Crop Circles

Crop circles have been identified all over the world. The plethora of photographs and videos are compelling evidence that they do exist. However, the real controversy about crop circles relates to who created them, and why. Will we ever unravel the mystery? Are there secret messages? If so, what does it all mean? Interested? Then read on (smile).

There are many individuals who believe all crop circles have been created by Humans, and therefore there is no mystery to unravel. Case closed – or is it? It wasn’t that long ago that humanity believed the Earth was flat. What happened to change the “Flat Earth” paradigm? Basically, it was a new way of thinking. It was the result of adventurous pioneers who were open minded enough to pursue a course, one which was in direct opposition to the current beliefs, and discover that our Earth was round. In a similar way the exploration of crop circles requires us to open our minds to new possibilities, which has the potential to lead us into a new paradigm and the evolution of Human consciousness.

When I first began to tentatively investigate the crop circle phenomena I was amazed at how much information exists. I highly recommend taking a look at an excellent website, dedicated to crop circle enthusiasts, which is available in over fifteen languages:

To connect with the Crop Circle Connector website CLICK HERE

One of the nice features of this particular website is that you can view images of the most recent crop circles, as well as archived photos taken over the last few decades!

The earliest reports of crop circles began in the 1500s where farmers found strange circles in their fields. Since then, the reporting of crop circles was sporadic until the 1960s, 70s and 80s when crop circles began appearing in England and the United States. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that crop circles really grabbed worldwide attention due to the influence of the media, and the fact that the circles had changed from simple circular patterns into complex, geometric formations on a grand scale.

So exactly what is a crop circle? In general terms, they are patterns that appear in fields (often agricultural crops such as barley, wheat, oats) where the plants themselves have been flattened at the base in a spiral configuration. The patterns, therefore, are created when certain areas of the crops are tamped down, but the surrounding crop is left intact. The edge is so clean that it looks like it was created with a machine that has been calibrated to the highest level of precision and accuracy. Even more surprising is that fact that even though the stalks are bent, they are not damaged. Most of the time, the crop continues to grow as normal. Another interesting attribute is that the majority of crop circles are created mostly overnight!

While the majority of crop circles are concentrated in the south of England (notably near Avebury and Stonehenge), they have also been found in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, and other parts of the world. The formation of crop circles corresponds with the growing season of the crops, but they have even been formed in weeds.

Now that we understand the definition of what a crop circle is, the next big question remains: Exactly how are they made, and who is making them? There are many theories as to their creation, but none have been able to provide a satisfactory explanation. So far, the most persuasive evidence is video footage that shows small bright balls of white light (many of which have been filmed in broad daylight) that seem to move with purpose and intelligence, in and around the crop circles. Needless to say, this is where the controversy lies! The idea of crop circles created by white light does not sit well with mainstream science. This is why there are many that think of crop circles as some kind of hoax created by Humans, but made to appear as though they were created by aliens.

That’s why I think it’s worth mentioning that there is a team of artists and filmmakers that have perfected the art of crop circle making, and they travel all over the world making crop circles as advertisements for big corporations. There have even been cases where individuals have come forward claiming to be responsible for various crop circles. Therefore, I think that we need to use discernment in trying to discover what and who creates crop circles. I invite you to take a look at some of the crop circle images from the website mentioned above. Many crop circles contain patterns and a design that are so elaborate and complex that it seems beyond the scope of Humans to not only create them, but to produce them within the timeframe of when they were created, which is all at once, overnight (just like it was “stamped” into the field in one single motion). How could such a thing have happened? What do the mysterious white lights captured on video have to do with it?

Before I begin to answer these questions I would like to introduce you to Kryon. Never heard of Kryon? Kryon can be described as a loving angelic entity, who gives messages of peace and empowerment to humanity. Lee Carroll is the original Kryon channel who has been delivering Kryon’s messages since 1989. Over the last two decades, these channelled messages have often contained detailed scientific information and predictions, which are later validated and discovered to be true. It is why I feel the information from Kryon is a consistently reliable source, which has accurate and true information, in addition to messages that honor and empower the Human.

Kryon has never really discussed crop circles, however, in direct response to some questions regarding this subject the following information was given:

“Crop circles are: (1) definitely multidimensional, (2) they are from Humans, but from a different time, and (3) the symbology is 12-based math, and the messages are to help with peace on Earth.”

What do you think? Do the answers from Kryon resonate with you? Could the crop circles be messages to humanity helping us to create peace on Earth? Perhaps this may help explain why some Humans have had such strong emotional reactions when they visit a crop circle site. Whatever your point of view, one thing is certain – the appearance of crop circles has changed the lives of many. With each growing season new crop circles appear, with new designs. Thousands of Humans, from across the planet, are able to take delight in their creation, and become inspired. There is genuine, deep appreciation for these crop circles and their splendid beauty both captivates our imagination, and reminds us about the exciting times we are living in today. So regardless of who has created them I think the value of crop circles is in the benevolent energies they give to humanity.