Are You an Old Soul?

Many of you have asked, “Am I an Old Soul?” Chances are, if you are asking this question, the answer is YES – you are indeed an Old Soul. It means that you have “been there and done that” lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. In this New Energy, which is emerging on the planet it is the Old Souls who are making the biggest difference towards creating a peaceful Earth.

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Have you ever looked at a newborn baby and thought, “Wow, what a wise old soul!”? More than likely, that newborn actually is an Old Soul! Immediately we can see that being an Old Soul has nothing to do with your chronological age. Rather, it has everything to do with your Akashic age, which refers to the number of lives you’ve lived on the planet. As a result, most Old Souls carry a deep wisdom because they have the most experience.

But how do you know if you are an Old Soul? How can you tell if someone else is an Old Soul? While there are no definitive answers to these questions, we can get an insight from analyzing the information given by Kryon, a wise and loving entity channelled by Lee Carroll. In 2015, Kryon gave us a channelled message* called, “The Old Soul Defined.” Seven attributes were presented, providing an opportunity for introspection and for examination of Old Soul definitions. Below is a summary of these seven attributes:

Attribute One: The first hint that you’re an Old Soul, is because you’re reading this! It’s not an accident that you have decided to read this article. The fact you even pondered the question asking if you are an Old Soul represents a level of curiosity that tends to explore esoteric concepts. Old Souls are attracted to metaphysics like a moth to a flame. At some level, Old Souls recognize themselves, and feel they are “back with a purpose.” Then they want to know more.Moths near a candle

Attribute Two: Some of you are starting to have profound remembering experiences, also known as déjà vu. Old Souls will have the feeling of remembrance, even if they can’t remember specifics! Examples may include meeting a person and being convinced at some level that the person is familiar, even if they are a stranger. Perhaps you may meet people for the first time and instantly feel as though they are family, because they are so familiar to you? Somehow you realize they must be an old friend, and you’re rekindling a profound Akashic relationship. Perhaps it’s a mother or daughter from a former life? Perhaps it’s a brother or sister who you instantly feel an affinity for them. It’s even more than that.

Old Souls are starting to remember things that have the energy of Akashic awakening. More and more Old Souls are being led into situations that seem familiar. Even when an Old Soul goes to a different country or culture, they meet people, look in their eyes, and know they are family. This is a sign of being an Old Soul and some of you are having it happen over and over.

Attribute Three: Perhaps you are a woman who has never had children, yet at some level you have! You know it; you can feel it; you have been a mother over and over, yet in this current life it’s time for a rest. But you know what it’s like because you’re an Old Soul. It is the same for men. A man may be gentle-natured, and one who would never hurt another person, but intuitively he knows he’s been a warrior. He may even have dreams of being on the battlefield and he knows what it feels like to take a life.

Now here is the really esoteric part: Many women also know they have been warriors as well, and men know what it’s like to give birth! Old Souls, regardless of gender, carry the energy of the past, and the next time around it affects them. However, with free choice there is the potential of being finished with it all.

Attribute Four: Old Souls have wisdom beyond their years. They know this intuitively, and can say honesty and without ego, that they are wiser than those around them. Their wisdom comes through Akashic experience. They have earned this through lifetimes upon lifetimes of living on the planet.

Attribute Five: Old Souls often display a lack of self worth. This attribute is difficult to deal with, but is common. Living numerous lifetimes in an old energy creates self-worth issues. Many of you died from living your truth in an old energy. The older energy often won, and the “dark-light” battle was a difficult one to be victorious. Now you awaken during a great shift on the planet and the energy is finally on your side. However, because this feels like past battles where you lost, you carry the feeling of defeat, even into the new energy. That is the Old Soul.

The good news is that the energy of the planet is starting to change. As you learn who you are and why you are here it will start to make sense. Discovering the truth about the past puts the future into perspective and you begin to have more self-worth. Sometimes this means you must work at it, but there is an overall feeling that Human Beings collectively desire equality, comfortable lives, fairness, good quality of living, and integrity of governmental leadership.

Attribute Six: Discovering purpose. The Old Soul has so much past experience and history, that it propels Little Girl Playing With Newborn Baby Brotherthem on a search for their purpose in being here. This is because the energy now is different. As an Old Soul, you ask esoteric questions. At some level you feel unfulfilled by what you are doing. The questions themselves, show that you are an Old Soul!

In this new planetary energy, learning your way again is confusing and frustrating because you’re never lived in this energy before. So you feel a little lost, or that your life purpose is not clear because the new energy does not give you the feedback which the old energy did. As you begin to change from the old ways, your power really starts to show. Intuition becomes stronger, and you start to get advice regarding your own life. Synchronicity guides you where to go and what to do.

There is a new paradigm: The Old Souls that are beginning to solve the problems of humanity by carrying more light onto the planet. Therefore, their real purpose is to simply “be here.” It doesn’t matter what you do, because your light helps this planet. Your experience of wisdom and maturity goes into the grids of the planet and affects all the generations to come. Relax and know that you are here on purpose.

Attribute Seven: Finally, it is the Old Soul in this new energy who has the ability to intuitively and profoundly feel the love of God. Not everyone can. This takes maturity! It takes lifetimes of experience to understand the benevolence of the Creator, and what it feels like. This is why it’s so difficult to take a younger Soul from being a victim, to understanding they are loved by God.

If you’re an Old Soul, you can feel it. Congratulations to all of you for being who you are. You are the ones who will change the planet. You’re going to change the planet simply by your presence. Old Souls are planting the seeds of the future, and are the ones who are going to create an ascended planet. That’s your purpose to be here – to just live and know that you are loved beyond measure.