Soul Communication

Nonverbal communication is well known and understood, especially as it relates to our facial expressions, gestures, body language, eye contact and posture. But there is another type of nonverbal communication that is available to all of us – the communication from our own Soul.

beautiful painting of a violett angelic spirit with a woman face

There has been a great amount of study and research done on nonverbal communication. In fact, most research has identified that between sixty to ninety percent of our communication occurs nonverbally. This is significant and makes nonverbal communication the most crucial and important aspect of communication. It means that anyone communicating with you is often more aware of your nonverbal communication than what you say!

Nonverbal communication has been recognized to include the following: facial expressions, body movements and postures, gestures, appearance, eye contact, touch, closeness or personal space, and tone of voice. Must people are totally unaware of the nonverbal behavior they often use. This is why it is very difficult to fake nonverbal communication. Increasing your awareness and understanding of nonverbal communication can greatly improve your relationships. Yet, there is another type of nonverbal communication that most people are completely unaware of.

Every person on the planet is continually broadcasting quantum (multi-dimensional) information. What on Earth is that? Basically every word, thought, and emotion you experience is radiated out into the cosmos. Even more than that, your DNA, your Akash (past life energy) and your Innate (body intelligence), continually communicate quantum information. This explains how a medical intuitive can “read” messages about a person’s health and can accurately pinpoint a diagnosis. The intuitive has tuned into you, as you unconsciously radiate your information.

There is something else that is always available to you through nonverbal communication: The energy of your own Soul! Soul communication, therefore, happens when you personally connect with your Higher-Self. Think of your Soul as a radio receiver that is always receiving, and all you need to do is tune into the right frequency. How do we tune into the right frequency? The answer is complex, but essentially, you must first believe that you have a Soul. Using free choice, you give intent to connect with your Soul. This is when your Higher-Self immediately becomes a conduit for this beautiful connection.

A beautiful example of this can be felt and experienced when hearing and reading the channelled messages of Kryon, through Lee Carroll – the original Kryon channel. It actually took Lee four years before he was able to channel the messages of Kryon. Lee describes his very first experience of Kryon as sitting in the chair and saying, “Okay, Kryon, or whoever you are, if you are really there, show me!” The next moment Lee was overwhelmed with a pulsing love wash that had him weeping in the chair. It was the last thing he expected, and immediately he jumped up out of the chair and yelled, “Don’t ever do that again!” Thank goodness that Lee’s curiosity got the better of him, and he continued to ask for the connection. That was over twenty-six years ago, so Lee has had plenty of time to practice the art of delivering profound esoteric channelled information. However, the process of channelling is pure Soul Communication.

According to Kryon, the difficulty in trying to describe and explain Soul Communication is that it goes beyond the limits of any understood science, or even perceived reality. There are two ways of thinking about Soul Communication. (1): Communications from multi-dimensional sources (guides, Angels, God, your Soul) to you, and (2): Communications from the multi-dimensional parts of you, back to them! More than being nonverbal communication, this represents what Kryon calls nonlinear communication. As you read this article you are receiving linear communication. When you fall in love and feel this love reciprocated back, you are receiving nonlinear communication.

If I ask you to describe falling in love, it is really difficult to adequately express the entirety of all the emotions you may have, into linear words on a page. Linear communication happens through the synaptic brain. Nonlinear communication happens through your heart, your pineal (intuition), and your consciousness. Think about the way art or music communicates with you: How would you describe it to a person who could not see or hear? You can see how these things go way beyond simple explanation.

A great deal of multi-dimensional communication tries to connect with you from all manner of sources. When you get a gut feeling, or an intuitive thought, this is Soul Communication. It has nothing to do with your synaptic brain function. That’s why it is hard to clearly identify what your intuition is telling you. The brain is a computer that helps you in basic survival. Soul Communication helps you to work with emotions and intuition in the elegant issues of living with others.

Beautiful Airbrush Painting Of A Young Indian Woman Wearing  WitNow, what about animals, especially the ones that are your pets? Would you say they have personalities and also communicate? Animals communicate with us via nonlinear communication in very pure ways. There are those who have mastered the ability to understand this special communication, and they are often called Animal Whisperers. This description is more accurate than you may realize, since animals whisper through a person’s pineal, and not their human brain synapse. This is another form of Soul Communication – theirs to yours.

Gaia, our planet Earth, is more alive than you think. Gaia has a consciousness that is firmly and elegantly entangled with humanity. Many can feel the Soul Communication from Gaia when they walk into the forest, climb a mountain, work in their garden, or swim in the ocean. The multi-dimensional energies of Gaia communicate with us in the form of devas, pixies, fairies and elves. These “elementals” are always sweet and loving, and those who feel their communication never receive anything negative from them.

So our Soul is continually communicating with us, we simply have to tune in. However, what about how you communicate with your Soul? Kryon says that your Soul has no trouble understanding you! This is because God, Spirit, Gaia, and your Soul are master interpreters and know exactly what you’re saying, and understand your every thought. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking it or saying it, because they are with you all the time. Your Higher-Self, which vibrates above your corporeal-self, knows the psyche of your mind.

Kryon tells us the best think we can say is, “Dear Spirit, tell me what it is you want me to know.” Then we are asked to pay attention to any thoughts, feelings and emotions that come to you. Spirit is on-board with everything in your life. If you open your heart and allow sacred communication, it’s going to start a peaceful countenance for, and with you. This is called Awakening to Spirit, and it’s really moving out of old habits and fears, and claiming that part of your Soul that is God in you. Blessed are you for caring enough to even read this article, for your Higher-Self and your Soul see what you are doing, and are more than ready to strengthen this sacred and loving relationship.