Working with Innate

Before I awakened spiritually and developed a greater awareness I considered my body to simply be a piece of biology. The majority of people I knew also had this point of view. Communication with my body was pretty much non-existent except when I experienced pain or trauma. This type of negative communication helps keep us alive. If something is starting to hurt us we can take action to keep out of trouble. The idea that I could speak to my body and that my body would understand never occurred to me. If someone told me that such a thing is possible I would have immediately said “No way, it’s impossible! Such things don’t happen.”

I think it would be reasonable to say that mainstream society in the western world is taught a very limited scope of view about how our body and its cellular structure works. What do most people do when they get sick? Initially, they may go to the pharmacy and stock up on lotions, pills and drugs as recommended by the pharmacist. If their condition gets worse they may consult a medical doctor. The idea of asking your body what is wrong doesn’t happen. There is a misperception about a system that exists. This system involves a dialogue with your body intelligent consciousness, or innate.

Two healing modalities that use innate are Kinesiology and Body Talk. There are others but I wish to focus on these two. These modalities bridge the gap of communication, yet many people have either never heard of it or prefer to use other methods to heal because there is a perception that it goes against the law of logic. The numerous healings that have occurred as a result of Kinesiology or Body Talk has proven over time that our body can speak directly to us. Why is it that it has not been generally accepted by humanity? Part of the answer is because it is outside the scope of what we have learned is possible. As humanity begins to become more conceptual and multi-dimensional the intelligent system within our DNA will show itself to mainstream society.



Kinesiology began in the 1960s when an American Chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, discovered the relationship between muscle function and health. Through on-going research he developed a unique testing method that eventually became known as Applied Kinesiology. He made this system available to other progressive chiropractors and the International College of Applied Kinesiology was established.

In the early 1970s another Chiropractor from California, Dr. John Thie, began studying with Dr. Goodheart in a small research group. Dr. Thie developed a system that he called ‘Touch for Health’ and began teaching this new self-help method to his patients. He also wrote an easy to follow book called Touch for Health.

Since that time over 100 different styles of Kinesiology have developed but they generally fall into one of three groups.

  1. Applied Kinesiology which is used by Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Medical Doctors and Dentists.
  2. Traditional Kinesiology which is mainly biomechanics and exercise physiology.
  3. Specialized Kinesiology which incorporates several modalities such as Touch for Health, Neural Organization Technique, Applied Neurogenics, Applied Physiology and Neuro Linguistic.

In basic terms Kinesiology uses the muscle feedback system to assess how the body is functioning and/or to locate any body imbalances. However the application of Kinesiology is incredibly versatile and it can be practiced in many different ways. The concepts and techniques can be applied in many situations at any time. Anyone can learn how to muscle test and it can be used on oneself, with your own family and friends or in a professional situation. Millions of people around the world have learnt Kinesiology.

Kinesiology has assisted many people with a range of health problems including emotional stress, mental stress, pain relief, nutritional imbalances, food allergies, overcoming phobias, muscular disorders, nervous disorders, sports injuries, fatigue, insomnia and learning and behavioral difficulties. A quick search on the internet will assist you in finding a Kinesiologist.


Body Talk

Body Talk is a holistic therapy that allows the body’s energy system to re-synchronize and operate as nature intended (back to the original stem cell blue print). Every cell and atom within the body is constantly communicating. When the lines of communication are compromised or disconnected there is a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being. Reconnecting these lines of communication allows the body to repair and heal. Body Talk simply stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal.

Body Talk is often used to treat chronic and acute health problems. It is also able to be used in conjunction with other healthcare regimens. Body Talk is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself due to the body’s “innate wisdom.” Body Talk practitioners use techniques that focus on improving the general functioning of the brain, the immune system and the physical body parts. A key element of Body Talk is to re-establish the communication links in the brain between the left (linear logical thinking) and the right (intuitive lateral thinking and memory) hemispheres.

The philosophy of Body Talk is that every person has a unique balance and their own innate healing wisdom will successfully address specific symptoms and establish lasting patterns of good health. Body Talk recognizes that although two people may appear to show the exact same symptoms, the communication links needed to balance their condition may be entirely different. Therefore no two sessions are ever alike as they are based on the individual need of the client. This approach is vastly different to traditional medical treatment.

Another feature that distinguishes Body Talk from other health care modalities is that the practitioner will first question the person’s innate wisdom to see if permission is given at all levels – general, body, mind and spirit – for the session to take place. This is exactly the kind of thing Kryon has been telling us we should practice! If you have a current health problem, perhaps a Body Talk practitioner can help bring you back into balance.


A message from Kryon

I would like to honor and pay tribute to a wonderful Body Talk Practitioner, Dr. Sidney ‘Sid’ Wolf. Dr. Wolf was a member of the Kryon team and presented alongside Lee Carroll and Kryon on numerous occasions. He was internationally known as an author, researcher, spiritual counselor, educator, body worker and healer. Together with his wife Amber he was a co-designer and facilitator of the KRYON DISCOVERY SERIES held in the USA and overseas.

Dr. Wolf began his career as a cutting edge researcher investigating methods for treating hospitalized alcoholics. He took part in landmark studies that used lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in conjunction with psychotherapy to treat alcoholics, psychiatric patients and the terminally ill. Dr. Wolf served the many communities he lived in including Baltimore, San Diego and Lyons, Colorado. It was in Colorado where he began his work as an intuitive healer. Dr. Wolf integrated all aspects of his knowledge (clinical, intuitive and spiritual) to become a holistic healer that resulted in a tremendous amount of patients experiencing profound and often miraculous healings. Dr. Sid Wolf passed away on January 10, 2013 in Longmont, Colorado. The many attributes that embodied Dr. Wolf was his wisdom, sense of humor, generosity, healing and love. For the many lives he touched, including my own, his loving energy and light will always be felt.

I would like to share with you a final teaching from Dr. Sid Wolf. It relates to the theme of my second book called The Human Akash which is all about the Akash. The teaching is from the other side of the veil via a channelled message from Kryon given exactly three days after Sid transitioned from Earth.


The Transformation of Dr. Sidney Wolf

Sid Wolf was an extraordinary teacher, from the lineage of Abraham. If you could see his Akash, you would see that it was astonishing. He knew a lot, and his “innate” was clear enough to let information soar through him from the past, creating healing solutions for many. Because he knew a lot, he also knew about the power and the wisdom of humor. It’s a relaxing technique and he used it often. It also helped him with patience, which was not his strongest attribute. He also brought in that which some would say is “pure authority.” He knew what he liked, what he didn’t like, and he knew what worked. His Akashic record was vast, and he had “been there and done that.” The result was a master healer who pulled on the past masters for current healing.

I’m going to pose some questions and answers here for those who need to hear them. I know who’s in the room, and I also know who will read this, eventually. These potentials are always here in a future that is not a “future” for us, but a current potential. We have no “time” structure as you do.

Question: “Was there some kind of plan afoot, where some part of Sid knew that he would leave now?”

The answer is yes.

“Was there appropriateness in his passing?”


“Did he leave to go do something? Is there a plan here?”


If you start analyzing all this, let’s help you. Sid left in early 2013, within the first month [January]. Sid was finished with what he came for, and he couldn’t leave until this 2013 year began. He had to wait until the end of the old, until the marker was passed [December 21, 2012], until the time fractal was here, and now he is someplace preparing for something else. I wish to tell you what that is, but before I do I want to remind you of something: The soul is forever, but you as family miss the corporeal body. We know that. I told you approximately 17 years ago, in a communication then, that when the corporeal dies, [stops functioning], it takes three days to recalibrate with the soul, so that the consciousness knows what’s happening, and it starts that journey to the other side of the veil. Three days.

Now, how long has it been? [referring to when Sid passed away]. Three days! You think that’s accidental? You think, “What a coincidence that his family is here, gathered three days after his passing in a scheduled meeting that was going to happen anyway!” What a coincidence! Not his blood relatives, but his family – the ones who knew who he was, and the ones who loved him. [Kryon is speaking of the scheduled seminar that Sid and his wife Amber had planned, where Kryon is now channelling in front of Sid’s friends.] This alone should tell you that this was planned to honor his life in a special way. Here you sit, all ready to do that, and you got your tickets weeks ago.

Consciously, Sid had no idea of his leaving, but his innate knew. The spiritual self knew; the core knew; and the Higher-Self knew. What an adventure he was on! Sid had to leave now because of what he is about to do next.

Now I want you to understand what I’m about to say, within the context that it is said, because this applies to many old souls when they pass over. There is a soup of consciousness that is always prevalent around the energy of Earth – Gaia. It’s aware of the plan of who you are and the culmination of lives that you have been [past lives], accordingly for the life-force of the planet. It’s part of the plan.

I’m going to say again, in a simpler manner: Old soul, you know what’s next, but it’s hidden. On the other side of the veil there’s a planning session that you were actually part of, but you cannot know what it is while you are in the corporeal consciousness [the Human body]. It’s beautiful! The old souls are the future of this planet! Some of you are going to stay and plant seeds, and some of you are not. Some of you are needed to exit and have a very fast turn-around. You’re going to come right back, because you have to be a certain age to accomplish what you need to do. If you stick around for another 15 years, you’re not going to fit into the scenario that is being designed.

Some of you are saying, “I don’t like that.” I’m going to tell you the truth: You won’t mind a bit when you awaken in that new young body, realizing you’re back with a purpose … and you are all coming back! All of you are coming back!

Sid has a fast turn-around coming, and I can tell you these things, within the allowed integrity of what he would want you to know. The First: Sid is here. The Three Days are past and he’s aware. He’s here. But you’re not going to get a sign of that, because it wouldn’t be fair. Those from the other side of the veil, including those you’ve loved and lost, can only communicate when you are quantum, and they are quantum, and this normally happens while you are sleeping. When you disengage the three dimensional mind and allow for other energies to come in, that’s when you get the messages.

They come in as thought-groups, as intuition, as dreams. The one that some of you will have right now regarding Sid is: “I’m still here! Tell a joke!” That’s what Sid wants to say at this moment. All your loved ones have this ability to let you know they are still with you.

Second: Let me tell you where he is, and what he’s doing. First of all, he is no longer an isolated singularity. That is to say, there is no one soul called “Sid.”He is now one of many. This is a quantum state that you as a Human Being cannot conceive of. All souls are in a soup – not identifiable as singular entities. They’re all together. The only time these souls become identifiable is when they slip into a three-dimensional form as a Human Being.

Sid has work to do. He’s going to step out of the lineage of Abraham for the first time in any lifetime, and he is going to start a family in another part of the Earth. Some of you are going to join him, and one of them is my partner [Lee Carroll] who sits in the chair before you.

Sid’s skin is going to be darker, and he’s laughing now, since he’s going to continue some of the work that his son has started [speaking of Sid’s son Cameron, who has been working with education and awareness about AIDS in Africa]. By the time my partner [Lee] joins him in Africa, Sid will be a senior. He has to be, because he is going to teach my partner all about God – about healing – about integrity. That’s as much as I can say.

Now, how do I know this? Some of you might say, “Wait a minute Kryon, isn’t that predestination?” It is not. Instead it is predisposed to happen based upon the desires and the potential of the soul that I’m looking at, and he’s nodding, “Yes, that is the plan.” My partner’s Higher-Self is nodding, “Yes, that is the plan.” These are the strongest potentials.

The plan is to create a kind of Earth that has not been seen before. The awakening of the puma may seem to be only a South American phrase, but it also applies to continents that are not awake yet. It’s about a world-wide prophesy that speaks of creating a new kind of Earth. That’s what old souls do, but now, more than ever, it’s what old souls are here for.

I want to bring this home to you now before I close this message. Perhaps you’re an old soul in the room, then there’s something like this for you, also? How long you are here and the appropriateness of the timing of your passing is all part of what is coming, and where you are needed next. If there is a message to be sent from the other side of the veil to those who sit in the chairs in front of me now, many of who’s hearts are hurting right now … the message is this from Sid: “I’m not gone! I just changed the way I look.” [Sid humor]

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s a divine system, and one that honors humanity. Let this lay upon you and comfort you this day – the day you need to hear it. Let it always comfort you to the degree it can, for this is truth. And if you want evidence of it, you can go look at the Ancients and what they believed. Why do you think the indigenous celebrate their ancestors? Why do you think they know their names? It’s not because they are honoring them, dead in the ground. Instead it’s because they believe they are still here!

This is common to humanity. Don’t let it be lost in modern times. Honor the transformation of the soul. It is the truth. Celebrate it and move forward. After a point in time, let it sit upon you in a way where you can be comforted. Eventually you might even smile and say, “Thank you Sid. All is well with my soul.”

And so it is.


Kryon live channelling “Mini-channel”  given in Boulder, Colorado – January 13, 2013