnetic Pole became the South Magnetic Pole and vice versa. But what do the magnetics of the Earth have to do with Atlantis?

The answer is complex, but it relates to the correlation between the magnetic grid’s strength, it’s alignment to the physical poles, and humanity’s enlightenment. The strength of the magnetic grid postures the strength or weakness of the veil between humanity and God. Kryon, also known as the Magnetic Master, has said that two major adjustments were needed to create the desired strength of our magnetic grid system, to allow for the evolution of today’s human consciousness.

Prior to the first major adjustment to the magnetic grid, most of the humans on Earth were very aware of enlightened science. Some who lived in Atlantis had a very high vibratory communication with their soul entities, but without knowledge of what it all meant. This created an odd combination of enlightenment and social imbalance. This allowed for slavery next to high spiritual science, and a feeling of power without realization of its source. In addition, it created a culture of elite humans who, through science, achieved a much longer life span.

The elite sequestered their science, and during their long lives had five to six generations of slaves, whom slowly became unlike humans. When the Kryon Entourage realigned the grid system the first time, it resulted in a total destruction of the land masses associated with Atlantis, which was followed by a mini ice age.Atlantis spiral sign in Ibiza with stones on soil at Balearic Is

This wasn’t the only time that Atlantis was terminated. The many attempts to establish Atlantis (as the New Lemuria) ended badly through flood, earthquake, or volcanic eruptions. This is why so many humans, especially those who connect with “The Atlantis Effect,” have the seed fear of enlightenment. They also share an underlying biological fear of being crushed or drowned through a natural disaster. Perhaps this may explain why your family and friends are so horrified by your own enlightenment? Maybe it describes why you, or someone you know, has shut the door on spirituality.

In 1989 the Kryon Entourage came to Earth to adjust the grid yet again. This time the gird realignment is being given to allow humanity to move into the final stages of planetary graduation. The changes are a result of humanity’s choice to create peace instead of war, and a full recalibration of Human nature which began after 2012.

It is time for those who remember Atlantis to re-write history, so there is no longer the fear of enlightenment. This applies to your biology as well. You might think “Well I can’t remember any of it, so what have I to fear?” Kryon has said that this is the most basic fear of the teachers and enlightened humans on Earth at this time. It is the fear of being healed, or being a healer in the new energy that Kryon predicted humanity would create. It’s a fear that many carry so strongly that many get physically ill as they approach enlightenment and knowledge. As you begin to claim your divinity within this new energy, your body often rejects it because it is unaware that this time it is safe. In the past, your body may have felt a spiritual awakening, but then it was seemingly rewarded with termination! That’s what the body of a Lemurian remembers at the cellular level.

The good news for an old soul today is that there is no longer the need to fear termination as a direct result of your enlightenment. If you believe you are an old soul, or perhaps have gone through an “Atlantis” experience, the new energy on the planet is here in support of you. We have begun to enter an era of peace and remarkable times that are filled with potential. You have slogged through lifetimes where energy was combative, and sometimes you terminated early. Now, however, you have the power to move through these phantom fears and claim the reason why you came. Everything you do can have a profound effect on those around you. Isn’t it time for you to claim your magnificence?