Kryon Akash Parable

A parable is simply a story that is used to illustrate a lesson or moral. Often the real meanings are waiting to be discovered through repeated examination. The subjects of the Kryon parables are always about individual humans living their lives in duality, just as we do. Kryon Book Four, The Parables of Kryon, has twenty parables, several involving the Human Akash. Two parables in particular, Past Lives, Present Fears and Five Karmic Lessons have a message that you may relate to.

In 2013, while I was writing the second book in the Kryon trilogy series on the Human Akash, a wonderful new parable was given by Kryon that highlights the power of the Akash. This parable, unpublished until now, may help explain certain attributes that you have been thinking about. I invite you to read Kryon’s parable.


It has been a long time since Kryon has given a parable, and so we’re going to give you a short one which talks about the working of the Human Akash. We’re going to call it, The Story of Wo the Spiritual Warrior.

This title is an oxymoron, is it not, to have a warrior that is spiritual? Let me tell you the story, and you may see yourself! Many times the characters in the Kryon parables are named Wo, and that is on purpose. For in my partner’s language [English] this name carries a meaning. It means that Wo can either be a man or a wo-man. So Wo becomes anyone of any gender. However, in this particular story, Wo is a man. Let me take you through his life.

Wo was an ordinary man, but he was very attracted to the military. Now, this attribute is in his Akash. This is one of the strongest Akashic attributes a man can have, for it will pull him again and again into that which is highly structured and has purpose. It is an old-energy karmic Akashic attribute, and is not near as prevalent now. But it was in Wo’s time.

Wo found himself again, in the military service of his country. We’re not going to give you the time-frame of this story, only that Wo had the opportunity to participate in battle. So right away you know that perhaps it was older times. It was.

Wo had an interesting decision to make. It was interesting because not many men make this kind of decision. Wo was selected as one who would go into a very dangerous portion of a battle. When his officers asked for volunteers for dangerous things, Wo found himself immediately standing up and he raised his hand, and said, “send me?” In doing this, Wo had just met the “synchronicity of the Akash.” You see, Wo had been here before and done this many times. For whatever reason, he repeated this over and over.

In past lives Wo had lost his life in battle over and over, and now was his chance to redeem this pattern, and to go into a dangerous battle where he had a chance to survive. He found himself volunteering instantly, and it felt good to Wo. Here was a chance to do it again, but he didn’t know that consciously. You might say Wo was being pushed and pulled by the energy of his Akash. His friends asked: Wo, what are you doing? You may not survive this! And he said: I dont know, I just know that I have to do this.

It was a very early morning when Wo found himself on his volunteer mission in the battlefield in a compromising situation… dangerous as always. I’m not going to give you the details but I will tell you that he walked forward as alert and frightened as ever, with men all around him dying on both sides of the battle. The battle was almost over and Wo’s side was winning, when he felt the cold steel blade go into him yet again. Wo stumbled and fell, but this time the ending would be a little different.

Death was not immediate, and Wo was given an opportunity to experience something that might change him. He felt he was dying yet again. He somehow “remembered” that feeling, for dying in battle was not something new to him. But instead of dying, Wo found himself on a primitive wooden table, being operated on by the military doctors of the day. They were doing what they could to save his life.

Wo, he was already in the tunnel walking toward the light. He had done it before. Oh he remembered this! He didn’t know whether he was on Earth or in between the worlds; he just knew he remembered this. What a beautiful feeling this is! Oh, there’s so much more to this experience than we can tell you! He couldn’t believe how peaceful this was, and how much expectation he had of seeing again what was in the light. Being a Human was so small compared to this! This was the real reality! He could hear the light. He could almost sing along with the song that was calling him home. It was so familiar. It wouldn’t be long now, Wo knew, and he moved forward toward that music… and then he woke up.

A doctor was standing over him, looking him in the eyes. Wo heard his words: “Wo, youre alive. The enemy wont take you today.” He didn’t know what to think. Wo was mentally in an odd place. Had he dreamed about the tunnel? Had he really been exposed to what he thought he had seen? Why was this so familiar? Why did he actually feel disappointed that he had survived? Oh, he had to know more!

When Wo healed enough to leave the medical recovery area, he went back to his duties as a military man, but somehow nothing felt right. Nothing he did brought him joy. He didn’t feel anything as good as he had in that tunnel. Was that real? Was it a chemical mind trick? He couldn’t even remember what he felt except that he got to see real reality, not humanism. He was about to touch the face of God when he came back. He had to know more. I’ll tell you the rest of the story.

Wo went on a journey, an unauthorized one. He walked out of his duty. He did the unthinkable, and he deserted the army. He went to exotic foreign lands. He studied with shamans and they told him things and he learned things and remembered what they said. Wo had “opened the jar” of his past life spiritual knowledge, and even though he didn’t have the years of experience in this life, Wo became a shamanic healer.

For the next ten years he lived in a small village and many came from all over to visit him and to be healed. Eventually the military found Wo for there’s no time limit for the crime of desertion. His fame as a healer had brought them right to his door. The penalty for desertion is death and they killed him on the spot.

Now, that’s not the end of this story because it continues. The continuation is what I want to show you. Wo’s life was filled with what? You might say, synchronicities and energies. Wo constantly had situations that pushed him into battle of some kind. Feelings and energies that he couldn’t explain put him in danger, mainly because he wanted it. Other energies and synchronicities then let him see a greater truth. Then synchronicities led him to find shamanic powers and the ability for ten years of healing others. What a life! But now I will show you Wo’s next life.

Wo has come into the modern world with you, and all he wants to do is get back into the military … and he does. There are no wars this time for him to participate in, yet he enjoys many years within the structure that he realizes he likes. But there is something bothering him. He knows there’s something more. You see, Wo is an old soul. Within his Akash is everything I told you about. He doesn’t know it, but he is about to touch it and I want to show you what happens: Wo meets another man, and this man opens the spiritual jar within Wo. He tells Wo about the God inside, and about the beauty of the other side of the veil. He invites Wo to come to a meeting with him, and together they attend.

Wo meets other beautiful people who believe the same, that there is divinity within everyone to find, and here is where you come in. You are sitting in one of those meetings right now. What do you think is going to happen next to Wo? Knowing about his Akash as you do, what is going to happen to Wo right now? For now Wo is being exposed to something that was so important the last time around. Will he remember it? I’m going to tell you what Wo does now and I’m going to tell you why he does it. I’m also going to tell you right now, that there are a number of you in the room with the same attribute as Wo has.

Wo came back from the meeting visibly shaking. It was disturbing for some reason. He vowed he would never go to a spiritual meeting like that again. Wo lived the rest of his life, never opening his spiritual jar. He always walked the other way when somebody talked to him about the spiritual truth of God inside. He would not visit a shaman, and no matter what, he would never go to a healer. He would not listen to channelling. He did not care about alternate medicine. He cared about the structure and the military, and enjoyed the comfort of what it contained for him.

Wo died an ordinary death as an older man in his eighties. At his last breath, Wo again walked through that beautiful tunnel, he remembered it fully. He got home to my side of the veil, and we were all waiting for him. He received a beautiful greeting and a wonderful party. It’s a metaphor dear ones, for the hugs that await all of you, the toasts of your life, the joy of being with friends, and the feeling of being home at last to where you really belong. There was not one of us who judged him for what he had done, or not done.

“Kryon, how can you give us a parable like that? What happened? Why did Wo turn his back on what he knew? Something is wrong with this.” Nothing is wrong with it, dear ones. Let me explain to you why Wo did what he did, for there are old souls in the room and reading this who are experiencing this in various forms. It is classic! It is the fear of enlightenment. Listen: You have walked a dark path in the past. Some of you have burned at the stake because of it. You lost your lives in primitive days because of it. You had the heartbreak of losing family and friends because of you… and you don’t want to do it again. It’s such a deep ingrained feeling! Now you walk the other way when someone even mentions anything about spirituality.

Some of you have shamanic spiritual knowledge in that jar and right now all you want to do is get out of this meeting. I know who’s here, you see. Perhaps we’re coming a little too close to the reality of what happened last time? It’s now time to see, dear one, and face it. For the pain and suffering and death is not going to be your reality this time. Instead, this is the energy you have been waiting for.

If I had been able to say something to Wo, I would have challenged him to use the warrior that he was, and walk into his Akashic fear. I would tell him to use the same energy as he used to walk into the battlefield with his sword ready! Fearless! Old souls hearing me now have died over and over because they found Spirit within their heart. Today it’s time to recognize if that is you.

Is there a hesitancy to move forward in these things? What is your excuse? For most old souls I give the Parable of Wo, for indeed, that’s you. It is time to dismiss the old fears and see the energy for what it is. It’s time to fight the battle of the Akash and move right into your new reality. The planet will be a better place, old soul, if you open the spiritual jar and touch the face of God. And that is the message for the day.

And so it is.


Kryon Live channelling

Given in Cali, Colombia  April 13, 2013