Sacred Sites

There are numerous sacred sites and power places all over the planet. What makes them sacred? Why do humans feel “power” emanating from the Earth? The answers are different for each person because we all feel things differently based on what is happening with our spiritual core, our connection with Gaia (Mother Nature), and our Akashic maturity (our cumulative past lives).

Every year millions of tourists and pilgrims visit places that are associated with being spiritual, mystical, sacred or powerful. These would be places such as Machu Picchu in Peru, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) in Chile, Glastonbury Tor in England, the pyramids in Egypt, the ruins found in Italy and Greece, the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Lourdes in France, and Uluru in Australia.

If we study the attributes of these sites we find two categories: One relates to what humans have created, such as a building devoted to the worship of God, and the other relates to a natural feature within the landscape. Irrespective of the type of sacred site being visited, there are copious amounts of reports that tell about the extraordinary experiences people have had while visiting these places. Many times physical healings that have occurred. What is truly happening and going on? Kryon, a loving entity channelled by Lee Carroll, helps explain and unravel this mystery.

According to Kryon the Earth has three main energy grids. One of these is called the Crystalline Grid. It is an invisible, multidimensional grid that stores the life force energy of humanity. It also contains imprints of our energy, expressed through our emotional experiences, and records them at the specific location where humans did things. Essentially, everything we do is recorded on the Crystalline Grid. It remembers our lives, every footstep we’ve taken, every tragedy, joy and epiphany we’ve ever had. Think of all the sacred sites on the planet, which have been created by humans to worship God. If a particular site has experienced continual and consistent interaction with humans for centuries, there is imprinted energy there. Think of the thousands, who may have come with pure intent to participate in the emotional energy of love and divinity, or might have had a healing there! In many places, great compassion has taken place, and the Crystalline Grid has “seen” and recorded it all. What do you think people will feel from the grid when they visit that site? That’s right, they will feel the amplification of divine love and compassion. They will feel the “sacredness” of the site!

What about the power places on Earth, which have special natural features created by Gaia? Why do those who are sensitive to energy “feel” things there? Sometimes it can be attributed to what humans have done there (via the Crystalline Grid), but in many cases it has to do with something else. Have you ever heard about Earth energy portals, vortexes, earth chakras or ley lines? Perhaps you have. If so, I still have to warn you that what I write next may be extremely controversial and not exactly match what you’ve been told and believe.

Our Creation Story, as given by the indigenous and Kryon, is that humanity was “seeded” by the Pleiadians (our Spiritual Parents from the Pleiades). Kryon has said that the Pleiadians placed different attributes of energy all over the planet in various energies. Specifically, Kryon mentions that this energy is represented in 24 specific places called The Nodes and Nulls of Earth. These specific Nodes and Nulls work together in tandem as a polarized pair, which has a “push-pull” energy of the Crystalline Grid. These Nodes and Nulls are “hooked” into the benevolent design of the universe. I will reveal these major ones in a moment. However, there are lessor “nodes and nulls” that occur all the time all over the planet, and that is what we will discuss next.

How do the Nodes and Nulls work? What are their attributes, and where do they occur?

Kryon has defined nodes as places on the planet where there is a specific overlap of the Human consciousness grids. The consciousness of Gaia (Mother Nature to some) has a kind of field that is apart from the Crystalline Grid. When the Crystalline Grid overlaps with this Gaia grid in a certain way, there is a build-up of energy that creates a NODE. According to Kryon there are three kinds of nodes: portal, vortex, and vortal. A portal is a node that overlaps and amplifies Gaia, such as Machu Picchu in Peru, a place where you feel the compassion of well being. This is often called “a power spot” by some. A vortex is a node where the energies collide and they are constantly moving. To some being in a vortex may feel good for a while, but it’s hard to live there for a sustained period. Usually unbalance of some kind occurs over time. A vortal is a node that is a mixture of a portal and a vortex, such as Sedona, Arizona. One of the attributes of nodes is that they absorb energy that is no longer needed.

Nodes are places of immense intensity, and often in places that are less accessible or desirable for Human habitation. However, humans are very attracted to them anyway, and the indigenous of the Earth often built temples there. Some nodes are more powerful than others. Sometimes when the Crystalline Grid intersects in a certain way, you have nodes that you will not feel much. However, if the overlapping is profound, you have nodes that you will feel intensely.

Nulls are a bit different. They occur when there is a specific overlap of the Human consciousness grids. However, unlike nodes, the Crystalline Grid overlaps with the Gaia Grid in such a way where these two completely cancel each other out. This cancellation creates a null, and in these places there is an absence of the Crystalline Grid. It’s like a void where you get pure Gaia energy only. Nulls may feel wonderful, but it’s often too overwhelming to be in for long periods, since it represents pure creative energy. A null is far harder to live in, and the places on Earth where it exists are often uninhabited for that reason (some are in the ocean as well). Nulls have odd magnetic field characteristics, making it difficult for life-force and balanced brain synapse, and they also feature magnetic variations (variations from the standard lines of influence of the compass). Some well-known locations where nulls occur include: Valley of the Moon (San Pedro de Atacama) in Chile, Mt. Kailash, in Tibet and the Bermuda Triangle.

These lessor Nodes and Nulls are also connected by Ley Lines and the patterning is not always symmetrical anymore. In the past, Ley Lines have been seen only as straight lines that go between “power places.” Those are known, energetic, and have symmetry. However, since 2012, this is changing. Ley Lines are now becoming energy lines based in Human conscious action, and they re-form (change) when there is compassion and love (heart energy) present. So they are constantly in motion, especially today as the Earth energy reshapes itself.

This major change in the way these esoteric things are being altered is because the collective consciousness of humanity has shifted. The result is that the Crystalline Grid is being recalibrated and it now is being more attracted towards love and compassion, instead of drama and sorrow. This also means that as the Earth changes and compassion changes, you should expect the nulls and nodes (portals, vortices and vortals) to change too. Seemingly sacred places that have had certain energies for decades may suddenly feel odd to you, and ones that never had any energy may suddenly start changing into areas you can actually “feel.” This is also why the Ley Lines are moving.

Back to the 24 major Nodes and Nulls

Now that you understand the mechanics about why humans feel the energy at the various sacred sites and power places of the Earth, there is one more complexity to explain, as given by Kryon. Post 2012, Kryon revealed information about a system that was created by the Pleiadians at the same time humanity was seeded. Long ago, when the Pleiadians looked at this planet, they selected twelve pairs of energy points that would represent the duality of the planet. These twelve energy points are found at twenty-four geographical locations, and were selected to represent the parts of the planet that were the most promising. These twelve polarized pairs of Nodes and Nulls are also Pleiadian time capsules. Energy was set in these places so that if humanity should ever reach a certain vibration, these time capsules would release information for the individual Human Being as well as for the whole planet. We are now at that vibration!

This means that the Nodes and Nulls are now broadcasting multidimensional information to the Earth’s grids, allowing for higher consciousness, invention, and Human DNA evolution. As of the writing of this article Kryon has identified six of the twelve to be matched pairs, which you can see in the table below:

1a Maui, Hawaii 1b Tibesti Mountains, Chad, Africa
2a Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru 2b Mt Kailash, Tibet
3a Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico 3b Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa
4a Mt Shasta, California, USA 4b Mt Ararat, Turkey
5a Uluru, Australia 5b Mount Logan, Yukon Northern Territories, Canada
6a Mt Ida and Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA 6b Mt Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina
7a Aoraki, (Mount Cook) New Zealand 7b Ural Mountains, Russia
8a Mont Blanc, French Alps, France, Italy and Switzerland ?? Aneto, Pyrenees, Spain
9a Glastonbury, England ?? Gunnbjørn Fjeld, Greenland
10a Machu Picchu, Peru ?? Meili Snow Mountain, China
11a Rila Mountain, Bulgaria ?? Mt Aconcagua, Argentina
12a Table Mountain, South Africa ?? Victory Peak, Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan


The complete pairings of these major 24 will most likely be revealed, as appropriate, over the next few years. The Pleiadians selected these specific Nodes and Nulls, long before any civilizations lived there. Earlier I mentioned that there are numerous portals and power places all over the planet; so don’t be concerned if your favorite place is not mentioned. It’s not about the feelings you get in a vortex, portal, or vortal. Those are lessor nodes and nulls. It’s about twelve major time capsules that have been placed here for fast-tracking planetary evolution. As we look at the locations, we should ponder the significance about what is happening in those areas and the broader region today. Perhaps you have even visited one of these twenty-four sites? If so, I’m almost positive that you felt it!