Elementals are thought to be beings or spirits that inhabit nature, including the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. Elementals are also referred to or known by other names such as fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, sprites, brownies, leprechauns, Earth angels and others. Basically, all of these beings are multi-dimensional energies that are the helpers of Gaia, and they are in service to humanity.

There are many experiences where people have been communicating with these multi-dimensional energies. Being multi-dimensional, these energies understand Human psychology, and so they present themselves to us in a form that we can connect with. Think of all the wonderful images and artist’s impressions of fairies and elves and all the other things that fit into this category. They are all cute, small, non-threatening. They look very sweet and innocent, which strikes a chord with us and banishes any fears. It is very similar to the way that we represent what angels look like. We create angels in the image of a Human and stick a pair of wings on them. This is something that is much easier to understand and relate to than a blazing ball of intense light and energy. Multi-dimensional energy, therefore, presents itself to us in a way that the observer can relate to and not be afraid. This is why each culture has their own version of what elementals look like.

Now, what I’m going to tell you next is difficult to describe. There will be those who will be sophisticated in the room who will understand, and others who will not. There is no judgment of any of you, for the same energy is put upon all of you here. Depending upon your life’s path and the degree of how many times you’ve been on earth, will then determine your understanding of the truth of these things. There is going to be an awakening of the masters of the life in the ground, of the life in the air, and these are multidimensional attributes. You cannot see them as multidimensional things, for your reality is currently biased in 3D. But many humans have already seen them as the energy of Gaia.

These attributes have consciousness, and they materialize in front of you in ways that the Human brain wishes to see them, so that they are not dangerous. How many of you have seen the elves, or the fairies in the garden? How many of you have been aware of the master energies in the ground? What about the guardians of the canyon? I would like to tell you something: The Human brain visualizes them as all safe. Sometimes they are small; sometimes fun; always compassionate. Did you ever wonder why? I’ll tell you that this is the consciousness of Gaia and the grids, as it materializes the energy of quantum life for you. It is always friendly, and always safe and always something that you can count on. It’s not a dangerous energy, and different humans see the same things differently.

This is the way of God. Even when angelic energies appeared to humanity, they appeared safe and they said to men, Don’t be afraid. Even as simple as a bush that does not consume itself with fire, which you’ve called the burning bush. How simple can we get? We give you something that you see, but that you don’t understand, but that is safe. For spirit has never appeared before humanity as a dangerous form. But there are things that have been put into the ground waiting for the shift, and in these next 18 years you’re going to release them. It’s time.

Now my partner, go slowly. There are multidimensional energies that will flow from the earth because it’s time. They’ve always been there, and you have seen them on and off, but it’s time for them to come out. When they do this, it will not be frightening for they will simply take their place on the grid where they belong and enhance Human consciousness. I will tell you what some of you have called this: The return of the masters! Yes, but you thought they went up in the sky, didn’t you? No. Instead they’ve always been hiding in the earth… in the safety of Gaia. That’s where they belong. They’ve been there posturing Gaia, helping for you to see the Pachamama and feel the love of the planet. They have been part of the Gaia energy all along.

Metaphorically they are in groups of numbers, always divisible by three and four. It is symbolism for the fact that nature is base-twelve just like real physics, just like the universe… just like DNA. The first place it’s going to start to happen is here. Some of you will say it is a reawakening of the ancestors, and the indigenous will perceive it that way. However, it’s more than that. It’s more than that: It represents energies of divinity that have been there for a long time waiting for the shift. 2013 will be the beginning.

Now, some will say these energies are UFOs. They’ll see the lights. They’ll say there’s an enormous increase in UFO activity. Human Being, are you aware of what multidimensional energy looks like in 3D? It appears as subtle flashing lights that shimmer, and that do not show up on radar. What does that tell you? What have you seen here [Peru], and in Bolivia? What kind of activity do you speak of? Maybe now you know what they are? Maybe they are different than you thought. Maybe it’s the multidimensional energies of the guardians of the canyons. These are the ones who are ready to release, within the 36-year shift. Do not fear this, for this is what you expected. It’s what the indigenous expected. Call it a release of wise beauty, as Gaia itself becomes more quantum and less 3D. Don’t try to compartmentalize it, don’t give these energies names. See it as a beautiful combination of energies that are slowly showing themselves. That’s what it is, and that’s your challenge. See it as one event, and related. It’s going to happen and there are many who will see it, and it starts to happen more in 2013. For you’re about to pass the marker of dimensional shift. The great shift is real.

Kryon live channelling “The second Letter I in the word Kundalini” given in Lima, Peru – November 4, 2012


Kryon has also given information about the multi-dimensional life that exists all throughout the universe. Now this is a very difficult concept to explain, not only because of our 3D bias, but because of what we even define as life. We tend to make the distinction between living and non-living things based on biology. To understand life we need to think in terms of a whole new paradigm that doesn’t include biology as the defining descriptor to indicate life.

If you can start to think in this new way, then you will realize that there is life all over the Earth. In the deepest of the oceans where you don’t think life can be, there is life. In the depths of the Earth where volcanoes are born there is life. Look at the Hawaiians and how they communicate and pay homage to Pele the Goddess of Fire who exists in their volcanoes. Pele is part of this realm of multi-dimensional life. Even the air that we breathe has the attribute of life. The Earth is more alive than you think. The universe is just teeming with life, and some day it will be seen by the scientists. Some of them are already starting to see it, and they are talking about physics with an attitude.

In Kryon Book Eight, Passing the Marker, information was presented about the multi-dimensional life on Earth.

The very atmosphere of your planet has multi-dimensional life in it – life forms that live on the planet in the air and in water, that are multi-dimensional, and which you cannot see. Science is going to begin to discover anomalies about this very thing. The brave ones will also begin to mention that there could very well be multi-dimensional life, things they cannot see, but which, by their very definition, must be alive. Water.

Here’s what’s happening. Certain kinds of treatments of water, both natural and by using magnetism, chemistry, and atomic structure alerting, affect the multi-dimensional life within it. This, therefore, changes the very attributes of the life within it. When ingested into the multi-dimensional Human Being, these attributes of life in water then interact with the water in your body. Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s time to understand why this is taking place.

You may find that chemistry enhances some water, but let me tell you that there’s far more going on here than you can see. By addressing water magnetically, you are actually changing the life within it. This then changes the reactions within your body to the water. You actually touch into the multi-dimensionality of a certain kind of life that lives in the water.

Now don’t compartmentalize this. Color outside of the lines, and understand that this multi-dimensional life is not like your life. It’s multi-dimensional, and do you know why it’s there? It’s there for YOU! Just like the dirt of the earth, it’s there to help balance humanity when the Human gives it recognition! It’s so that water will become a healing attribute on the planet. There’s water coming out of the ground in three places that you have discovered already on the planet, which has some attributes of multi-dimensionality within it. Therefore, it has powerful curative effects on the Human body. Yes, there really is a fountain of youth. Perhaps its reputation was exaggerated, but there is water that will slow the aging process! It functions in this way right out of the ground due to the specific magnetic of the ground areas where it travelled from, on its way to bubble to the top.

There is multi-dimensional life in water, which shakes hands with the multi-dimensional cellular life of your DNA. It will actually change some of the imprints, some of the instructions sets, and some of the ways in which your biology works. I’m talking again about the clock inside you. Those of you who understand and have felt the multi-dimensional life in nature, in the rocks, and in the plants, have felt these life forms.

“Kryon, do you mean real life forms?” Yes. “Do you mean life that reproduces and lives in a multi-dimensional space in water and air?” Yes. “Why haven’t we seen it, then?” Because you haven’t been willing to look! Who in your biological sciences could get funding for a multi-dimensional life study? This is still a very unchartered area of research, and your science doesn’t even have a program yet to examine the possibility.

Here’s something, however, that you should know. As we told you some time ago, this life has shadows that are visible in the atmosphere. In other words, portions of it can be seen as a result of its existence, but you can’t really look at it. The same is true in water, but it will be far harder to see, since water is fairly uniform.

In review, we are speaking about a brand new issue – multi-dimensional life on Earth both in water and in air. And in water, your magnetic treatment of it changes the characteristics of the life within, thereby carrying an invisible curative energy into the body. Since your body is made mostly of water, the treated water then commingles with the very fluid of life, passing a live-essence healing into the biology at the cellular level.



Question for Kryon

Is there anything else you can tell us about multi-dimensional life and energies that are on the planet?

ANSWER: It’s everywhere … everywhere. There is life in the air and in the plants. It really is life, with consciousness and the ability to renew itself. It’s non corporeal, so it behaves completely differently than animal life or even a bacteria. It’s survival attributes are not what you are used to. Sometimes it’s there just to hold balance, then it goes away. Sometimes it’s there just because GAIA needs it to be, then it disappears. It is created and leaves (comes and goes) completely differently to anything you currently qualify as the definition of “life.” Therefore when you eventually find it and prove its existence, your science will have to add a category of life.

There will be a quandary: What do you do with something that has consciousness, but there is no reproductive cycle, and no death. It simply comes and goes from a pool of energy that is “forever.” It’s part of GAIA, and many see this in the gardens and the forests, for it often shows itself openly there to those who can see it.