Angelic Energy on Earth

When my spiritual awakening began I was instantly attracted to the numerous books and materials written by Doreen Virtue. Her books, and products such as Oracle Card Decks, were readily available in the various bookstores I visited. The healing messages that she had written from the Angels soothed my grieving heart, whilst satiating my hunger to know more about the mysteries that lay beyond the veil. Doreen Virtue is the founder of Angel Therapy and is known around the world for connection with the Angels. She has devoted her lifework to teaching others how to hear the messages from them. She has written over 50 books and has created an extensive collection of Oracle Card Decks, with many featuring Angels.

I love Doreen’s Oracle Card Decks and take great delight whenever I happen to pull a card. In fact, I want to pull a card right now from her “Daily Guidance from Your Angels” Oracle Card deck. Before pulling the card I asked the following question, “Dear Angels, what is it that you wish the reader (that’s you) to know?” The primary message from the card I pulled was SEE ONLY LOVE! What a beautiful message for all of us. This particular card also says:

“Look past the seeming errors, mistakes, misunderstandings, and see only the love within each person (including yourself). Your resolute focus upon the love that underlies every situation brings about healing in undreamed-of ways.”

The belief in the existence of Angels has been around for thousands of years. Angels, by any name, feature in many of the organized religions on the planet. Angels are believed to possess great power, given by God, so they can protect us and deliver God’s messages to us. So the idea of Angels and Guardian Angels is not new to humanity. We are in love with them. We also love and admire the enormous collection of art that has been created around, what we believe is, the image of an Angel.

However, I would like to present you with a more refined understanding and perhaps new esoteric information about Angels. The basis for my information comes from Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll – the original Kryon channel. According to Kryon humans have a bias of singularity and therefore we project this onto everything. This means that we think of Angels as a single separate entity. Kryon tells us there is no such thing as a single Angel. Instead, they are a collective of energy, representing the Central Source. You might see or feel them as singular, but they represent a soup of angelic power.

One of the main messages from Kryon is for humans to use spiritual logic, or spiritual common sense. Kryon has admonished us to stop humanizing God and drop the mythology that we have created. This applies to Angels as well. I’ll let Kryon explain:

Do angels exist? Absolutely, but not as you think or have been taught. Are there helpers? Absolutely, but again, not like you think. When angels visited Humans in ancient days and the events were written about by those who were there to witness the experience, I can guarantee it was a lot different than they could express on paper. When an angel appears before a Human, it looks like a swirling ball of energy, sometimes even fire that is not hot and does not consume anything. Angels are not in Human form and never have been. They are multi-dimensional beings, not in 3D. Yet you want to put skin and wings on them and give them a name! Why? It makes you feel better about them. We understand that.

“Who are they?” You give them names; you give them attributes. This angel does this; this angel does that. What if I told you they were all together? You would react. You’d say, “I don’t like that. I want them to be individuals and do different things.” Humans want angels to be the “divine factory workers for God,” each with a task. It’s not that way! When you breathe the air, does it line up as individual molecules with names and tasks, then enter your lungs in a row? Get used to the concept of what they call in physics entanglement. It’s a word used in the quantum world that describes an odd attribute of matter that seems to be “connected to everything all the time.”

I want you to get used to something that is profound and beautiful. You are part of everything! You’re not separated from it. You belong to it. You may be individual bodies in 3D, but in a multi-dimensional world, you are connected to everything!

Live Kryon Channelling “The Humanizations of God” Given in Totowa, New Jersey July 16, 2011

Angels do exist, but as evident from the previous Kryon channel, they are not what traditional beliefs have stated. Now that we have passed the 2012 marker, Kryon has indicated that we will move into something called spiritual maturity. This shift has allowed us to receive advanced information that is likely to change our perceptions on what we think as spiritual truths. This allows Kryon to tell us the truth about angels:

The Truth About Angels

I want to talk about angels. I really haven’t done this much before. Kryon is not an angel, but rather a helper. My partner has called me a benevolent angel of the New Age, but that’s not exactly right. I’m a helper. Believe me, if you saw and angel you’d know the difference.

Number One: Are angels real?

Absolutely! Yes.

Number Two: Who or what are they?

There is a system, dear ones, of benevolent help for this planet. It’s so complex that it’s very difficult to discuss with you since you are biased to what you think it is. Where are angels? What do they do? How often, who are they, where do they come from? I’m going to give you some information that some won’t like, and some will.

Physical visits: Angels come when they are needed, and they come from the central source. Normally, it’s at various points in Human time for both humanity in general and for individuals. Each time they come, it is spectacular. Not one of them is corporeal. Again, Humans have decided that when an angelic entity visits them, in order to make the visit credible or explainable, they must put skin and wings on them and give them a name. Humans color their outfits white [which signifies purity], draw pictures of them, put halos on them, and report them in spiritual history. But that’s not what they look like. They are multi-dimensional beings, not corporeal.

It was probably Moses who described the appearance of an angel in the clearest way, as a burning bush. Fire which does not consume itself or a spinning ball of iridescence is a good description of angelic energy. Indeed, the burning bush was an angel. What’s dramatic about angelic energies is that they appear when you don’t expect as a ball of energy coming at you. Sometimes they come right through a wall! They are iridescent, some looking like fire, and they have a tendency to frighten a Human! Every single report in scripture describing an angel visit tells you that the angel immediately communicated, “Fear not!” Now, why would any of you be afraid of a beautiful woman with a halo in a white robe? [Kryon laughter] The reason the angel gives this message is because they don’t look like that! Dear ones, they are not here to frighten you, but rather to present themselves in all their beauty and their majesty – so grand that some cannot even look upon them. Grand they are.

Now here’s the part that you didn’t expect. They are a collective. There’s no such thing as a singular angel. You might see it as a single angel like you see your body as a single entity, but you are not aware of the soup of angelic power. Angels speak with many voices, but they speak in your head, not in the air as vibrations of sound. Angels normally do not speak to crowds. They speak individually to one Human or another, but it’s the collective voice of many, perceived and “heard” as one.

“But Kryon, what about Archangel Michael? I know somebody who is channelling this beautiful, single angel. What about that?” The message from Archangel Michael comes from a group. It’s a powerful group, but think of it as “group consciousness perceived as one”. Kryon is the same way. All of us who represent the other side have these attributes. We are not corporeal and not singular.

The next thing is even harder to understand, and it’s not what you have been told. There’s no hierarchy of angels. None of them are above any other in a system of “who’s the most powerful or who is in charge”. Instead, they are part of the soup of God and they are all identically majestic. Some are appointed to be ambassadors for the others, but they are not higher than the others. They are here by design, and they give messages to help accelerate the benevolence and love of God within humanity.

Probably the most quoted angel is Archangel Michael, who you perceive is the highest of the high. However, Michael is technically a group and does not have a hierarchical position. It just looks that way because the messages are delivered in a specific area of importance to the planet. Michael will tell you, “I am one of many, all majestic, all containing the love of God, all beautiful, all benevolent, all for your service of humanity.” But Human Beings want a hierarchy. This one’s important; this one is not as important; this one you can throw away.

What is the hierarchy of your organs? Which ones don’t you need? Which ones keep you alive? They all do! But you often single out the heart as the most important. Is that really true or does it simply “speak for all”? Oh, and which organ rebelled against the others and left the body? [Kryon smile]

Let’s discuss the mythology of Lucifer. Here is an angel who didn’t like what was going on, so he left. Or perhaps he did something wrong and was thrown out of God’s house. Dear ones, do you see the Human bias here? This story is ridiculous and comes from “humanizing God”. You can’t take the Human attributes of judgment, war, fighting and drama and plug them into the majesty of the creator. But Humans have done that forever.

Nothing leaves the soup of God! It’s pure energy that represents the totality of Spirit. It is finite – always the same quantity of parts [putting the expression into 3D for you]. God is the energy of creation, and it stays together like a mist that never moves out of a quantum containment of love. You can’t take part of the mist away or it wouldn’t exist! It is what it is and will always be perfect, and always the same, and always whole. Nothing adds or subtracts from the majesty of God.

You’ll find angels all through history. They are representatives of the energy of creation. They have no gender, because they are energy. They’re not male or female, and they’re all equally as strong. They’re beautiful, multi-dimensional messengers giving help to humanity. The only thing that separates them is their type of “service,” or their “specialty”. But they are always part of us, even when they are seemingly separated, and speaking to you. I know who they are, and I’ve watched them work. I’m a messenger too, but not an angel.

Kryon live channelling “Demystifying the New Age – Part 3” given in Edmonton, Canada – January 25, 2014

In summary, Angels are multi-dimensional beings, like you, but they contain their entire “group” in their awareness and comprehension. Unlike us, they have no duality and no biological expression. Archangels are Angels who have the energy of many Angels. They are not “higher” or “lower” and they are not “in charge” of anything. Instead, they are filled with the energy of many of the pieces and parts of other angel entities. They exist to help bring groups of energies together for those who can’t think out of 4D.

If you are interested in Angelic messages, allow me to introduce you to Ronna Herman. Ronna is internationally known as a messenger for Archangel Michael, has published eleven books and has featured in hundreds of inspirational and spiritual publications, translated in several languages. Ronna has also appeared, numerous times, on stage with Lee Carroll. I just love the following paragraph that is found on her website:

“The world of Angels is a world of love–a golden sea of pulsating, breathing, radiant flame. The only way to actually experience their personal presence is through love; however, this love must be clothed in great inner peace and tranquility. Love, color, nature’s perfume and the basic virtues of God’s feeling draw them like a magnet. The feeling world is the magnetic power that attracts the angels. Faith, love and absolute obedience to the Creator and our Father/Mother God are their basic qualities.”

Source: http://ronnastar.com/about-us/seven-archangels.html

Isn’t it wonderful how we have so many elegant and beautiful systems available to us in order to help us connect to our divinity? Hopefully you now have a deeper understanding of what Angels are and why they are here. Angels are with us all the time. They are constantly ready and waiting to hear from you so the invitation is there for you to greet them and ask for their help on a daily basis.

Question for Kryon

Did Angels also appear on other planets of free choice? Did the Kryon entourage also give messages to the Pleiadians through the same process of channelling that exists with Lee Carroll?


Yes! The process was much the same all through the galaxy. I want all of you to understand, and relax in the fact that Spirit, which you call God, has a stability of same-ness with all awakened life. We were there in whatever benevolent form that was needed, and were called many wonderful names. But what you call Angels were very much present, and the process of awakening was very much the same. Consciousness goes through the same steps regardless of what the body looks like. It’s universal and it’s physics.

It’s interesting that you assign the lowest consciousness possible to the most advanced beings your movies are about … the ET’s. In your movies, they all wish to war with you, or to destroy you, or even eat you! There is no consideration for advanced wisdom, since you never advanced yourself! Now it is different, and you will start to realize that Humanity is growing up. Any race that has the ability to travel to your planet has been here millions of years more than you have. Did you ever wonder why the visiting ET’s only “visit” and never really show themselves? There is much here that you are not considering.

Channelling, or messages from God has always played a part in every society on every planet. The history of it is also similar. It has four stages: Weird, dangerous and from the dark side – Marginally acceptable and tolerated – Seen by many as wise and good teaching – and no longer needed since everyone can do it.