Near-Death Experience

Have you ever had a near-death experience, or do you know someone who has? Thousands of individuals have reported that they have. Today, there are many books, articles and full websites dedicated to exploring this phenomenon. Yet there is still a lot mystery surrounding NDEs. What if I told you that every person who has experienced an NDE, gave permission for it at a soul level before they incarnated on Earth? Interested?


A near-death experience (NDE) is described as an episode where the person is either clinically dead, near death, or in a situation where death is likely or expected. The term was first coined in 1975 by Raymond Moody, M.D. in his book Life After Life. Since then, numerous researchers have studied the circumstances and after effects of NDEs. Science has many theories to explain the phenomenon of the near-death experience, but so far no general consensus has been reached within the scientific community that is accepted.

There are many questions that arise: Is there life after death? Is an NDE real? Do you really die? Do you need to experience a NDE to become enlightened? The information that I would like to present here may seem very controversial. Firstly, the basis of my information comes from Kryon, a loving entity that has been channelled by Lee Carroll, the original channel for Kryon. Secondly, the perception we are given from Kryon is one that a human may never even consider! According to Kryon, what we call a near-death experience is very different from what we think. I encourage you to read ALL of what Kryon has to say, don’t just stop reading if there is something strongly opposite to what you think.

“First, there’s no such thing as an accidental near-death experience. Humans who have this experience give permission for it before they get here – to have this spiritual experience – one that may or may not (depending on their free choice), change their spiritual lives. With their permission, although they might not remember giving it, they experience an NDE.

Here’s another fact: No one who experiences an NDE even gets close to actually dying! Oh, it may seem like it and it may feel like it, but they don’t. They don’t even leave the planet. I’m going to tell you what happens with an NDE, and it’s going to be different from what some of you have heard or have imagined.

An NDE experience is set up by the preconception and energy of the Human who experiences it. Not all Humans have the same story when they “return.” I remind you that some have come out of a near-death experience (so-called) to say it was awful. “I saw hell,” they might report. “I’m now very afraid of dying,” they tell you. Some have said just the opposite. “I saw heaven; I saw the tunnel; I saw the Light; I felt the love; I saw the family!” It’s all there to “see.” It’s true. Every shade of energy is there to see, but there are such different reactions! The reason? It’s all about what’s at the core, or the individual’s essence who is experiencing it. Humans have free choice to choose their own core energy. Is it fear? Is it hope? Is it grand?

I will tell you what an NDE is, and it’s spiritually logical: It’s when you meet you. Yes, it’s often the first part of the death experience, but an NDE is just the first few seconds of death. You never actually broach the outside of the core energy that you’ve set up. Real death is very different. At the point of death, the first thing that happens to the Human Being is the marriage of self and remembrance and connection. After you meet yourself – which is a grand experience – one where you’re meeting the “God energy,” there’s an alliance, then a three-day journey. It takes three earth days before you ever leave the earth. And those days are spent collecting what we can only call – oh, this is so difficult – information on the cosmic question.

Listen to me, family member, because we haven’t discussed this before. Every single one of you knows what the big issue is – the reason you’re here – the reason you disguise yourselves as Humans and walk around on an even playing field called Earth – the reason you’re going through what you’re going through – the reason you come back and come back and come back. What’s it all about? What’s going on in the universe that would create something like this? I’m telling you that not one of you here knows this, yet all of you do. It is the biggest question of all. It is the one you ask about before you arrive, and the one that you ask about when you exit.

Mysteries and Esoteric Science concept.The first thing you do when you have full awareness is to ask, “How did we do?” There’s a reason why you’re here, dear Human Being … a good, logical reason. Blessed are you who take it in faith that there’s a loving reason why you’re going through what you’re going through. For what you’re doing is helping trillions of life forms at another place – seemingly another universe – even another reality. It’s not about sacrifice! It is, instead, about work.

Therefore, an NDE is a manifested opportunity to change … something you gave yourself. It isn’t about dying at all. It’s about the potential of change. Those who come back having had a grand experience have made the choice to find out more about themselves, and they do. Those who come back frightened have made the choice not to seek more. And … need I say, there’s no judgment of either. In each case, the Human’s energy guided them to the experience they had.

Listen: The next time you think you’re alone and suffering and you ask God, “Why me?” I have a suggestion. Instead of shouting “Why me?” Instead, why don’t you feel our spiritual hands around you and our arms around you and the hugs around you? Why don’t you take it, in faith, that there’s an entourage around you saying, “Hang in there! Vibrate higher. You have no idea how you’re helping the rest of us … no idea.”

Your earth is called “the only planet of free choice.” It is. Oh, are there other planets with life? Of course. We told you this before. You are the only one, however, that’s going through this specific test for this specific reason, and the only one populated by what we call “pieces of God.” We’ve hidden you all in an arm of your galaxy where you don’t even have the two suns that most of the life planets do. We’ve indicated this before. It’s not in your understanding to know why it normally takes two suns to create life, but someday, when you find the others, they will mostly have two suns! We have also explained how life got to Earth [a channel titled, “The Evolution of Earth and Humanity” given in New Hampshire, November, 2001]. The “free choice” is the choice to select your ascension!

So, many of you stood on-line [metaphorically] with other angels, waiting to get back here for this age. You said, “I can hardly wait to get back!” You knew what your potential future was. You were on the train of Armageddon, yet you wanted to come back! Why? Such is the mind of God when you are on the other side of the veil. It seems silly to some of you. Why would I come back? This would have been a good lifetime to skip! [Laughter] But here you are, sitting in the chair anyway.

Oh, powerful shaman – oh, monk – this earth needs you more now than at any time in the history of the universe. Here you sit, thinking about ascension status. Do you have any idea why we love you so much? It’s because you’re actually thinking about ascension! It’s so different than what you thought you would be doing here right now.” KRYON. *

How do you feel about what you just read? Is it possible that you really are bigger than what you may have been told? If so, what will you do differently? I truly hope, regardless of your view on NDE, you are able to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I am magnificent! The essence of God is within me. All is well.”

*Source: Kryon channel, “Attributes of Ascension” CLICK HERE