Nine Attributes of Spiritual Growth

When does spiritual growth begin? Is it permanent? How do I know I’m growing? Can it happen too fast? Why is it traumatic and often difficult? How does it all work? The answers to these questions and more is what this article is all about. However, the most important thing for you to understand is to relax with it all. You are not alone on this journey.


If you have decided to read this article based on the title it tells me a lot about you. It indicates that you have already started the path to your spiritual growth. However, how do we measure real spiritual growth? How do we know when we’ve reached enlightenment? While the answers to these questions will be different and unique for each person, there are nine attributes that relate to the process. These attributes were given by Kryon, an angelic entity channelled by Lee Carroll. Below is a brief summary of Kryon’s nine attributes of spiritual growth.

Attribute One: When does spiritual growth begin?

A spiritual quest begins when a Human Being starts to ask questions such as, “Why?” or “Is there more?” It means they are awakening to a portion of their Higher-Self. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are becoming enlightened. It is simply a search about the why of humanity on a personal level. Anyone who searches for the divine inside himself or herself, no matter what they call it, is an awakening Human Being. Spiritual growth, therefore, begins with the intent to find out if there is more. How many of you are reading this because of this very attribute? Many of you have only just started this awakening process in the last few years. Literally thousands are beginning to ask, Is there more than I’ve been told?Heart Light

Attribute Two: How Permanent is Spiritual Growth?

There is a spiritual axiom of Human consciousness, which is this: You can never return to a less aware state. In other words, you can’t un-know something! When it has been cognized in your own consciousness, it’s there forever. You may suppress it, but it’s there within your memory and the neural pathways of your existence. Everything you have ever experienced continues to be in your memory and brain synapse. You cannot, with your own desire, undo it. It’s impossible.

Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, you always awaken in a state of awareness that is higher than the last life. This means everything you have learned this time around is available to be picked up and continued the next time around. Many of you hold profound spiritual wisdom. Perhaps you were a monk or a shaman, and so when you arrived on the planet it was simply a matter of growing up, and continuing your spiritual growth. Does this mean it is predestined that we always continue what we started before? No. Since each Human has free choice, predestination cannot exist. It is not automatic that you continue where you left off. However, you are predisposed to be aware of certain things because of your Akashic (past-life) inheritance. You still have free choice. Therefore, the continuation of your spiritual growth happens when you give intent, and that intent is fed by the energy of your Akash.

Attribute Three: How Do I Know If I’m Growing Spiritually?

How can you know if you’re growing spiritually? That’s easy. How do you view your past? Spirit sees it as being in the now. So how are you dealing with “now” perspective? Think about the events that shaped who you are. Are they still happening to you, or are they in the past? When you think about certain past things, how do you feel? Does your heart beat faster, do you get mad, do you get a reaction from your biology? How can this happen if it was in your past? The reason is because the emotions are manifesting the past as if it were now in your cellular structure. Have you dealt with the energy of what Spirit calls the now of your past? If so, you are growing spiritually. If not, there is some work to do.

This also applies to fear. Fear has many faces, but always comes from a lower energy within the body. It does not have to control you, and it was never meant to. Instead fear is always an invitation for you to control it. How are you doing with your fears? How are you doing with worry? As you deal with the emotions surrounding your past and your fears, you are growing spiritually. Think of fear as ignorance and unbalance within you, asking for advice.

Attribute Four: Spiritual Growth – Always Negative?

There are those of you who always equate spiritual growth with unfortunate challenge. This is a Human bias, and for many there is a feeling that in order to feel spiritual growth and become closer to God, there must be suffering! No wonder there are some who begin the awakening process, only to stop. The reason is because they still hold the “seed fear” of enlightenment. Here is something that you should know: Each of you takes a turn with the difficult challenges in your many lives. Some of you carry imprints of incredible sorrow and grief from your past lives, and many do not. But for those who do, in a residual way, the feelings are still there since the Akash is always in the now. You’re clearing these things this time around, but this time you no longer have to experience it again. You already did it!

Not all the challenges you face are negative, and there are many kinds of tests. How do you handle joy? Some of you push it away because of your perception that it isn’t spiritual. Perhaps you feel that spirituality is only being serious? When you chase away joy, you failed the joy test! Do you smile of joke to yourself when you are alone? Is joy part of your natural state of being? If not, why? This is a profound spiritual test of an awakening consciousness. Our God is a joyful God!

Then there is the abundance test. How many of you are healers who do not charge for what you do? How many of you would rather trade your craft than to accept money for it? There is nothing wrong with bartering, but can you also accept money when it’s offered? This is a profound challenge related to the fear of money! Many have said that money is the root of all evil. Is that what you think? Money is simply an exchange for your culture. It’s how you work with it that is the test. It’s how you perceive it that is the test. Why not work with the energy of money like you do with the energy of healing, joy, and spiritual growth? Work with money in a balanced way. It’s only energy.

If you decide not to charge for what you do, you have just told the Universe what your talent is worth. You send a profound signal all the way through to the other side of the veil. When those signals are sent, your family of guides and the very cells of your body do their best to honor everything you’ve said. Think about what signals you send by what you say and do.

What about the profound test of peace? Are you able to resolve the drama in your life, or do you wallow in it? These really are the test attributes of Spiritual growth. Can you be peaceful while others are not? Only you will know the answer to how you are doing.

bigstock-135718451Attribute Five: How Does It Work?

The growth process is always through individual steps instead of a smooth gradual curve. This is the way Humans learn things. Even in school there are periods of incredible learning, then resting after that. Sometimes the learning stops, and the information is simply used for awhile until the next appropriate growth time. This is why sometimes many of you feel frustrated that “growth stopped.” You may even feel a disconnection! Next time this happens, what about relaxing and accepting the rest period? It’s totally normal, and you have earned the rest. It’s about balance. Growth is about working hard, then resting a bit to allow it all to work for you.

Attribute Six: Can You Grow Too Fast?

Can spiritual growth be something that comes faster than you can absorb? The answer is yes. Most Humans are anxious to receive everything at once. “Dear Spirit, give me everything you can!” Spirit honors your request … the challenges begin, including the nights without sleep. Then you wonder why Spirit could do such a thing to you! Spirit is simply fulfilling your request. Again, be careful what you ask for.

If this occurs, what can you do? Think about it: You are the boss of your own body and your own consciousness. Perhaps you can say, “Dear Spirit, give me the things I need in the perfect way, to honor my ability to grow.” There is no reason why you should feel physically uncomfortable with spiritual growth. If you feel this is happening to you, perhaps you could talk to your cellular structure. Why not ask Spirit to slow things down?

Attribute Seven: Why Is It So Hard?

The answer is: The light that you carry hides from you! You do not perceive your own spiritual growth, and the affect it has on others. You simply cannot easily see how others are changed when they are with you. If you did, it might change what you do. So it’s difficult to see it in yourself. Your light is manifest in how you treat others, how you’re love shines through in situations, how your wisdom works, and how you show compassion. Sometimes just holding your personal truth will cause others to ask, “Who am I?” Your compassionate actions often create divine personal questions to be asked by those you come in contact with.

Even those who you think will never “come around” may surprise you. Your light is cululative, and how you act and behave day by day is often “perceived” over time by others who will begin to change because of it. However, your light hides so completely that you won’t even realize it. Kryon has said, “Blessed is the Human Being who turns around to look at their past, only to find the solution to the now, which becomes their future.”

Attribute Eight: A New Set of Growth Attributes in the New Energy

Within the new energy is a brand new set of spiritual growth attributes. It now requires far more talking to the cells than ever before. This changes cellular patterns, and even the magnetic resonance between the parts of cellular structure. According to Kryon, this can even change the potential of disease in your body, and how your future will unfold. All of your biology is involved in this new process. This means your consciousness can change the very cellular structure of your body. Your cells are listening and ready to respond to your instructions. How about using affirmations? What if you could begin your day by saying, “My body is precious and I treat it with love. I love my body”?

Attribute Nine: What Are the Results of Spiritual Growth?

What are the results? Collectively, humanity has passed the marker of 2012. The expected Armageddon never occurred, due to this. Look around. All the old prophesies never happened! Despite what you might see in the media, humanity overwhelming wants peace, not war. The collective consciousness of the planet has changed. The result is that future generations are born into a slightly higher consciousness, which accelerates their personal growth, and the circle continues.

In summary, all the attributes of spiritual growth listed above are available to you right now. This subject is personal, and about you and Spirit. Are you awakening to a new reality? Are you discovering the divinity in yourself?

It’s about the God within. It’s about the joy of your inner child, which some of you have buried but are now giving intent to rediscover. There has never been a better time in the history of humanity for you to spiritually awaken. There is an entire entourage of guides and helpers standing by, poised and ready for you to discover the magnificent Golden Angel that lives within you. Congratulations! It’s about time you celebrated your spiritual growth. You may even want to enjoy a well deserved break!


Source: Kryon channel, Nine Attributes of Spiritual Growth, given in Toronto, Canada – March, 2001. Available in Kryon Book Nine, The New Beginning.