Honoring Our Ancestors

In many places across the world, ancestor acknowledgment is an integral part of social and religious life. Nearly every indigenous culture honors their ancestors, and ancestral spirits are a part of everything that they do. They give great honor to their deceased forebears, the same as the grandmothers and grandfathers did before them. They understand that their ancestors have a vast wealth of wisdom and knowledge, available to us in the moment that we choose to ask.

Family Tree

If we look at the oldest spiritual systems on the planet, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, the departed forebears are venerated by each passing generation. If Buddhists or Hindus perform acts, such as service to others, or meditation and pilgrimages during their lifetime, they believe that they share these merits with family members who have already died. They believe these acts help their departed loved ones move closer to enlightenment, and it blesses the living in return. There is also a belief that this allows the present generation to rid themselves and their predecessors of negative karma (although my personal view is that karma is not positive or negative, it is simply Akashic energy).

Ancestor worship is also prevalent in several cultures throughout the world. Within Asian, the extended family is central to society and ancestor worship is a significant religious activity. Their ancestors and departed loved ones are highly revered and honored, and they place great importance on paying respect to parents and elders. Often within this culture family members gather for a banquet in memory of the deceased. Many families will also have an ancestor altar where incense sticks are burned and offerings are given, especially when they are in need of guidance or counsel.

IMG_0715aIn India, ancestor worship is predominant. When a person dies, many specific rituals take place, during which the family offers tributes to the deceased. Each year, the family members repeat the ritual on the anniversary of their deceased ones. They also have separate rituals, during which families remember and create offerings to all ancestors.

Many African societies believe that the ancestors become spirits and Gods, and live in another world where they can affect the lives of the living. Therefore ancestors are called upon for important events and ceremonies in life. The presence of ancestors will also bring protection and good luck. Ancestral spirits are also believed to reside in places such as a tree, rock or a spring of fresh water. Sometimes even shrines are built for them.

Growing up in Australia, I never participated in any ceremony to honor my ancestors. In fact, it was a foreign concept. Why would I do that? If anyone told me they had contacted their ancestors, I would think of them seeing a psychic/medium, or participating in a séance. Communicating with the ancestors was not a part of my reality. What about you? What do you think of when someone talks about honoring the ancestors?

During my formal education at school, I learned about Aboriginal culture. As a young woman I dated an Aboriginal man for several years. During that time, I was immersed in his culture and become a member of his extended family. It gave me an insight into the rich tapestry of family kinship that exists within Aboriginal families.

Nearly every indigenous tribe has a profound connection with nature. They have a deep understanding of their environment, way beyond what I learned at university or working in the environmental field as a national park ranger. To the indigenous, nature is more than just knowing about plants and animals. Nature is life itself, as represented and personified by Mother Earth – Pachamama – Gaia.

I often pondered why the wisdom and knowledge held by the indigenous didn’t have a place in our fast-paced modern world. Many of our indigenous brothers and sisters around the world have grown up in a society that places little value on ancestral wisdom and knowledge, handed down from generation to generation. Perhaps it’s time to reconnect to what they know?LEE_3341a

Slowly, Human consciousness is changing and recognizing the indigenous peoples as the wisdom keepers of Earth. The indigenous across the planet all honor Gaia, and all of them honor the ancestors. They intuitively know that they are their own ancestors and they understand the circle of life. When they honor the ancestors they are also getting in touch with their own Akashic remembrance. Every indigenous ceremony that I have participated in across the world has always begun with an honoring of the ancestors.

I have a question for you. Who are your ancestors? Do you come from a family where ancestor worship is an integral part of life, or are you like me, in that the concept doesn’t exist in your family? We often spend a great deal of time tracing our family tree, or looking at the lineage of their biological ancestors. Is it possible their energy is still within you? In addition, there is also another esoteric piece of this puzzle: Instead of biological, what about your Akashic (past life) lineage? Is it possible that a part of your past life experiences are still alive in you? Your Akashic ancestral line would be you, many times (the lineage of your own soul).

Our Akash is a soup of energy, so there is no list of whom to pay tribute. Instead, the energy of our Akash communicates with us through intuition. It even draws us to certain places. For instance, someone who may have grown up in China with a Chinese family, can go to North America and instantly feel a strong connection with the Native Indians who lived there. Our Akash often pulls us places that create strong déjà vu feelings.

Parent Holds The Hand Of A Small ChildSo, what if you have never been a part of a family or an indigenous tribe that honors their biological ancestors? Would you like to do it? How would you proceed, when there is no cultural protocol? I would like to share how I personally honor my ancestors. I am a first generation Australian. My parents are both Hungarian and immigrated to Australia in 1969, so my family tree reveals many generations living in Hungary. I was, therefore, exposed to both Hungarian and Australian cultures. I have also lived in New Zealand and South America. Everywhere I go, I like to give thanks to Gaia for being here and for loving us. When I feel my connection to Gaia, I feel the connection with the ancestors who walked the land there. When I participate in indigenous ceremonies, I feel the love of their ancestors greeting me.

So my conclusion is that I don’t think it matters if they are within my lineage or not. We belong to all of them, both biologically and within our Akash. Perhaps you feel this as well? As we honor the ancestors of the planet, we therefore honor God and ourselves.

As we get in touch with our ancestors, as we connect with the templates placed within us and Gaia, we open the door to the portals that hold the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. This knowledge will be necessary to create a new humanity – a graduate, divine, aware culture. The Ancients and the Ancestors are here with you right now, celebrating as you read this. And, of course, some of them are you!


Since writing the above article Kryon gave us new information about our ancestors! It was profound and is something you should know about. Here is what Kryon said:

“You need to honor your ancestors and I want you to honor your Akashic ancestors. Would you agree with me that you’ve had many lifetimes? And if you do, and if you sit there and say, “Yes Kryon, I know I have.” Each one of you have had a mother. Each one of you have had a father. Each one of you have had a family somewhere over and over on this planet that nursed you to health, that gave you the spark of life, taught you to walk, cherished you and love you. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and you don’t know who they are. I’d like to tell you they’re everywhere. Some of them are with you, most of them are not. Physically it doesn’t matter. I want you to start honoring your ancestors, your Akashic ones. The ones who really are family and they still are in your Akash. The energies of love that you experienced so many times over and over since the beginning. Your ancestry is huge. It is amazing and I’m asking you to look at it differently. Old Soul you’re starting to graduate into new kinds of thought. The ancestors are the Akashic ones. Ones that you cannot track back in genealogy of chemistry. They’re the ones that belong to your family and former families of this planet. Can you do that? I challenge you to start doing meditations by honoring the Akashic ancestors that would bring you the wisdom that you would have today.”

Kryon live channelling “Evolution of the Human Soul” given in Calgary, Canada – May 23, 2015.

If you would like to hear the audio of the entire channelled message please click HERE