Oval Stamp -extra Bonus Just For You

A common dilemma that many authors face is that they tend to write far more than is feasible for the publishers to print (the bigger the book the greater the shipping cost!). When I wrote my first book, The Gaia Effect, I compiled information on everything Kryon had given us. The result was a book that was beyond the word-limit that my publisher was willing to publish. Oooops! This forced me to review what I wrote and delete a few chapters, which was a difficult decision. However, I finally decided what chapters I would keep and what I would delete. But, what could I do with these deleted chapters that were complete, with new Kryon questions and answers? Why not put them on my website? After all, the concept of the world-wide web is to have information accessible and free for everyone. So that is exactly what happened, and why you can now find these extra chapters on my website.


My second book, The Human Akash was published in 2014, and again I had too much information! Only this time I knew that the extra free information would complement the book on the website. My third book, The Human Soul Revealed was published in 2015, and this time I knew exactly what the book limits would be and wrote to those specifications. However, I wanted to write extra information that I knew would enhance the book, and it gave me another opportunity to ask Kryon some questions. The answers are very insightful.


Please feel free to print them out and share with those who may be interested.