Guides and Angels

The belief in the existence of guides and Angels has been around for thousands of years. However, what’s new is that we are beginning to have new understandings about these beautiful and sacred helpers. As humanity evolves, it is time to apply spiritual maturity to esoteric teaching. It may come as a surprise, but your guides are actually part of you; and the Angels exist as a multi-dimensional soup of energy around you. Together, guides and Angels are part of a benevolent system to help us ascend and create peace on Earth.

Lovely Angelic Figure

If we examine the various spiritual beliefs on the planet, nearly all of them believe in guides and Angels (sometimes referred to as spirit guides and guardian Angels). The prevalent teaching is that to us, guides and Angels are separate entities with specific jobs, and they are here to watch over us. They are also ready to act on our behalf when, through free choice, we ask for their help. However, I would like to present you with a more refined understanding and perhaps new esoteric information.

There is a slight irony here, because the basis of my information comes from an angelic entity known as Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll – the original Kryon channel. Your interest to read this article tells me a great deal about you and indicates that the idea of channelling is not too strange or spooky. Channelling can be defined as divine, inspired words (or energy) of God as imparted by humans to humans. In its own way poetry, music and art have been channelled to the artist, and the expression of their craft often affects us deeply. We sometimes have an emotional response to this channelled work because we can feel the energy of their divinely inspired creation.

According to Kryon, humans have a bias: We perceive our guides and Angels as spiritual beings who are separate from us. Part of this is because on Earth, every consciousness, is separate and unique. But the main bias comes from our spiritual logic: because these entities have such great knowledge and wisdom, they must stand apart from us. We do not credit that we could hold such wisdom within, but in actual fact they are a part of all of us! Your guides are simply the higher vibrational parts of your divine Soul. As you build your enlightenment, and as you awaken to spiritual truth, it may even appear as though your guides actually change, but again this is only a Human perception. Kryon says “they just changed spiritual clothes, and you think they are different guides!”

Spiritual sci fi scene with angel and cloaked figureHow can a Human Soul exist in many places at the same time? Welcome to quantum energy! Your Soul is split-apart at birth and the many pieces and parts of your Soul work together in a multi-dimensional soup of quantum energy. Your Soul has nine attributes that includes your Higher-Self. One of these nine attributes is represented by your internal guides.

How many Guides do we have?

Many will tell you that you have three guides, but this is a metaphor. In spiritual systems everywhere, there is often a “three” within the energy of the divine. In Ancient Tibetan numerology, three is a catalytic number. The catalyst is an energy that has the potential to change something else, while it remains the same. This is the energy of the guides. They create wisdom and learning and healing and knowledge. They help you with Soul intuition and they can see the overview of who you are in a much bigger picture.

Understanding that your guides are actually a part of your spirituality is incredibly difficult, because no one wants to think they are their own guide! We are conditioned to think that guides, Angels and God are separate from us, and that they float around giving help and advice to those who ask for it. However, it is time to be accountable for your own magnificence. Your guides are ready and waiting to begin communicating with you. Have you ever seen 11:11 on the clock? If so, you just received a wink and hello from your guides (smile).

There is another profound attribute of your guides that you need to know. When your loved ones pass over and transition from Earth, parts of their Soul become a part of yours, as part of your guide-set. This is difficult to comprehend, but it exists as part of the benevolent system for Humans and it all relates to your Merkabah. Loosely defined, your Merkabah is your personal sacred quantum energy field, which is about eight meters wide. All humans have their own unique Merkabah. The field of your Merkabah is not your Soul, or your Higher-Self. It’s the whole you – corporeal – spiritual – and akashic! It’s the template of everything that you are, as held within the sacred patterns of your own sacred field. This explains why your guides are with you, and not existing somewhere else.

The Truth about Angels.

Do angels exist? Absolutely, but not as you might have been taught. According to Kryon, when Angels visited Humans in ancient days, the actual experience was very different to what historians have written. When an Angel appears before a Human, it looks like a swirling ball of energy, sometimes even fire that is not hot, and does not consume itself. Remember the biblical story of Moses and his vision of a burning bush? Yes, that’s right. The burning bush was an Angel. Angels are part of a personal and benevolent system to help our planet. They come when they are needed, and they come from a central source. Each time they come, it is spectacular to a Human. They are iridescent, some looking like fire, and they have a tendency to frighten a Human because the appearance is not something in normal reality.

Angels are multi-dimensional beings, yet we want them to have a name, look like a Human, have a hierarchy of importance, and, of course, have a pair of wings (to make them different). It somehow makes us feel better to humanize them. There is nothing wrong with holding this image, for it helps us make them real. The Angels don’t care about our perceptions, and are more interested in having a bridge of communication with us in whatever guise. Angels are always loving and honoring towards humans. This means there is no such thing as fallen Angel, or dark Angel. Darkness can never exist within the light!White wings and radiating light

Kryon tells us that there is no such thing as a single Angel. Instead, they are a collective of energy, representing the Central Source. You might see or feel them as singular, but they represent a soup of angelic power. The significance of this is that there can be no hierarchy of Angels. What about Archangels, such as Archangel Michael? Like all of the Archangels, Archangel Michael is one of many, all of whom are majestic, all containing the love of God, all beautiful, all benevolent, and all are here in service of humanity. This concept is difficult to accept, since we prefer a hierarchy in almost everything which is important. Let me ask you a question: What is the hierarchy of your organs? Some may say the heart, others will say the brain, and yet the answer is that they are all equally important but with different roles that work together, keeping you alive.

Archangels are simply angels who have the energy of many angels. They are not “higher” or “lower” and they are not “in charge” of anything. They might have a “specialist” role to play for humanity, giving the impression that one is more important than another, but they are all of God. They exist as one to help bring groups of energies together for you.

Finally, Kryon tells us that the Angels are the representatives of the energy of creation. They have no gender, because they are energy. They’re not male or female, and they’re all equally as strong. They’re beautiful, multi-dimensional messengers, giving help to humanity. The only thing that separates them is their type of “service,” or “speciality”. But they are always part of us, even when they are seemingly separated, and speaking to you. This is why Kryon tells us we are magnificent! It is time to claim your magnificence and be accountable for who you truly are.