Co-creating with the Lattice

There is a beautiful system where the Human Being works with the Cosmic Lattice. Kryon gave us information about The Cosmic Lattice many years ago. If this term is new to you, you will find the Kryon channellings on the Cosmic Lattice in the Kryon Book Seven Letters from Home and on Lee’s website on the channelling page. Kryon explains how we co-create using the Lattice.

I want you to take a look at The Cosmic Lattice for a moment. Gaze into that vast area of strings connected to strings. The Lattice is profound in its shape. Energy is connected to energy – everyone to everyone – everything to everything – every planet to every planet – every solar body to every solar body. It’s a giant puzzle that moves with purpose, but which always changes. And if you look at the Lattice as a giant musical stringed instrument – a lute of Spirit – you will see that the strings can be plucked many ways. When they’re plucked, they make harmonious spiritual music, and that harmony creates overtones that resonate and create still other strings. Those new strings are called … job, abundance, solution, and peaceful purpose.

If you understand this metaphor, you might ask, “Which string shall I pluck? Which is mine? For I wish to find my energy and create a uniqueness so I’ll have the abundance, so I’ll have the job, so I’ll have my life’s purpose complete. I wish to move forward. Which string should I pluck?”

So what you might do is look for the string with your name on it. Doesn’t that make sense? If you’re unique in the universe, certainly it’s there, correct? Perhaps not. I’m going to give you some information that you might be missing: Don’t look for your personal string. What if you looked, found it, and plucked it? What good would a one-stringed instrument be when you know that energy is created by one string resounding against the other? No. Instead you should be looking at all the strings and saying, “They’re playing a tune. What tune is it? What note can I pluck or sing where I will create resonance with the tune that’s being played? If I can find that, then all will vibrate and resound in harmony … and the energy of co-creation will be accomplished. If I can vibrate with them, I will have my own unique co-creation.”

This is a difficult concept. It’s the concept of spiritual resonance. Co-creation is spiritual resonance. The definition of spiritual resonance is this: Spiritual resonance is an energy which, when harmonized with, will amplify and create another unique energy that vibrates in synchronization with the original energy, but which has its own uniqueness. In music, these new energies are often called “overtones.” You get them by beating one frequency against another. Sometimes the newly created tones are strong. Their addition increases the amplitude of the whole. But sometimes they actually reduce the whole, diminishing the entire thing. The metaphor is a good one, but metaphors and analogies only go so far. However, even in music you realize that not all the strings or notes in the scale are alike. When the tune is unique, so must your ability to decipher which note to pluck or sing in order to resonate, or not. Note that we haven’t asked you to match the energy … but to harmonize with it. There’s a big difference.

You can’t just jump on the lute and play any note! You must discern and search for the string that will harmonize and resonate. Don’t worry … we know that many of you aren’t musical. However all of you have the spiritual tools to sing in the “Lattice Choir.” It’s intuitive and beautiful. This tool is what we wish to speak of today…

…Dear ones, do you just tolerate the job you “have to” go to? Did you ever wonder if there was anything there for you besides a cultural necessity for you to exist? What if someone else’s synchronicity was waiting for you? What if they were praying daily for help in their lives, and you had answers? Did you ever think of that? What do you show them there? Do you show them a peaceful, joyful countenance? Do you celebrate an “unimportant” job? Do you emote a peaceful energy? Be aware – things are not always as they seem. Perhaps you are their solution – an angel of synchronicity? Did you ever stop and listen to the choir while you were there?

The message is obvious – that you can be as unique as you wish, but every single Human creature on this earth fits with the other. The ones you least expect have a piece that’s next to you, and in all of your uniqueness and in theirs, you resonate together to create a third energy that creates a co-creation for your life. In a four-dimensional aspect, you’re doing it alone, but in a multi-dimensional aspect, you’re doing it with everyone else…
…Listen: Dear ears and eyes of family before me, how can we tell you something out of the realm of understanding? How can we show you what you cannot see? You make arrangements with those around you before you ever arrive here. In this “soup” of Human energy that you call YOU, there are pieces and parts of this family that are also part of you. There is a support group here, and even after they’re gone from your 4D experience on Earth, they remain as part of you. This goes way beyond the genetics and the biology and the one layer of DNA that you can see. It’s far beyond that…

…How can everyone that is a part of your group be here with you now? What about the people you have loved and lost? The ones you think have reincarnated into another being on earth. How can they still be with you and back on earth at the same time? How could such a thing be?

Can you really be in two or three places at the same time? Yes, you can. You’d better get used to it. It’s all part of the unthinkable – the unseeable. Perhaps the you in the mirror is also part of another’s energy? If you understand that, then you’re well on your way to understanding how you’re all part of the orchestra on a multi-dimensional Lattice… yet all are unique pieces of God. The Lattice sings a beautiful tune – a tune of harmony – a tune of love. It’s a tune with a message that tells all of you that you’re eternal and interconnected.

Be as unique as you wish, but be quiet and listen to the song around you, because that’s the musical key you’re being asked to sing in. Metaphoric? Oh, yes. But you’re going to get even more of that kind of teaching as we instruct four-dimensional creatures how to be in 23D.
So, whereas you thought you had the gifts of Spirit to make co-creation happen, and whereas you thought you had the unique pieces of the puzzle that would allow you to construct your own path, don’t make too much noise as you hammer and chisel away, or you’ll miss the key you’re supposed to sing in! It’s a key that represents the life next to you and the life next to that, and the life next to that. Then, dear Human Being, when enough of you sing in that key, there will no be more war on this planet!

Kryon live channelling “Co-creation Explained – Singing in the Choir”

given in Toronto Canada – September 21, 2002


Are you able to co-create things in your life? Do you understand why sometimes it appears as though nothing is happening? You are your own soul group. The spilt at birth results in pieces and parts within your DNA, while some remain on the other side of the veil. Your Higher-Self is also a part of your soul group. You co-create with your Higher-Self. When you co-create the entire entourage is involved. There is no clock on the other side of the veil. This is why you often make up your mind that nothing is happening. Is that really the case? Is nothing happening? Maybe you only see that nothing is happening in the time you expect? Who told you when things would happen?

One of the most difficult concepts to learn about co-creation is to abandon the concept of time. It has given me a whole new meaning to the word patience. This has been, and still is, incredibly challenging for me. I don’t want things tomorrow I want them yesterday! If you are like me you expect immediate results. Some things can be manifested instantly. Others may involve a great level of planning and become manifested only when every piece of the puzzle is in place.

Kryon often uses the metaphor of the farmer. When you want to create your crop the first thing you do is plow the fields. Getting the soil right is the most important aspect. Sometimes this can take a long time. Only once the soil is ready can the seeds be planted and only during the correct season. Next comes the watering and the waiting for the seeds to grow. All of these things take time. It may even be a few seasons before the crop is ready for harvest. What does the amateur farmer do? They come along, see the field, plant the seeds and come the next day expecting to see the crop. All they see is that nothing is happening! Shaking their head in disappointment they give up on their crop. They didn’t understand the system.

Do you understand the importance of waiting for synchronicity to occur? Trying to force things to happen will only end in frustration. If you take a cake out of the oven half way through cooking you won’t be able to eat it and taste the delicious treat it was going to be. Things are ready when they are ready and not before. Think of it like waiting at a train station. You have your ticket and the train is coming. All you can do is relax and wait for it to show up. How will you spend your time waiting? Are you going to pace up and down anxiously looking at your watch every five minutes? Are you going to get a coffee, chat with friends or read a book? The choice is yours. What you do while you wait is up to you. You can plan nice distractions to fill in the time, or you can worry and be anxious and fret every minute. Spirit often gives us the message: All is Well. I know, it doesn’t always look like it but you have to trust that things are not always as they seem. Everything is in Divine Order and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Remember what Lee said? He said to make sure you have created PEACE around the situation before doing anything else.

This is a difficult concept to understand especially when horrific things happen such as abuse, rape and murder. The immediate question is: How can abuse, rape or murder be something a person willingly creates? Why would anyone want such a thing to happen? The pain and suffering is very real to everyone involved. Why would such a thing even exist as a potential? Kryon has said that this is a complex subject. This really is one of the most difficult things to see and understand. The overview of the lesson is foreign to the human mind. Often it is only time that can truly reveal the answer. These tragic events often push humans into new understanding, spiritual endeavor or the creation of laws that can change a country.

That being said, Kryon has told us there are times when it’s appropriate to respond with force when you or your children or family is being attacked with life-threatening force. This is because this is the only thing that force understands. For example, you’re awakened in the middle of the night by an assailant about to destroy the life of your child. When you use force to prevent this from happening it doesn’t mean you’re violating spiritual guidelines. The term “turn the other cheek” refers to a situation where you give patience instead of anger. It has never meant “stand and be harmed.”

Co-creating with your personal Universal Calibration Lattice

I first heard about The Lattice when I read Kryon Book Seven, Letters from Home, that included a chapter written by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. Peggy explained that every single Human Being has a Universal Calibration Lattice. This Lattice is our personal connection to the Cosmic Lattice. In the span of 15 years Peggy created a body of work, called the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing TechniqueTM, where your Lattice could be strengthened and re-calibrated. Immediately I knew I had to do this work. Over the next three years I became an accredited EMF Practitioner. This energy work accelerated my evolution and strengthened my connection to an unlimited source of energy. I have seen some miraculous results that people have experienced following an EMF session.

Here are a few words from Peggy Phoenix Dubro that provides detailed information about her knowledge and experience about The Lattice.

Hello dear Family of Humanity!

As you are reading these words let us communicate with one another heart to heart. This is a unique moment in time that presents the opportunity for dramatic change! There is much that has already been revealed to us as science and spirituality become more aligned; we are able to perceive the nature of our reality with new understanding. It is indeed the time for the evolutionaries to demonstrate new ways of being and interacting with life, with one another. It is time to think and reason in new ways, time to develop our quantum reasoning abilities!

The Lattice

The name of the light structure in our energy anatomy is the Universal Calibration Lattice®. The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is each individual’s personal connection to the unlimited universal energy source (Cosmic Lattice). It allows us to receive and use the energy we are learning to release from the Cosmic Lattice and from within ourselves. An important note – the Cosmic Lattice does not exist only in some far away or exotic place. It permeates our very existence, right down to the cellular level, and beyond, into our subatomic energy field.

Universal refers to the vibration of our new expression as we evolve. This vibration allows us to experience simultaneously an awareness of the Infinite, the collective consciousness, and our own unique expression as an individual.

Calibration means to gauge and strengthen your energy field so you may channel and express as much of your wholeness, your holiness, your quantum self, as possible.

Lattice is the flexible mesh like structure of this inter dimensional hyper spatial construct in our energy anatomy.

The Lattice is the foundation for all of the energy work I have developed in the last twenty five years. The energy pattern of the UCL is universal; its form and structure are basically the same for each individual human. Its primary purpose is to hold the greater electrical charge available to us as evolving humans. The UCL enhances the evolution of the individual.

It is important first to understand the concept of the human energy anatomy itself. Its existence can be predicted or implied by the electromagnetic laws of physics. Just as the physical anatomy is composed of many systems – muscular, skeletal, and endocrine, among others – we can also predict that the energy anatomy is also composed of many systems. One of these may be the chakra system, well known in ancient spiritual and metaphysical texts. The mental, etheric and emotional bodies are also systems in the human energy anatomy, well documented by many modern day spiritual thinkers.

The outer strands of the UCL are like an extension of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When you learn how to express feeling and intent through these strands, you clarify and amplify your communication with the universal energy source. The UCL creates a personal resonance with the Cosmic Lattice to fully empower your co-creative process. The resulting vibration within the Cosmic Lattice can now respond profoundly and intimately to you. Don’t limit your relationship with the universe; make it as deep and loving as you want. Don’t stop until every cell of your being holds its full charge.

We are invited to participate in the cosmic scheme of things in a way that only the Masters before us have accomplished. We honor these Masters when we roll up our sleeves and say, “me too.” Each one of us is a master in the making; we are learning in our lives here on Earth how to develop and refine our mastery.

Kryon reveals to us that the Cosmic Lattice is one of the most powerful tools of Spirit that exists today. He urges physicists to study the energy of the Cosmic Lattice and promises great discoveries that will benefit humankind will be found there. Kryon also invites us to move into a vibrational frequency wherein we can personally use the energy of the Cosmic Lattice. In order to utilize more of its energy in our daily lives, we must strengthen and balance our own energy anatomy. This process of evolution will bring about, within our physical bodies, the complete expression of the golden energy beings we are. This energetic alignment sets the stage for a unique, interactive union with Creator.

The Balancing Work

The first body of work I developed using the Lattice was the EMF Balancing Technique®. This is a 12 phase system addressing the electromagnetic field and its effects on human evolution. The EMF work is very nurturing and balancing in all areas of one’s life. It has developed as a pathway for the emerging evolutionary. During an EMF session the fibers with the UCL are recalibrated.

The calibration of the fibers of the energy anatomy is quite complex, and this is where the role of INTENT is so important. The basic intent of an EMF Balancing Technique energy session is to balance the human electromagnetic field, allowing the individual’s energy to open as many circuits as possible to the Cosmic Lattice. The person receiving the session may give intent for almost anything – from healing to Self-knowledge to simple stress reduction to the reconnection of their DNA. As the session progresses, a rewiring of the individual’s energy field occurs, and a new order is created within the field, producing a stronger structure to receive energy from the Unlimited Source (the Cosmic Lattice). After the connections have been made, we often see a dramatic increase in the co-creating process of life.

The process of balancing the electromagnetic field can lead to spontaneous release, even without insight, in a single heartbeat. With this strong foundation, we raise our own vibrational level, which in turn raises the Earth’s vibrational level. This is how we can personally achieve what many think of as Ascension.

The first four phases of the work offer energetic foundations for balancing the head and heart, recalibration of the history into a pattern of wisdom and support, the awareness of being present in now time, fully charged energetically, and the potentials of expression as one evolves. Two of the four phases work particularly well in accessing the information held within our personal Akashic record. They are Phase II and Phase IV and are described below:

Phase II focuses on Self-direction and support. Here, we may gracefully and gently release emotional issues stored within our history without having to relive the painful events that gave rise to them. Our intent is to transform our history into a column of golden wisdom and support, a column of core energy that centers us in the now. This golden column supports the energetic posture of Self-enablement. No more negative energy anchors from our past to hold us back! The question is “How can I connect to the whole more efficiently?” This is why understanding the fibers, which I see as geometrically patterned discs of light containing information – hereditary, genetic, past life, present life is important. Every minute detail is recorded. Kryon talked of the magnetic sheath to our DNA, which he said that scientists would not be able to find until they realize that there is “something missing.” These are the magnetic codes of Creator.

Phase IV focuses on energetic accomplishment. We have a potential, to which we often refer as our future. In this Phase, we learn how to choose to tune specific energy receptors and transmitters within the UCL for the purpose of co-creating our lives with Spirit. We calibrate this part of the Lattice so that we may joyfully co-create our potential together. What a privilege it is to be in partnership with Creator!

The next four phases (Phases V to VIII) offer the practice of mastery to express more of Infinite Self in the energy of love, compassion, presence and wisdom. In my heart we are all masters in practice, the more we practice the more we become.

The final four phases (Phases IX to XII) of the EMF work create the opening for a new kind of freedom in the energy of love. In these sessions one first considers what does it mean to energetically honor you, me, and “we” of life relationships.

During the final four phases we further develop the evolution of becoming our own mother and father, and beloved one. Finally we are the emerging evolutionary making our way in these new times of transformation, personally and globally. All of this processed through the Lattice.

The body of information regarding the conscious use of the Lattice is taught and practiced in over 70 countries and continues to grow. On a regular basis we receive reports telling us of spontaneous healings, empowerment, and people’s lives changing for the better. And there has also been scientific testing and analysis, experimental validation and more scientific experimentation on the horizon. What I know is, the more we know, the more there is to know. For me, the very best validation is when people say, “Thank you for your work, it has changed my life.” My response is always the same … “Thank you for using this tool. YOU have changed your own life!”

From the place where we are all one I remember you.

Infinite Love!

Peggy Phoenix Dubro


If you would like more information about the EMF Balancing Technique or you would like to experience one of the many energy sessions available from Peggy Phoenix Dubro please visit the following website: