Karma and Life Lessons

Have you ever heard someone talk about good or bad karma? What about life lesson? The two terms are often used interchangeably; however they actually have completely different meanings. There is more to karma and life lessons than what you may have been told.

Good Bad Karma Signboards

What do you know about karma? Karma is most commonly understood to be the law of moral causation. A person is either rewarded or punished depending upon their actions, including those from previous incarnations. What if I told you that there is no such thing as negative karma? I would like to give you another definition of karma: Lee Carroll has channelled a loving entity known as Kryon, for over 24 years. Kryon has redefined Karma as the energy of incompletion.

According to Kryon, karma was created to “push humans” one way or another, and was needed mainly in an older Earth energy as a way to move the energy of the planet vibrationally, higher or lower. As humanity worked the karma they had been given, with total free choice, it provided the catalyst for change. Karma is about situations with other humans, unfinished business, and a system in interaction.

KarmaKarmic energy pushes you to do things. It’s about the group around you, your place in it, and the emotional energies that are developed from that energy. It is the unfulfilled energetic puzzles that often drive us to do things. You might say that karma is the default guide of direction for all humans on the planet. It creates four and five generations of firemen, policemen, doctors or military officers. You “fall into the groove” of what you think you are supposed to do, or what your parents tell you to do, and you do it.

Karma is an old energy driving system that did its job well with a lower vibration humanity, but it is no longer needed in our new energy. When you drop your karma you are releasing an old controlling energy and moving to one where you are free to better help the planet with your light. This is your free choice, and it is driven by your intent. Those who are coming in with new attributes of pure spiritual intent, begin to understand that they don’t need past-life karma to complicate their new energy decisions. Part of this karma-dropping process understands that becoming multi-dimensional means blending the past, present and future (potential) into a new reality called “the now.” This leaves no room for “past karmic instruction sets” within the DNA. Our DNA is evolving spiritually.

In the old energy, karma pushed you to places to do things and meet people. In the new energy, you don’t need karma to push you anywhere, because you are able to put yourself exactly where you are meant to be. These new understandings bring a level of responsibility – a total responsibility for all that is around you. No more playing the role of a victim and no more “accidents.” This is called “co-creation,” and is the spiritual evolution being given to all of us.Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Life Lesso

Life lessons, sometimes confused with karma, has a very different and have distinct purpose. Life lessons are totally and completely personal and only about “you with you.” They may be related to karmic energy, but they stay with you even when you void your karma, ready to be revealed. So they are more profound than karma and belong to your individual core soul, instead of a group. Life lessons are carried from every expression of life, just like karma, but in a different way. Karma pushes you around, but identifying a life lesson helps you to advance into a higher vibration.

Each Human has more than one life lesson, and each Human comes in with this as an overlay. When you solve your life lesson, the solution is carried over to your next life and never has to be learned again. Here is a list of typical life lessons to be learned. They only belong to you if you feel they do, and there are many things not on this list, which may apply to you. Remember, everyone is different and has their own unique list of life lessons.

Learn to love

Learn to listen

Learn to receive

Learn to love yourself

Learn to speak your truth

Learn how not to be a victim

Learn not to let anyone define you

Learn how to feel your own mastery

Learn how to live with others humans

Learn how to get out of blaming others

Learn to move out of duality [drop your karma]

Learn to take care of yourself more than others

In this new energy, all your life lessons are on the table to be solved. Isn’t that great news? Many ask, “How do we identify our life lessons?” The answer can only really be discovered by you, but the following questions may help: What do you react to? What is your Achilles’ heel  (weakness)? What is your purpose? What area of your life (such as love, health and abundance) do you feel is lacking?

Kryon has said that life lessons are complex and part of the planning you do with other souls when you are NOT on the planet. You choose your life lesson before you get here, which will enhance your life if you choose to work on them. There is also free choice to never work on them! Do you know people who are absolutely “stuck” with the same issue over and over? They are often miserable and always tell others they can’t get their life together, or perhaps they seem to enjoy the drama of it all. The life lesson of this person is to step out of the distraction of drama and move into self-examination. Next time around, they will probably have the same lesson, because life lessons tend to repeat until solved.

Although they seem like it, life lessons are not karma. They are, however, allied with karma for they attract people in a karmic group, to help them with their life’s lesson. It’s interactive with karma, but it’s an individual issue. When you become aware of your life lesson, and you work on it, it’s often revolutionary to see immediate changes within yourself. You end up thinking differently, choosing different friends, and you begin to create the balance you desire. Without karma, your path is then clear to create anything you wish to.

Kryon tells us that there are three things an old soul can do to greatly enhance their lives: First, drop your karma! Next, become “fully aware” of what your biggest life lesson is about. Identifying your life lesson, therefore is the hardest part. The last part is to slowly implement solutions, which sometimes may take a lifetime! I guess that’s why it’s called a life lesson. No one ever said being a human was easy. That’s why spirit loves us so much. Your life is a miracle! It is time to celebrate the magnificence of who you really are.