The Parts of the Human Soul

Your Soul is bigger than you think! In fact, you are far grander and more magnificent than what you may have been told. Most spiritual systems on the planet claim that you have divinity inside. This is the Soul.

Soul ascension. Spiritual transformation

Have you ever wondered about your Soul? How big is it? Do we really even have a Soul? If so, where is it and what is it doing? Do you carry your entire Soul? Let’s explore the answers to these questions, as much as we can in this short article!

Firstly, yes: Every single Human Being on Earth has a Soul. When you pass over, your Soul takes a three-day journey to the Cave of Creation and then integrates into the oneness of the Creative Source, which we are all a part of. When you next incarnate on Earth you come in with the same Soul that you have had for every life expression. Your Soul is a piece of God, and you are much bigger than you think!

I realize that some of the following information may be overwhelming and difficult to absorb. As humans, we tend to have a bias of singularity. We think that we have one Soul, totally individual and separate, and therefore everyone else has their one Soul. Furthermore, many believe that our Souls go through training, and there is some kind of hierarchy. According to Kryon, an angelic entity channelled by Lee Carroll, this is not the case. Instead, Kryon has told us that our Soul is an eternal, multi-dimensional Soul-soup of all that is, and it is part of the Creator that has no beginning and no end. Once your Soul leaves your corporeal Human body, it becomes part of the soup of everyone’s Soul and also the Creative Source. Therefore, the notion of training, learning and a hierarchy of Soul importance is simply a Human’s linear concept. This Soul information is very controversial to what many have been taught, and is incredibly difficult to understand.

Thankfully Kryon has revealed a lot of esoteric information about the complexity of our Soul. So prepare yourself for learning about the pieces and parts of your Soul that may seem unbelievable. However, I ask that you keep an open mind, and then discern for yourself if the information from Kryon has the potential for truth. Remember, your Soul is a part of everything, and bigger than you think.

The Cosmic Cloud Called Orion NebulaThe multi-dimensional Soul-soup is best explained by examining the nine elements or energies that make a Human Being, and the Soul. These nine elements occur in three groups of three. In Ancient Tibetan numerology, three represents a catalyst and nine represents completion. Take a look at the many organized belief systems on the planet and you will see the number three, or the trilogy, in most of them. Within the three groups of three it may appear that there is a repetition, but it’s not. Instead, there is simply a description of how the same item works differently within a different group.

The three groups that Kryon has identified are the HUMAN Group, the SOUL Group, and the GAIA Group (or the Support Group). Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel, has called them attributes to help clarify the teaching – giving us the Human Attributes, the Soul Attributes and the Gaia Attributes. The Higher-Self has been identified in each group of three and is the only element or attribute that appears to be repeated. This is because your Higher-Self is considered to be your core source of your divinity and therefore is in all three. Although it may be confusing the whole Soul-soup is revealed in this grouping of three categories, even though one is actually called “The Soul Group.” Consider this Soul Group category as the “esoteric” piece of the whole Soul.

The simplest group to define is the Human Group comprising of: 1) your Higher-Self; 2) Human consciousness; and 3) Innate (your body intelligence). Your intellect and your consciousness are always trying to figure out how to touch that part of you which is the Creative Source. Your Akash (past and future lives) is tied with Innate and holds a gold mine of experience that you can draw upon.

The second group is the Soul Group (esoteric group) and is the most complex and controversial of the three. The three attributes of this group are: 1) your Higher-Self; 2) your Guides; and 3) the part of your Soul that remains on the other side of the veil. The important information Kryon wants us to understand within these attributes is that you can’t carry all of your Soul, because it’s just too much energy. Therefore, part of your Soul is on the other side of the veil. What is your Soul on the other side doing? Together with everyone else’s Soul, it is working as the “engine of synchronicity,” helping to steer you to benevolent things. Your intuition is the communication of this synchronicity.

The third group is the Gaia Group and has three attributes that are the most misunderstood. It’s the cooperative group of Gaia (planet Earth) which surrounds you as a grid of support. When you are surrounded by the beauty of nature you feel these attributes. You are a part of Gaia, and Gaia is responsive to you. The first attribute in this group is once again your Higher-Self, represented by the magnetic grid of the planet. So the three attributes are: 1) your Higher-Self; 2) The Crystalline Grid; and 3) The Cetaceans – represented by the whales and dolphins.

The Crystalline Grid is an esoteric invisible grid of the planet that is multi-dimensional. This grid holds and remembers Human vibration. Everything you experience as a Human is never forgotten by the planet. This explains why some individuals who are sensitive to energy can stand in a battlefield and feel the energy of the battle.

Kryon has yet to reveal the details about the attribute of the whales and dolphins. However, what Kryon has said is that the whales and dolphins are part of the planet’s grid system. They hold the Akashic library of the planet and provide a cooperative energy. Think about the attraction that the whales and dolphins have. More than 80 countries are part of an organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of whales and dolphins. Some of these countries are without oceans, and demonstrate the collective consciousness of humanity’s love for these mammals.Dolphin kiss

I realize that what I have presented above provides new concepts and understandings that barely scratch the surface of the complexity of your Soul. However, don’t dwell too much on the myriad of questions that may arise, or spend too much time pondering the details of the nine attributes of the Human Soul. The key message is that your Soul is timeless, forever, with no beginning and no end. As the Earth progresses on its path of spiritual evolution, your Soul is now becoming more integrated with your consciousness, giving you Soul Maturity. What happens when more and more humans have Soul Maturity? We have a planet that continues to evolve wisdom, and with greater wisdom comes the beginning of peace Earth.