The Weather

Isn’t it interesting how the weather is such a pivotal part of our life? Millions of viewers tune in every day to watch the weather report. Families going on vacation can quickly get a 10 day forecast of what the weather will be like when they go on holidays. Farmers are assisted in agriculture. Fire fighters rely on accurate weather forecasts to determine what strategies to use to suppress and control wild fires. Scientists constantly survey and measure changes so that they can issue timely warnings about tsunamis, earthquakes and severe storms.

In 1989, when Lee Carroll first started channelling, Kryon prophesied that over the next two decades the weather would change dramatically, but that we should not be afraid. The weather changes are a result of a change in Human consciousness. As goes humanity, so goes Gaia.

The shifts in the weather echo a polarity in Human nature. As the polarity between the dark and the light increases, so will the polarity between heat and cold. There will be extra cold and extra hot, and where they meet together are the seemingly dangerous areas. Just as the polarity of spiritual rage has torn many off the fence of their normalcy, so it is that the planet also responds to this energy.

Lightworkers, some of you know it and you’re prepared for it. I sit in a structure here which is sacred space, where there has been a great deal of this kind of teaching in the past [Kryon is presenting in a Lightworker church]. It has endured the winds and the rain and still stands. Divinity is placed upon it. Appropriateness is here, but it’s still in a dangerous place on the Earth. Yet those who own it are comfortable in their work. Why? Because they understand the appropriateness of both the winds, and also of their work.

Some have asked, “What is the appropriateness, dear Kryon, of such things as these great storms?” In these last weeks and months, there have been two major ones, and I’m going to give you a hint of the energy of one of them. The biggest of this season was given the name of Katrina. Although the exact area where I sit was not affected to the degree that other places were, you know what it did and the chaos it created. The storm before it hit right where I sit, instilling fear and damage. Again, you might ask, “What is the appropriateness of such a thing?”

Indeed, all of these storms are appropriate. They all represent a stirring of energy that needs to be stirred. There is no negative targeting of any land, or punishment of any Human habitat. There is instead a manifestation of the energy you have created as you change the actual vibration of Gaia through your enlightenment process.

As the Earth changes, you’re going to see more of this. Let me reiterate what we told you so many years ago. In this new energy there will be intensive weather shifts, and you are in a cycle now that has the potential to last at least five more seasons with the same intensity. You were able to see a hint of it this year when the season began very early, with a great deal of activity. The seasons will endure and the intensity will be just as active. Now, it doesn’t have to stay that way, for as the Earth vibrates faster, you will slowly move out of this cycle. And by the way, dear Human Beings, this is only a potential. You can quicken the cycle by increasing your own vibration and Gaia will respond.

You’re not here to suffer or worry and you’re not here to be afraid. Many years ago, we gave you the meanings of the nines and the elevens. 11 is a master number. Master numbers speak of enlightened purpose. When I arrived in 1989 [a 9 year] I told you that my number was “11.” The simple English alphabet numerology of Kryon is 11, which means appropriate illumination. The 9 is the number of completion and when you put them together, such as in 9:11, you get appropriate illuminated completion. We have spoken of these things before. Even the greatest tragedies of your time, the ones that had no foretelling in your prophecy, were profound in their energy shifts of your country and of the Earth. They were on schedule, and in their own way, appropriate.

Katrina has an interesting numerological aspect, if any of you did the job of testing it. If you were “plugged in,” as my partner says, to the energy of what is truly going on in the planet, you will understand the 9’s and the 11’s. I ask you to do the numerology on Katrina and you’ll find that is an 11! And so we’ll say to you yet again that these things are not a mystery or a “surprise to God.” Prepare! Nothing should take you by surprise here. Prepare. You have the technology, you have the wisdom; and now you have the experience. There are simple techniques that can keep a house from flying apart in even the largest of winds… back to basics for this.* There are also very simple techniques for keeping homes from flooding in areas below sea level. It’s called “dirt!” While many are sending relief supplies to those in need of reconstruction, you would be better to send dirt! Consider a reconstruction project where all the homes are elevated on a berm row [a raised bank or path] at or above sea level. Then, when the levy breaks, and it will again, the only things that flood are the streets.

*Kryon has spoken of steel or nylon netting over a home, held in place by pre-installed cement and steel ring pylons around the house, the same techniques as are used with a circus tent. The netting would be very fine mesh and very strong, but light-weight. It’s sole purpose would be to keep a strong and long lasting wind from peeling away the layers of the home, one of the largest reasons why roofs are lost, and also how pressure is allowed to shift between the inside and the outside of a house during a hurricane.

We also told you that the Earth would move. It did, and recently. It was one of the largest movements recorded in your history, and Gaia shuddered at the bottom of the ocean where the plates meet. Although you may feel that the loss of life from the accompanying wave was a Human tragedy, you don’t know what you would have experienced had the Earth moved, with the same energy, in other plates or areas on land. Have you ever considered that? The force of the movement actually changed the timing of the planet’s rotation, something that you also should have expected if you have followed what we have been telling you for all these years.

It’s going to move again, and in places that are more predictable. The volcanoes we told you to watch are also becoming active again, suddenly and without warning, and often in response to earthquakes. The places to watch are Ethiopia, Russia, New Guinea, India, Ecuador, Japan, El Salvador and Alaska in the USA.

Lightworker, do not be afraid of these things! Don’t make your decisions of where to live based on fear. In fact, again we tell you, Lighthouses are built in dangerous areas to shine the light of illumination on the difficulties surrounding the rocks. Lighthouses guide and steer the way in the dark. They are anchored in the rock and do not fear what they were built for. Can you do this without fear?

Kryon live channelling “Un-defining the Spiritual Path” given in Fort Pierce, Florida – September 2005 and Sedona, Arizona – October 2005


Have you noticed what a lot of people blame the weather changes on? The media, or rather the powerful figures that feed and drive the media, has ascribed the term “global warming” to these weather changes, and then explain that it is a direct result of humans. In both cases, the media is only partially correct. Let me explain.

The weather changes on Earth are because we are entering the beginning of a mini ice age. Wait a minute! What does a mini ice age have to do with “global warming?” Before each ice age occurs the planet starts to get warm. This is part of the Earth’s natural water cycle that happens on a timescale that is much longer than what humans live, and therefore tends to be overlooked or not seen. The last mini ice age occurred in the 1200s to the 1400s. In general, there are three things that contribute to changes of weather on the planet. They are volcanic activity, impacts from space, and the water cycle. The water cycle is the most important contributor.

Kryon states that the water cycle we are entering into will be a 400 to 600 year cycle, and that the first transition will last about 50 years. There is likely to be four transition periods. There is nothing to fear. It has happened before and humans survived. It is happening again and I believe humanity will survive. The best thing we can do is to recognize this and make arrangements to get out of the way. The other thing we can do is to learn to perfect the desalinization of sea water (see Chapter on Sustainable Energy).

The shift in the weather is not being caused by humans putting things in the air. It would have happened anyway in about 300 years. The water cycle is a part of Gaia, and Gaia responds to Human consciousness so what humans have done is advance the timing. Humans have, therefore, affected the weather (through our consciousness), but we didn’t cause the shift (by polluting the air).

So what does that say about humans and our relationship with Gaia? Can we really affect the weather? If Gaia has a consciousness, the same as humans, don’t you think Gaia wants to hear from us? And what do you think humans should say? How about giving thanks to Gaia for starting the water cycle that is going to refresh our oceans? What about asking Gaia to shake less in the more populated areas and instead send her earthquakes to the unpopulated areas, or asking for earthquakes under-the-ocean without a tsunami event, and for volcanoes to erupt in areas that affect no one? What about asking if the severe storms that result from the melting ice can follow a track that does not contain humans? Imagine if thousands of humans where to reconnect with Gaia and ask these things from her.

I realize that for the majority of people the idea of changing and controlling the weather with Human consciousness is like a script from a Hollywood science fiction movie. What do you think? Is such a thing mere fantasy or have you experienced episodes that might just signify that such things are possible? I have two personal experiences that I’d like to share that may perhaps trigger a similar memory of your own personal encounter with Gaia and the weather.

When I was living in Franz Josef, New Zealand I had this great idea of having a girls’ night out in Almer Hut, one of the historic huts located on the north side of Franz Josef Glacier. There are only two ways to get to the hut – traversing across the glacier, or by helicopter. Obviously the idea of traversing a glacier was not that practical so the plan was for the group of ten girls to fly in by helicopter. We set a date that suited everyone, and got very excited about our trip. Now I need to give you some background information so that you will gain an appreciation of the area. The average rainfall for Franz Josef is around 5 meters (197 inches) per year. Yes, that’s right 5 meters! When it’s raining in the town, it’s snowing up on the glacier. When the weather sets in the helicopters are grounded.

On the morning of our trip I woke to heavy rainfall. In fact, every day for the last three weeks it had rained. It didn’t look good. After receiving some phone calls, I insisted that everyone still come to my place as planned. If it cleared up we would fly in, and if not we would just celebrate and have a girls’ night in at my place. No one really expected the weather to clear but I was optimistic. A few hours before the scheduled trip the weather cleared. However, there was a new problem. The forecast didn’t look good and there was a genuine concern that even if we could fly in there was no guarantee we could fly out the next day. If the weather turned it could be a week or more before we could get out. I knew there was a high possibility that we would be stuck in the hut but this feeling that came over me said that everything would be alright. It was like a voice saying to ignore the fear and listen to what my heart said. My heart said to go for it! As soon as I stated that I was going to the hut and I would even go on my own if no one else was interested it was like a trickle effect, and one by one everyone else agreed.

It took two trips to fly all of us in, and we arrived in time to see the most spectacular sunset. Perched up high on the north side of the glacier we had the most incredible views of the rainforest below, where the sun was slowly vanishing across the horizon of the vast ocean in front of us. It was simply breathtaking. There are not many places on the planet where you can be standing on a glacier looking out at both a rainforest and the ocean. I remember walking out of the hut in the middle of the night and standing mesmerised by the dazzling scene in front of me. The glacier sparkled like diamonds reflecting the luminescence of the night sky while the stars shone so brightly in a velvety black sky. It was the kind of night time view that astronomers dream of because there was no light pollution nearby.

When we woke up in the morning it was snowing quite heavily, and we discovered quite a few inches of snow had fallen in the early hours. If the snow continued we’d have to settle in for the day, possibly the week. Once again I got this overwhelming feeling that we would be alright and sure enough the weather cleared mid-morning. As soon as it cleared we radioed into base requesting them to come pick us up. The helicopter base asked if we wanted them now or if we could wait for the next trip when they came back from dropping off a load of hikers. I instantly got a message that we were to go now. Within an hour of us all landing back at Franz Josef it started to rain heavily again, and the helicopters were grounded. Sure, it might have been a coincidence that the weather cleared exactly when we needed it to, but the undeniable communication I was feeling with Gaia told me different. I felt within my cells that Gaia had responded to me, and I’m still in awe by how much she loves humanity.

The second experience that I’d like to relate is when I was on the Kryon Patagonia Cruise in the beginning of 2012. Most cruise ships only travel around Cape Horn (which is only 1,000 miles north of Antarctica) during a few months of the year. Nearly every sailor knows that rough seas around Cape Horn are common, and not every cruise ship is able to navigate around the horn when the weather turns bad. During the 12-day cruise, every day had picture perfect weather. Nearly every tour guide we encountered kept saying “you guys don’t know how lucky you are with the weather.” All of the Kryon attendees would simply nod and smile and wink at each other because we knew it had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the fact that we were travelling with spiritual purpose – and that the entire Kryon entourage was with us. Once again I experienced that same overwhelming feeling that everything was alright. Gaia was again telling me how much she loves humanity. During the second to last channel on the cruise, Kryon gave confirmation that the weather was no accident. Here is what Kryon said:

Let it be known by the listener [and reader] that we are on a cruise at the moment and the ship is moving and under way. It has passed some of the most pristine parts on the Earth, including around the horn of South America, and even some places that they have said are uninhabitable. We are passing as close to Antarctica as many of you will ever be. Some of you have seen the majesty of it all, and in the process we have allowed the weather for you to see it clearly, just in case you thought that was an accident. Why don’t you ask the captain about that? How many trips have seen weather as this one has. This is the power of the old soul collective.

Your name is on the manifest on this ship, known by the universe that you would be here. We are in channel at the moment and those of you who are aligned with me in this state of a third language are leaving a stripe upon the waters, as we move forward at 16 knots. It’s a stripe of thousands of nautical miles that actually has encircled the bottom of a continent. It’s the quantum power of collective old souls, a collective energy that can even change the weather. When you gazed upon these things, what did you feel? Did you feel part of it all, or was it just beautiful? Did you feel part of it? The answer is, of course, that you did feel it. Did you find yourself taking pictures of the same thing over and over? Why would you do such a thing? Because you’re attached to it, you’re in a quantum state with it.

The mountains knew you were coming. The oldest of the volcanoes knew you would gaze upon them, and at a cellular level you felt their return gaze. You knew it, even the water cleared and became calm so that you would have a comfortable trip and ponder the things that you are feeling. Is there more in your life experience than you thought? What are you going to do with this time, right now?

Human Being, the purpose of this trip is that you would feel an alliance with Gaia. I have told my partner from the beginning that the time that you spend with yourselves is as important as the time you spend in a seminar. The time you spend with Gaia is precious. So when you look at those multitudes of photos you take, in a quantum way you can rekindle all that was there, as you slowly passed some of the most amazing sites on the planet.

I’ll tell you what the mountains were saying to you: They are awakening with you! They know what you are doing with the grids, and they have been here so long, yet the potentials of what is taking place now has only been generated recently. The consciousness of Gaia encompasses you and says, “Good job, my fine Human friend. Thank you for joining me in creating something that no one said you would ever be able to do as a Human race!”

Kryon channelling “Mini channelling” given during Kryon Patagonia Cruise – February 3, 2012


So how does that make you feel about Gaia and the weather? I’m sure that if you start paying attention you will have your own personal experience to relate to others. Kryon has often said the Indigenous People knew who to control the weather. They could make it rain when there was none. How is this possible? Are we really that powerful? The answer is YES, but it isn’t necessary done the way you would think. Kryon explains it all for us.

The atmospheric system that you call weather is probably one of the most common things that you see every day. It’s powerful and seemingly unpredictable, you might say. We’re here to tell you that you have some control over this, dear ones! There are those of you who ask, “Kryon, are you telling me that we can control the weather?” No. Here’s what I’m telling you: You can control the energy around you, and the weather will respond to it. That’s what I’m telling you.

You do not directly and willingly control your heart-beat. The masters have shown you, however, that if your consciousness is altered, the heart will respond. It is the same with the physics of the planet, for the Earth recognizes the intent energy of the Human Being! It has to. It was created for you!

Here is another analogy: Let’s say you are swimming in the ocean among giant waves and you are afraid. Suddenly you realize that by thought alone you might raise a platform of rock high enough so that you could be free from the threat of the elements. There you would stand with the waves crashing around you. Let me ask you this: Did you control the waves? No. They’re still there. What have you done? You have only changed their effect on you. This is what we’re talking about, and it’s this consciousness principle that you have not been totally aware of.

We’re going to give you an example. We’re going to tell you how it’s done in your own practical life. What we’re telling you, dear ones, is that you can affect the energy around you, which will affect what the weather does around you. And when we say you, we mean the collective you (Humans together in collective thought). We are speaking of what a group of lightworkers and individuals can do to change an area of the planet where the weather is severe!

By way of your strong partnership with Gaia, you can create situations where weather will seem to “go around” where you are – like the rock in the waves. Responding to the energy that is created in a vortex of co-creation – of sacredness – the weather balance will remain, but it will go around those areas of consciousness that are created by the group. You see, Gaia knows who you are (I told you that this might seem unbelievable)! There are those among you, however, who have experienced this very thing.

The consciousness of the planet – much like the consciousness of your lives – is such that you can change certain attributes, but the system remains in place. You can heal and clear the energy of certain places that will not be affected, because of what you do in your lives both individually and collectively.

Let us talk about something germane to the area – the way the earth moves here [San Francisco area]. Ah, dear ones, you live in a place that shakes and you know it – and so does my partner [speaking of Lee, who lives in Southern California]. Let me tell you something: Some of you are drawn into areas that seem dangerous. There, you live out your lives. Some of you will be wondering why it is that you’ve been drawn to an area with a dangerous attribute. So it is that some of the metaphysical teachers and enlightened workers have been drawn to areas all up and down this coast that moves and shakes. There are faults in the ground that are poised to move, and are known to be actually moving in this area. They are part of the geology of the planet and the automatic balance that has always been here for you to see. Yet, here you are living! I’m going to tell you why; then you’re going to understand what is taking place, and understand your place in it all. Then you’re also going to understand the power generated by the consciousness of groups of lightworkers who know how to give intent.

You might feel that you are here in this place by accident, and that someday you will be able to escape the anxiety of the unknown ground movement. Did you ever think perhaps it’s the opposite – that your presence here is what we call “the work?” There are lightworkers who have been moved through synchronicity and through love to sit right in these shaking spots! Here’s what’s going on, dear ones: When we talk about the physical Earth – when we talk about the thing that is feared more than anything else by Humans (that of being crushed by a boulder or a rock in the middle of the night, or to have the Earth shake in such a way that the family is threatened – or to have volcanic explosions in the mountains), I’m here to give you a revelation about it. And here it is: Just a room-full of people vibrating at a high level, which you call the ascension status, having given intent, can change what happens in your area. It can change something profound with potential into something small, just by the intent of the consciousness – because Gaia will respond. Gaia will respond! Gaia is a part of you – like the heartbeat is part of you.

Here’s how it works. There has to be what we call the “frontliners,” and then there has to be a support group behind them. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about weather, or if we’re talking about a shaking Earth, or about a volcano, or impending floods. Let me tell you how it works: It’s being done all the time! The frontliners are the lightworkers who have chosen to be at the point where it actually happens. These are the lightworkers who say “I own my spirituality, and I know my piece of divinity, and therefore I know where I belong, so I’m going to anchor my area with my energy. I’m going to stay there and live there and call it my home. I’m going to send a shaft of light into the center of the earth to balance the planet. And I and other lightworkers, and frontliners are going to do the same.” These are the “frontliners,” the ones who are called to the areas to live right at the focus of where the changes are predicted – knowing full well that their consciousness is an anchor, but that they have support as well.

Let me tell you about that anchor: It has a chain. And that chain, figuratively, is connected to the thousands of lightworkers who are going to give this anchor power by giving it the energy of intent. Some of you have been doing this, and I’m telling you it works! It works! Can you change the weather? Oh, yes. In the area that is anchored – in the area that is being considered and being meditated upon – the weather will simply change there. See, Gaia responds to the energy of the Human and the Human group.

Have you ever heard my partner say that “consciousness changes physics?” It does. Consciousness changes matter – consciousness will change the planetary function and balance, and you are in change. The planet was made for you! Doesn’t it make sense that you would be able to do these things?

So it is that we have the frontliners and the support group. There are those who would ask, “Kryon, can’t we do the anchoring without a Human living there?” The answer is no. It’s your personal energy that makes it happen. You will know if you are called to be an anchor, but many are not. The mechanics of it, dear ones, are this: There must be intent of the frontline Human in the actual area for the chains to exist that attach to the support group. Let those chains then go outward to tens of thousands of you who can change the planet, for it’s needed in the areas that we are speaking of in this environment [the West Coast of the United States].

Kryon Live channelling “The Earth and You” given in Sunnyvale, California. Kryon Book Seven, Letters From Home, Chapter Four: The Earth – Your Millennium Partner.

There is one thing I would like to clarify. Knowing that our pollution didn’t cause the weather to shift shouldn’t change our attempts to control or minimize it. If we want to live longer and more healthy lives than we should look at the way we create energy and stop polluting the Earth. The pollutants in the air harm humans more than they harm Gaia. Gaia is quite resilient; but shouldn’t we all strive to live in beautiful places with clean air and fresh water, surrounded by the beauty of nature? Some cities are so polluted that the simple pleasures of gazing at the stars or watching the sunset are almost non-existent.



The Water Cycle

Most of us are taught at school that the water cycle or the hydrologic cycle explains the journey of water as it is circulated from the land to the sky and back again. We learn how the sun’s heat provides energy to evaporate the Earth’s surface of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, and how plants lose water to the air through transpiration. The water vapor condenses and forms tiny droplets in clouds, and when the clouds meet cool air over land, precipitation (rain, sleet or snow) is triggered and the water returns to the land or sea.

Kryon, however, is talking about a different kind of water cycle that is related to the regular partial melting and freezing of the North and South Pole. This water cycle is how the Earth works to balance itself and create new life in the oceans. There are large water cycles and small ones. The small ones happen between the large ones. The small ones can last as short as 150 years and the large ones as much as 1500 years.

As previously mentioned, the water cycle begins with an increase in temperature, and the first thing that happens is the partial melting of the ice at the North and South poles. The melting of the ice creates an incredible shift in weight which is then distributed all over the globe. When tremendous weight shifts occur to a very thin crust, they create earthquakes and volcanoes in expected areas such as the Pacific Ring of Fire.

As the ice melts and redistributes itself into the oceans, it cools the ocean and increases the potential of massive storms. So why does Gaia create these water cycles? When you get a glass of water out of your tap how old is the water? The water in your glass may have fallen from the sky last week, but the water itself has been around as long as the Earth. Wow! That’s about 4 billion years old. Ewwww! Thankfully Gaia’s water cycle is all about refreshing the cycle of life as you’ll find out when you continue reading. Remember, our Earth is in a closed system so there needs to be a way of changing and refreshing the water. If you have ever had a pet fish in an aquarium you learn pretty quickly that you need to change the water in order to keep a healthy environment so your fish can survive. There’s no plug to pull out from the bottom of the ocean to change and refresh the water on Earth so Gaia has the perfect answer. You guessed it – it’s the water cycle.




Like the water cycle, earthquakes are part of a shifting planet, and related to the water cycle. Do you remember the Indian Ocean Tsunami that happened on December 26, 2004? The tsunami was generated by an earthquake under the ocean that had a magnitude of 9.3, and it lasted almost 10 minutes, making it the longest duration ever recorded for an earthquake. The earthquake was so large that it actually slowed the rotation of Earth. This one event will not settle down for some years. The slowing of the rotation of Earth caused a slightly different ratio of speed between the molten core of the Earth and its crust, so the Earth will continue to adjust until those speeds are back to what it used to be. This event increased Human compassion on the planet, and I’d like to honor those souls that were a part of an event that raised the vibration of the Earth.

Kryon has stated that:

The places where the Earth will reverberate the most for a few years is around the equatorial marks, for they are the furthest from the core of the planet, and the most volatile. As the planet spins, they are the ones that will tend to bulge out the most. Therefore, they will be affected due to the fact that they are the most unsettled. I’ve just said to look for more earthquakes at the equator. None of these things will create doom and gloom on this planet. Instead, it is simply part of Earth shifting.

Kryon live channelling “The History of Humanity”  given in the western Mediterranean Sea – 8th Annual Kryon Cruise – August/September 2007



The Refreshing of the Cycle of Life

The warming of the planet is simply the beginning of a water cycle (heading toward a mini ice age), and it is the consciousness of humans that advanced the timing. Have you thought about what the purpose is of the water cycle, and why Gaia uses it to balance the planet? This process is related to a beautiful system that Gaia is a part of, and Kryon gives us a great explanation:

When you change the temperature of the waters of the planet, it changes the life cycle of the ocean and it eventually renews itself. The life cycle of the planet has a limit to its viability over time. There has to be a refreshing of the very cycle of life, and this is what the water cycle does. Are there any places you’ve seen too many fish lately? Yes. Millions of salmon in the north. Odd that it was in Alaska, isn’t it? Alaska is very close to the poles where the water temperature is being felt first. Oh, again the experts will tell you that this is not the reason. It’s about hatcheries and rivers. But nobody predicted this, did they? Science is fast to give you reasons, but slow to give you logic in advance. They always seem to be surprised.

We are saying things we haven’t said before. Again, watch for this, an actual change in the life cycle of the planet’s oceans because of the water temperature shift. Biologists are going to have to start redesigning the paradigm of how everything works, including reefs, ocean bottoms, and how plankton survive and reproduce. Listen, this is not the first time that the life cycle has been refreshed! But again, this may take generations of humanity to complete. In the process, you may again lose species. This is normal. Gaia is slow, and humans are impatient. Your textbooks may someday tell of how naive humanity was back in 2011 when they tried to blame weather changes on everything but a natural cycle. Now you know why there is a water cycle.

So what does that tell you about Gaia? Gaia is beginning the cycle of refreshing life on over-fished oceans. It tells you that in the cracks, there is love and caring about the humans who live on the Earth. There’s a reason you’re here. There’s a plan here, and a benevolent Universe and quantum energy with intelligent design. All is there for you, precious, sacred Human Being.

Kryon live channelling “A Summary” given in Gaithersburg, Maryland – April 2, 2011


So, dear reader how does that information make you think and feel? Human consciousness has changed and so Gaia, the one who regulates the coming and going of life, has responded. The shift in Human consciousness is creating changes to refresh the life in the oceans! Humanity has given clear and strong messages that we would like to continue living on the planet, and that we want to try and work together to solve our problems.

Aha, I hear you say. Gaia may well be taking care of providing humans with resources, but what about the projected increase of Human population on the Earth? Don’t you think that as Human consciousness changes our attitude toward reproduction will change? It’s already happening. Several countries have a fertility rate that is below the replacement level of the population.


What does Science say?

Science is now starting to validate what Kryon has been saying for over 23 years. Many scientists are now saying that we have regular water cycles that result in an ice age. Marine biologists are also starting to see how our oceans are being refreshed. You may want to take a look at some of the articles mentioned below. By the way, the number of articles reporting these things is increasing.


Here’s what Science is saying about the beginning of a mini ice age…


“New Ice Age ‘to begin in 2014” – WorldNet Daily

Abdussamatov’s theory is that “long-term variations in the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth are the main and principal reasons driving and defining the whole mechanism of climatic changes from the global warmings to the Little Ice Ages to the big glacial periods.”

Moreover, Abdussamatov’s analysis of sun activity data has led him to conclude that the Earth is entering a prolonged cooling phase, because sunspot activity is currently in a phase regarded as a “minimum.”

“Observations of the sun show that as for the increase in temperature, carbon dioxide is ‘not guilty,’” Abdussamatov wrote, “and as for what lies ahead in the coming decades, it is not catastrophic warming, but a global, and very prolonged temperature drop.”

Source: http://www.wnd.com/2010/05/155225/


“Global Cooling is Coming – and beware the Big Chill, Scientist warns” – Fox News

The hottest new trend in climate change may be global cooling, some researchers say.

Contrary to the commonly held scientific conclusion that the Earth is getting warmer, Dr. Don Easterbrook, emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University and author of more than 150 peer-reviewed papers, has unveiled evidence for his prediction that global cooling is coming soon.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/19/global-cooling-scientists-warming/


“Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age” – Pravda Moscow

The Earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science. Many sources of data which provide our knowledge base of long-term climate change indicate that the warm, 12,000 year-long Holocene period will rather soon be coming to an end, and then the Earth will return to Ice Age conditions for the next 100,000 years.

Ice cores, ocean sediment cores, the geologic record, and studies of ancient plant and animal populations all demonstrate a regular cyclic pattern of Ice Age glacial maximums which each last about 100,000 years, separated by intervening warm interglacials, each lasting about 12,000 years.

Source: http://english.pravda.ru/science/earth/11-01-2009/106922-earth_ice_age-0/


“Scientists Claim Earth is Undergoing Natural Climate Shift” – University of Wisconsin

Scientists said that the air and ocean systems of the Earth are now showing signs of synchronising with each other. Eventually, the systems begin to couple and the synchronous state is destroyed, leading to a climate shift.

“In climate, when this happens, the climate state changes. You go from a cooling regime to a warming regime or a warming regime to a cooling regime. This way we were able to explain all the fluctuations in the global temperature trend in the past century,” Tsonis said. “The research team has found the warming trend of the past 30 years has stopped and in fact global temperatures have levelled off since 2001.”

Source: http://www.wisn.com/UW-Milwaukee-Study-Could-Realign-Climate-Change-Theory/-/9374034/8075816/-/item/0/-/7dut48z/-/index.html


“It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle!” It’s Rainmaking Time – Audio broadcast

Listen to this eye-opening interview with author Robert Felix, climatologist Dr Timothy Ball and meteorologist Joe D’Aleo on “It’s Rainmaking Time! With Kim Greenhouse”.

Source: http://www.iceagenow.com/Its_a_cycle-its_a_cycle-its_a_cycle.htm


“Forget global warming, Alaska is headed for an ice age” – Alaska Dispatch

Alaska is going rouge on climate change.

… While global temperatures surge hotter and the ice-cap crumbles, the nation’s icebox is getting even icier.

That may not be news to Alaskans coping with another round of 50-below during the coldest winter in two decades, or to the mariners locked out of the Bearing Sea this spring by record ice growth.

Then again, it might. The 49th state has long been labelled one of the fastest-warming spots on the planet. But that’s so 20th Century.

In the first decade since 2000, the 49th state cooled 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source: http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/forget-global-warming-alaska-headed-ice-age


Here’s what Science is saying about the refreshing of the cycle of life…


“Scientists Discover New Life in Antarctic Deep Sea” – Science Daily

The research findings suggest the glacial cycle of advance and retreat of ice led to an intermingling of species that originated in shallow and deep water habitats. Lead author Professor Angelika Brandt from the Zoological Institute and Zoological Museum, University Hamburg says, “The Antarctic deep sea is potentially the cradle of life of the global marine species. Our research results challenge suggestions that the deep sea diversity in the Southern Ocean is poor. We now have a better understanding in the evolution of the marine species and how they can adapt to changes in climate and environments.”

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/05/070516133018.htm


“More biodiversity in Antarctica than the Galapagos” – Planet Earth Online

The first comprehensive inventory of land and sea creatures living around a group of Antarctic islands reveals that the region is richer in biodiversity than the Galapagos Islands.

More than 1,200 known marine and land species were found, including sea urchins, free-swimming worms, crustaceans and molluscs, mites and birds.

The study, published this week in the Journal of Biogeography, describes how the team from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the University of Hamburg combed the land, sea and shores of the South Orkney Islands, just off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The researchers caught creatures at depths of 1500m.

Source: http://planetearth.nerc.ac.uk/news/story.aspx?id=253


“Marine animals of the Antarctic may actually be feeding biodiversity to the rest of the world” – Qantas Magazine September 2011

Therohaline currents spin out from the pole carrying species northwards on a kind of conveyer belt.

Antarctic biodiversity, scientists now think, may represent a steady supply of new species and their genes that are being slowly and steadily conveyed northwards to the tropics.


“Forget hot dogs, glut means cheap lobster prices” – CNS News

Typically, Independence Day also is when Maine’s lobster catch begins picking up as lobsters begin shedding their hard shells in favour of new soft shells. Soft-shell lobsters have less meat than hard-shell ones, but they are easier to crack open – it can be done by hand, no claw cracker needed – and sell for a lower price.

This year, though, soft-shell lobsters began showing up in abundance in fishermen’s traps weeks earlier than normal.

Source: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/forget-hot-dogs-glut-means-cheap-lobster-prices



Questions for Kryon

The change in weather may potentially result in having to rethink the location of some cities. What factors should town planners consider to address these weather changes, and how will people know when it is appropriate to stay or if they should leave an area?

ANSWER: Why relocate a city if you could instead be smarter about what might happen there? The true answer is to do these things (1) If you are subject to flooding, then relocate to higher ground, or build on a platform. Better still, redesign neighbourhoods with the “berm system,” where the homes are perched on long rows of raised dirt and the roads are in the lower areas between each berm (a large version of corn rows). So if you simply reassign the dirt height, then you would be redirecting flood waters down the roads to lower levels, leaving the homes dry.

(2) If you are subject to wind, then start looking to redesigning why your homes blow away. They don’t have to. Aircraft sustain winds up to 400 knots (nautical). They don’t blow apart, but rather use the wind to lift them. Did you know that a home with a certain kind of roof design could actually use the wind to anchor itself better and become more stable? None of this is yet being done, but this is the answer.

(3) If you are subject to intense cold or heat, then you need to make certain you are OFF the grid and have your own sustainable power and water. This is not that difficult, and if neighbourhoods would get together on this, they would never be subject to grid outages of any kind. They would be able to generate their own in “home groups.”

(4) Get a system of community design, where there is an agreement to help others and they will help you in case of the failure of your home or neighborhood in any way. Understand that this is a new way of life, instead of fortressing your self, boarding up the windows, and arming yourself against those who are desperate for food. Does that sound like an advanced society? No. Instead, welcome them and prepare for this. They will do the same. Then you have unity instead of separation, and kindness instead of killing. What a concept.



What can you tell us about the changes in our Ozone Layer and why is it that some humans develop skin cancer that is related to exposure to the ultraviolet light which is found in sunlight?

ANSWER: This is a difficult answer because humanity won’t believe it. First, the ozone layer is weak due to a cycle of magnetic anomalies involving the entire solar system. If you had been able to measure it correctly over hundreds of years, you would have seen this before. So I tell you right away that the measurement in question is not caused by humans. This, of course, is not what you were told.

Now, look at where it’s the most volatile. Its danger is closest to the poles. Australia (where you were born) is one of those places where there is a large civilization which can be greatly affected by the ozone layer’s weaker measurement. Now, take a look at the indigenous. Did they have a problem? The answer is that their skin adapted, and it’s one of the reasons why they are so dark. So the ones who lived in the dangerous area did not have the same issues that white skinned ones do now.

It’s all about free choice, and through political actions where you now find light-skinned people in Australia. So you might even say that GAIA takes care of things well, even if humans do not. It’s light-skinned humanity that moved into the danger area, then was alarmed that there was danger.

Now, to add to the puzzle, the current Indigenous are leading the cancer statistics, but in other areas (other than skin). Over the last century or so, as they were forced to eat processed food, their chemistry changed and they are almost at greater risk now than the whites. They are “going against their Akash” in what they eat, and the body is not in balance with GAIA. So it’s difficult to measure in today’s indigenous society, what is causing health issues. But over thousands of years, and many low ozone measurements, the Aborigines did just fine… evolution at its finest.

The layer will continue to be weak for your lifetime. Later, when your solar system passes through another part of the galaxy, on its rotation around the middle, the heliosphere of the sun will broadcast an energy where it will then realign itself and not be an issue.