What is Channelling?

Channelling is often misunderstood as something weird or spooky, mainly done by psychics or mediums, where an entity “takes over” the body of the channeller. There are some who even consider channelling to be evil. However if we look at one of the definitions for channelling, it simply represents the divine, inspired words (or energy) of God, as imparted by humans to humans. It’s much more common than what you may have been told!


Channelling (in any form) is the most natural connection between God and humans that exists today. Think about the most beautiful music ever composed, the greatest paintings, the finest sculptures, and the most powerful poetry that have been created on Earth. All of these works were “channelled.” The artists were connected to their Higher-Self as they expressed their creativity to produce their creative art. If you ask an artist to describe their own creative process, many will reply that they receive seemingly random thoughts that then form into cohesive ideas, which they can express in their craft. In fact, scientists are now beginning to understand that creativity is far more complex than a simple distinction between the right and left brain.Kid Creativity Education Concept, Child Learning Art Mathematics

Being creative and channelling your work does not necessarily mean you are enlightened. Instead, it simply highlights that channelling is normal and has been with artists ever since their first creative expressions. This type of “divine inspiration” is available to everyone. Spirit is always standing by to help facilitate this wonderful connection within every single Human who wishes to use it. The process of channelling therefore begins with trusting intuitive thought and learning how to recognize a “higher you” in the mix of your consciousness.

Now that we understand the channelling process, let’s discuss channelling in reference to spiritual enlightenment. Firstly, if you take a look at the most of the sacred scriptures of the planet (all religions): They were all channelled. The bible was written by humans who were divinely inspired. I don’t recall hearing about God coming down from the sky to write anything! Think of the many different types of scripture. Each one represents communications with God in some way, and the writings are then considered to hold the sacred words of the Creator. Billions of people all over the Earth have felt the love of God within their chosen belief systems, and their respective sacred writings, all of which were channelled by humans.

Many doctrines were written thousands of years, but as mentioned earlier, the process of channelling is a regular everyday occurrence. It makes sense that God continues to talk to us through the channelled messages of humans. Most of today’s well known channellers are associated with the New Age. It seems that many of the more popular ones began channelling in the late 1980s. This is no coincidence and is in direct relation to a changing consciousness on the planet. Many ancient prophecies all said that we faced an Armageddon, yet it hasn’t happened!

bigstock-Two-hands-touching-25641089(a)Collectively, humanity has chosen to resolve conflicts with new solutions instead of resorting to a lower consciousness that seeks to separate and conquer. That doesn’t mean we are free of those who still choose to stay in lower consciousness. Instead, overwhelming, there are more individuals on the planet who are choosing love and compassion. Given that Spirit is always waiting to help facilitate humans who wish to channel, it should now be obvious why so many channellers began their career in the late 1980s.

So how do we know if a channeller is genuinely giving messages from a Divine Source? Next time you are reading or listening to a channelled message, ask yourself the following question, “What is the intent of the human speaking?” Is there any ego or Human agenda? When channelled messages come from a Divine Source they are ALWAYS filled with love and honor for the Human, and are never based in fear. It is important that you use your own discernment. Do you resonate with the message and recognize the energy as familiar and feeling like “home?”

Sometimes channellers are known for chanelling an entity, such as Kryon, Abraham, or Archangel Michael. However, not all channelling is from an entity. There are many who are channelling wonderful messages and much of it comes from their own spiritual center. If you understand that God is within, then it shouldn’t be that difficult to recognize your own ability to give yourself a channelled message, which comes from your “Higher-Self.”

I’d like to leave you with some channelled words from Kryon, as given by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel):

“Be still, and know that you are God. Recognize divinity, since it’s part of your own DNA.”