Prayer and Meditation

Growing up in a Roman Catholic household it was customary to go to Church on Sundays, to follow the teachings of the Bible, and to say your prayers at night before going to sleep. I can’t remember the exact age, but at some point I stopped going to Church, and only really prayed when I felt that I needed something from God. Often these “prayers of request” would be accompanied by a promise to do something that would show my earnest desire, as well as my worthiness, to receive an answer to my prayers. Many times this method didn’t always work and left me in some doubt as to whether or not God even existed.

As time went by questions about God faded into the background and became inconsequential to my day-to-day living. Life was calling me to take part and I was having a great time at living it up! I enjoyed my four years at University, and it wasn’t long before I fell into my groove working as a national park ranger. I married a co-worker and together with my husband, we enjoyed the great outdoors. My days were very full and busy, I felt my life complete, and there was no room (or desire) for prayer and meditation. After all, I thought I had all I wanted and needed.

All of that changed when marriage suddenly ended. A second shock came when my mother and father-in-law passed away soon after. It felt as though the most precious and sacred part of me had been ripped apart and only an empty shell was left behind. Now, of course, I can see the beautiful gift I was given: A kick in the pants and an opportunity for me to discover spiritual truths.

Seeking out spiritual enlightenment was slow, mostly because I was stubborn. However, once I had opened the door with my intent, it wasn’t long before I discovered the teachings of Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel). I had never heard of channelling, but reading the words from Kryon was like stepping into a timeless place and every cell in my body was buzzing with the remembrance of something so grand that it wasn’t even possible to explain. There was simply a knowingness that I was remembering the things I had always known. This new awareness created an opening for me to hear and receive the answers I had been seeking. The action of prayer and meditation took on new meaning.

Every single person has their own idea about what prayer and meditation is, and it is unique to us all. Just take a look at all the organized belief systems on the planet, and how they pray to their God. Prayer and meditation are carried out every day in so many different ways to what you would expect. Regardless of what you consider to be appropriate, I’m sure your understanding about this beautiful form of communication will be greatly enhanced by Kryon’s message:

The Process of Prayer and Meditation

I want to talk to you about something special today. It’s about meditation. It has been practiced this very day, but I’ve never spoken of it as clearly as we’re going to do in these next few moments. Some people call it prayer, and some call it meditation. In the past, prayer has been considered “talking to God,” and meditation has been seen as “listening.” Actually, both are communication. Tonight we’ll attempt to give you more specific information about how it works. In addition, we’d like to give you some attributes around it that perhaps you weren’t aware of.

The best way to give you some of this information is by answering questions that have been asked about this subject. First, what we’re speaking about is the lifeline of the enlightened Human Being with the family. Some have said, “Well, Kryon, I really don’t have time to meditate much.” As we’ve said before, in this new energy, it doesn’t really matter. If you’ve given intent to communicate with the family, you’re meditating with The Third Language as you walk from place to place. However, the kind of mediation we wish to speak of is “focused meditation.” This is the process that not only communicates, but also manifests energy.

Focused meditation and prayer are not casual. They’re not the kinds of communication that bring an occasional hug from Spirit or a cosmic wink when you see 11:11 on the clock. No. This kind of meditation is between the Human you and the spiritual you. It’s the energy that takes place on a regular basis, if you will allow it, within your most profound communication moments with God.

In a recent channelling, we described who you were talking to when you meditate. We wanted you to understand that when you speak to God, you’re not lifting your eyes to the heavens and expecting something grand to come down and visit you. It is indeed the other way around. Instead, you’re endeavoring to address the divinity that lives in you. The spark of God is in every single Human in the room. You may not believe this, since it’s counterintuitive to everything your duality presents. The fact is well hidden that you have this awesome attribute within you, but many are discovering it within this new energy.

The Layers of Meditation

Meditation has three distinct sections to it. The first we will call intent. This first one, by the way, is where more than 80 percent of humanity spends its time when it decides to speak to God. It is received well by Spirit, but it is only the “hello” portion of the process.

The second and third layers of this process actually have no name and no concept that can be given by my partner, but he’s going to endeavor anyway. The second one is what he will call posturing. The third one he will simply call receipt and delivery. These are his names today, since the concept of what they really are, are unknown to you at any level within your language. These layers of meditation aren’t as easy as they sound from these names. Those of you who have had very profound experiences with visions know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing simple about explaining a vision.

Layer One – Intent
Let’s talk about intent. There are three questions I’d like to answer regarding the first layer of meditation and prayer. Picture yourself getting ready to communicate. You’re by yourself. (1)”Dear Kryon, dear Spirit, is ceremony necessary to go to this place we call meditation and prayer?” Our answer is this: Spirit loves ceremony. The reason we love it is because it’s the Human way of making a place for this event a special one. So it’s an honoring – an honoring of family. So we say, create ceremony if it makes you feel good. We don’t mind at all. And you’re going to hear this statement from us many times: We will wait patiently until you’re ready! If there is ceremony involved, we will honor it. If you build an altar, we’ll be there, and if you don’t, we’ll be there. We’re ready, no matter what you wish to do that you feel is appropriate for the situation.

“Kryon, is it proper to fast – to prepare the body in purity for this meeting?” Of course it’s proper. But it’s not a rule. After you’ve prepared your body, we’ll be there. “Well, then, how long should we fast?” How long do you want to? Whatever the time you select to fast, we’ll be there when you’re done. You see, we’re not going anywhere. We’ll just watch you. But understand, we enjoy the ceremony! Again, it’s about you, honoring the situation.

“Well, I guess what I’m asking is this: Does it help or does it not, to purify the body before prayer and meditation?” It depends on the path you’re on. There are some who can open the dialogue and go right to the last and highest layer. There are some who open the dialogue and have to go a while to get there. Each path is different. Some enjoy taking the time, and others wish to get right to it. Understand that when you open dialogue with Spirit, even if it’s on a shallow level, even if it’s in the first layer, from our perspective, you’re only giving a greeting. You may fast for three days to get ready to open the dialogue. In the process of those three days, we’re gathering an entourage to listen to you. You didn’t know that, did you? You see, it’s about your intent. But an interesting thing happens: If you don’t get to the next layer, which we’re going to describe shortly, and you just stay in the intent layer, it’s like a thousand individuals coming to a movie that never gets played. You see, something has to happen besides intent.

Here’s another question: “What about protocol? Every religion seems to have some kind of protocol, and they’re all very different. Do you stand or do you sit? Do you face a certain direction or not? What is best, day or night? What are you supposed to wear? How do you get ready for God?”

Ah, dear one, why don’t you just sit down and do it? We’re patient, you know. We’ll wait.

“But Kryon, there are some cultures on the planet who have humans climbing stairs for days to pray. When they’re done, they’re exhausted … sometimes they’ll be on their hands and knees – scraped and bruised. Other societies and cultures will flog themselves until they’re bloody so they’ll suffer in order to come to the altar and to talk to Spirit. What about that?”

Again, the answer is that we’ll wait. Whatever is appropriate for you to feel ready is appropriate for us. Go through what you think you must go through. There’s no judgment around this. We’re very ready to receive communication in any way you wish to give it. But we’d love to make a suggestion: Why don’t you just sit down and do it? Let me ask you this: If you’re a piece of God, why would you have to go through those things? Do you flog yourself before you call your brother? Do you climb a mountain in order to speak to your partner? Yet there’s no judgment if you do, and we’ll wait for you.

“Kryon, there has always been an issue about how many times we should have to ask for something, or how we can best explain the things we need. Many believe that in order for Spirit to fully understand the Human’s plight, we need to continue to ask. Others feel that repetition is needed for prayer of any kind. You know, it’s a complicated life I have, and it takes me a long time to explain it to God when I’m praying. I usually fall asleep a lot. Then I wake up and realize I haven’t finished my prayer because it’s too complicated. I’ve got this happening, that happening, and if this one thing doesn’t happen soon, then the other thing might happen instead. If it does, then I’m in trouble over here and there’s anxiety over there, and drama gets out of control with others who don’t understand. It’s a complex life I live!”

I wish to give you a vision: I’m going to ask you to pretend for a moment that you have a lifelong friend who’s magically attached to you multi-dimensionally. Everything that you do and everything you go through is shared by this make-believe friend. Make it a brother, a sister – someone very close. Now, it’s an imaginary person, but you can still give him/her a name if you wish. Make this attached person look like you if you want, but he/she is multi-dimensional, so there’s no weight to carry, or mouth to feed. It’s actually part of you. Make it any gender you want to, whatever makes you happy, but he/she is glued to you. When you laugh, he’s laughing. When you’re sad, he’s sad. When you’re in frustration, he’s in frustration. Everything that is known to you is known in real time by this partner of yours. Side by side, you’re walking through life.

Now, this is just a metaphor … or is it? Let me introduce that partner to you. It’s called your Higher-Self. It’s also called the “connection to God.” It lives within your DNA. Let me be very clear: It knows everything you know. Let me tell you, Human Being, the answer about how many times you have to repeat or how often you have to tell God how complicated things are? Why don’t you sit down and do it?

Here’s a challenge: The next time you sit down to meditate, say nothing! Can you conceive of that? Why don’t you just sit and be loved? In these layers of intent, that’s what is most helpful. Know that God is literally within you. All things that you are and all things that you have gone through are known to Spirit. No explanation is ever needed. No assembly is required. [Laughter]

It might surprise you to know who’s more ready to talk to whom. Do you know what we want to do – what we really want to do? I’m speaking from the standpoint of those “partners” around you right now who are sitting next to you, who press upon you and love you, and who are ready to listen when you get past this intent stage. We want to go in and help you solve the problems! We want to marry you, energetically. We want to help you create your master-hood. We want to lift the veil so that you can manifest things with your very hands. We want to make it so that you can rise up from your seat and say, “It’s a glorious life. It’s difficult sometimes, but what a special time to be on the planet!” That’s what God is all about. God is an all-knowing life partner, ready and willing to be at your side. But the veil, duality, and test before you always demands that you find this out for yourself. You’re actually part of God, but again, this fact hides completely.

Blessed is the Human Being who can yell to the elements, “I’m happy with myself. I’m pleased to be here. I may have challenges in life because I’ve chosen to do the spiritual heavy lifting while I’m here, but these things will actually help to shift and change the planet. I’m going to sing because I’m happy to be here.” It’s a wise Human Being, dear one, who can claim soul-wellness no matter what’s happening. It’s the wisdom of the master who sings in the process of trials. Yet these very beings sit before me hearing and reading. I’m talking to Lemurians in a very large room that has no time. I think you know who you are.

The Second Layer
Now before we get into the next level, the second of three, I want to remind you of a process – one you continually forget about. As you walk through the lessons of this planet, which you think are between you and some other person, do you ever think of your work and your frustrations as helping the earth? Or do you just look at them as things you wish would go away? Do you ever think that somehow you’re in “punishment mode,” where this thing called Earth is a prison?

I want to remind you again of a very spiritual and grand process: You are Lightworkers and solution-masters. As you work through these problems, that is to say, as you forgive, as you energetically take the mantle of sweetness around drama, as you no longer have your buttons pressed emotionally by certain attributes of the past, as you disengage, as you change your karma – the earth knows it. Everywhere you go, the earth shifts and changes because of who you are. You walk from place to place thinking that you’re ordinary, but you’re not. You’re working a giant puzzle of your own making. The first thing you do is to (1) realize it’s a puzzle that you created; (2) examine the players; and (3) find the solutions by changing the rules. You can only change the rules if you created the puzzle. Think about it. But understand that you’re not here to suffer!

The second is very difficult to talk about, but not as much as the third one. This second layer is a state of being. It’s where you move from intent to a place that’s difficult to describe, and there are no words for. Some of you will feel that you’re in the twilight of sleep. There are those in this room in Reno who think they’re asleep, but they’re not. They’re being given this exact information in a different manner – that is, not aurally. It’s the same way I’m delivering this message to my partner.

It’s a dreamy edge of reality awareness – that place where consciousness and unconsciousness compete – a place that features a reality that you’re used to and also another one that’s odd – one you can’t remember, but it begs you to anyway. Those who practice meditation know how to hold themselves at this edge that can’t be defined as anything within normal Human perception.

This is an multi-dimensional entry port between the 4D you and the multi-dimensional you. It’s the jumping-off place where you soar into the layers of the DNA in order to work with them, in order to talk to them. It’s where you envision the shapes that you’ve been told are important in your life [sacred geometry]. It’s where you claim the pyramid and where you practice ancient truths. It’s the place where things begin to happen. It’s a posturing for creation. It’s a sweet place – thick with the love of God.

You can feel your body actually weighing more than it’s supposed to. It changes the molecular structure of you physically, and your perceptions shift. Science has seen this, and they know about your brainwave changes in meditation. Your perceptions are becoming slightly multi-dimensional. Your body seems to weigh more because you “know” you’re far larger than you seem. The weight-to-gravity issue also changes. Those of you who meditate in this layer know what I mean.

Things press upon you. You have a hard time moving. Some of you actually start to see colors behind your eyelids. Some of you will have a light show in combination with what’s actually taking place on the nerve endings of your retina. All deep bodily functions start to move and change. This is the layer where the greatest masters of this earth were able to slow down, and even stop their bodily functions for a little while. That’s how powerful this is.

Posturing is the best word my partner can use. It’s an energy that’s getting ready to go to the third layer. Intent is in place. You know what you’re doing. The posturing is just beginning to affect you physically, and now you’re ready for the magic.

Few are able to get to the third stage. You’ll sit in this second layer and wish you could, but you’re building the bridge, so you’re still “working it.” How do you get to the third stage? It’s something that happens when it’s time, and something that literally lays upon you and will be allowed when you’ve postured all the other things appropriately. It’s not a process. It’s an allowance, with permission of your own intelligent cellular structure.

The Third Layer
Achievement of getting to the third layer is allowed when you’re in full and total communication with the layers of DNA that are multi-dimensional. It’s no accident that in these last months we’ve given you the metaphoric structure of DNA so that you can visualize it in your minds. We’ve also given you the names of at least five layers so that you might understand what you’re dealing with and what these layers do.

Granted, it’s esoteric information that you may never, ever use except to visualize what you learn about master-hood. Let me tell you what happens when you start to meditate and you reach this third stage: This is the stage where there’s supreme allowance for you to discover what others have called the “magic.” We use the word magic in the same breath that we use co-creation. These are the things that go against physics and that go against what you were told in your biology lessons. But it’s written that the masters of the planet also did these things.

We told you that the root layer is the one you can see in 4D. We told you that it was layer one, and we gave it a name [Keter Etz Chayim]. It’s a name of God. We told you that it interacted with layers two and three. We even told you that layer three was the ascension layer; and that one, two, and three were the first of four groups. Of 12 layers total, we’ve identified 5, and we remained elusive about number 6.

We told you about layer one not being first, but rather, it was in the middle. And now I’m going to tell you that layer six is in the middle! You might say, “Well, Kryon, how can they both be in the middle?” And my answer is yes. [Laughter] You know what happens in four dimensions? You cannot have the same thing occupying the same space. Therefore, what I’ve told you is what you might call a physics impossibility. Multi-dimensionally, things occupy the same space constantly. Therefore, DNA layers one and six are linked in a way, so they sit upon each other. They have to. Layer one is called the Human genome, and it’s 4D chemistry. It’s where the puzzles are. Although it’s too early to tell you this, I will anyway. Numbers 1, 6, and 12 all occupy the same space.

The Human genome is very interesting. Your science may ask, “Why is there so much in your DNA that does nothing?” They’re looking at the genes and sequences of the parts. They’re looking at almost three billion pieces and parts! That’s just one layer. And what they’re puzzled about is this: There’s a whole lot of it that seems to do nothing!

Now, let me ask you before you go to the next thought: When have you seen the process of Human evolution create a system where there’s a lot of junk? The answer is: Never. Nature doesn’t work that way. Biology is very efficient, if you’ve noticed. So here is something we haven’t mentioned before: In this area, which is often called junk DNA, there is indeed patterning. It has to do with communication with layer six … the magic layer.

When you’re in that third layer of meditation – the one the masters walked this earth in – you’re always in touch with DNA layer six. It is the most divine DNA layer of the entire 12. It’s name is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, and it’s the name of God. It means in another language: I am that I am. That is the name of layer six: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. So the third layer of meditation is real communication. When you get there, it also activates the “junk DNA,” since the 4D must respond to multi-dimensional instructions. Let me tell you what happens when you’re in touch with this layer: Be ready to shift and change. You see, once you’re convinced that this is possible, the pieces and parts of your DNA that are multi-dimensional will hear your message. They will have permission to change, past what’s there in 4D. Did you know that it’s appropriate to change the energy that you arrived with? What about the predisposition that says that you’re going to have a disease that your parents had? Let me ask you this–where is that in your DNA? I’ll tell you. It’s there in DNA layer one, waiting and waiting to be changed by the communications array in layer one [junk], talking to the multi-dimensional layer six!

These layer-one 4D chemical attributes of your DNA will continue to “play the same tune” until you change the song! What’s so difficult for humanity to understand is that the bridge you’re building, which you call meditation and prayer, is a communication bridge with DNA layer one, and when the bridge is built, it will inform the rest of the DNA layers that you’re ready to shift. How would you like to write your own song? The masters did, and their DNA sang it!

Oh, Human Being, there’s magic afoot. What would you like to have happen in your life? For a moment, let’s say it doesn’t. Here’s the big question. Can you celebrate it anyway? We’ve told you about this in the past; this isn’t what it seems. Many times your spiritual work takes on a whole different perspective from what you think is really there, and the more multi-dimensional you get, the more wrapped up you are in Lemurian thoughts.

Review: Why did you come? You came to work the energy of the earth and create peace on this planet. Don’t forget that perhaps some of you have to stay in places you didn’t think you deserved to be in, or wanted to be in, in order to work this puzzle just a little longer. Perhaps that’s what’s going on in your DNA right now? Maybe that’s what’s going on in your life. Maybe that’s what’s going on in your family. Maybe that’s why you feel so stuck!

Blessed is the Human who’s stuck, for they’re working the planet. They walk from place to place, and the planet honors them. The guides wash their feet, yet they complain: “I’m stuck. Dear God, I’m stuck. Get me out of here.” We’ve told you so many times: That’s called work! You call it “stuck.” Oh, it won’t always be this way. Blessed is the Human who’s stuck!

There are a lot of Lemurians reading this page, and they’re celebrating your life as you sit here in front of me, dear Human. That’s what we wanted to tell you tonight. Eventually we’re going to get more specific and tell you what’s in the rest of the DNA. Did you know that the Akashic Record for all the lives you’ve ever lived, including the first one, is in a layer of DNA? Did you know that the frustrations you’ve solved are there? Did you know that divinity questions you’ve asked and had answered are all there, too… through all your past incarnations? Let me tell you something else about a Lemurian (you’re not going to like this one): Lemurians keep coming back! Oh, I know. You think this is the last time around, don’t you? That’s also an attribute of a Lemurian … always thinking they’re finished. Well, you thought that the last time, too, and the time before that one as well.

Think about it. What you do is joyful! What you do is beyond what you can see. When you’re on the other side of the veil and you finish this life, you have the consciousness of God. All is known, and the first thing you do is to begin planning how to get back! You see, you’re in love with the earth, and that’s what Lemurians do. They love their family and they love the earth. As difficult as it seems this time around, you know that your wisdom is based upon the Akashic Record you’ve developed within your DNA. You affect the planet every single time you come in. Here’s a spiritual law: The Human Being who gets in touch with layer six is the Human Being who’s able to change a far larger picture than he knows. The dirt of the earth responds to him, and time itself can change around him.

We’re closing with this. It’s a large room you’re in. I’m going to make it larger. I want you to take the roof off. Oh, I know it’s just a metaphor, so I don’t want to hurt anybody. This is a crowd that could take the roof off. Now, the roof has been removed and there’s a crowd above it. Tens of thousands can now see you clearly. Don’t feel bad. Don’t feel shy. They’re not here to judge you, or to watch you while you work. Instead, they want to stand and applaud. That’s why they’ve come. You gave intent to be here today. The reader gave intent to look at the page … and we knew it.

There are tens of thousands of entities, some of them pasted to you in a way you can’t understand, some of them walking with you every moment of your life, and some of them in support in other ways. They’re all now in a large stadium whose seats are above this building. This room, and the chair where you sit, is now visible to all of them. They’re ready. Are you?

I give them permission to stand and applaud this group of listeners and readers. I want you to feel the accolades right now, right here, at this moment. No matter what time or year you think it is, I remind you that it’s a time and a place that, when you were all born, you never thought would take place. For, indeed, the prophecy had you dead by now, horribly killed or going through a tribulation that would have meant suffering and more suffering. Instead, you sit comfortable in a meeting or a chair at home, where you’re celebrating the love of God. And if that doesn’t tell you why we wash your feet, then you’ve missed the point!

They stand, they applaud. But think. You still have much work to do. All you did was void one reality, but now you must create another one. With the energy that you have here, reader and listener, it’s time to create something that the critics have said is impossible. Human nature will never allow peace on Earth. Just look around you! It’s counterintuitive to what you see, isn’t it?

I give you this metaphor before we close: What happens when you turn on the light in a place that has been dark for thousands of years? Things that were always in the dark, when suddenly illuminated, are often very ugly! And, dear Human, now you get to see it on your news. So what are you going to do about it? Why don’t you celebrate the fact that you’ve lifted this curtain and turned on this light. Why don’t you celebrate the fact that Armageddon is not going to happen! Why don’t you start using spiritual logic and say, “How could such a thing be, that the prophecies have been voided? And if they have, what’s next? Perhaps all of what I’m reading and hearing is accurate. Perhaps we actually can talk to our cellular structure! Perhaps we can even create peace on Earth!”

Spirit wants you to remain a long time. It’s very inefficient to die and come back. Do you know that? It takes 20 years to grow up. Why don’t you just stay here and work with this planet? There are those in this room who have no idea what hasn’t happened to them. There are two who sit over there [Kryon points to a place in the audience] who are supposed to be dead in a car accident! Did you know? [softer] Did you know that? You don’t know what you’ve done for yourselves when you give intent to stay and when certain things go through your life with near hits and misses. Often you say, “Well, that was a close call!” But you never understand or realize that in an old energy, you’d be in the ground! And in this energy, because you gave permission for it, you’re walking around. Is that power, or is it not? Isn’t that co-creation? Isn’t that the love of God at work in your life? Isn’t that a reality shift? And who actually created it?

Some of those in the metaphoric stadium have asked permission to come home with you. That’s up to you. If you say yes, you probably won’t sleep much tonight. [Laughter] They’ll walk out the door with you. That’s up to you. There’s a support team here that’s huge, and it’s the one that belongs to you. All they want is to support what you decide is possible, dear Human.

And so it is that we come to yet another concluding time, a time when we put the roof back on, and return to the reality that you’re used to. It’s the time when we say good-bye. Yet there are those who will leave differently from how they came in, and you know who you are. Perhaps you’ll be different when you stand up from your reading. You’re probably feeling it right now. Think: What if this was so? What if this were really true? If it is, you’ve got work to do. That’s why you came. You know it and so do we. It’s not about finding a rest period. It’s about being happy with your work period and staying a long time on this planet … a long time on this planet … a long time on this planet.

And so it is.

Kryon live channelling “Meditation and Prayer” given in Reno, Nevada – March 20, 2004

*Author’s note: the original channel written above used “interdimensional” but this has been replaced by “multi-dimensional” in keeping with the evolution of the verbiage used in current messages channelled by Kryon.

Question for Kryon

Many healers and Lightworkers often meditate and pray when someone they know is physically unwell or unbalanced. Sometimes the recipient of this prayer and meditation is healed. There have been many incidents where a collective group prays for someone’s healing and the person has been healed. Can you tell us more about this process? What attributes makes this particular type of collective Human Consciousness so powerful?


The actual power rests in the “physics of consciousness” that we have talked about over and over. This shows it more than anything … how the physics of benevolent thought, works.

Prayer with others is “projected, manifested intent, with a group.” There is energy produced here that is very real … very real. Someday you will even be able to measure it! When someone is upset, you can “feel” it? Then you often wish to remove yourself from that person, since it’s uncomfortable? It’s the same when someone is “over the top” happy. The energy is almost infectious! Laughter creates laughter! Consciousness has energy!

Stand-by for things that you might not understand just yet: In basic physics, everything happens in balanced pairs, and nothing is destroyed. In multi-dimensional physics, it’s a bit more obtuse: There is a push-pull kind of system where one energy pushes against a membrane [brane] of potential, and it’s either seen and used by the pulling reciprocal potential or not. If it’s not used by the one, then it will move to anything else that is willing to receive it. It’s never wasted … always balanced. If you really want to get technical, this is also how magnetism is created: By spare electrons looking for a balanced home with other atoms who need them for balance. It’s everywhere in physics.

When many humans together are giving pure intent, the energy is multiplied by factors that are not the ones you compute in 3D. The consciousness of physics has its own rules, and you will discover what they are. But depending on the energy of the group praying, it’s a very powerful “push” to the receiver. Now, consciousness is also filled with variables, and some of them use words like “truth, belief, perception, and willingness.” All of these concepts temper the physics we are discussing, and the membrane of potential fulfillment.

Listen, dear ones: All this talk of physics simply comes to this one point – The one who is the target for the healing must match the pattern of the senders. We will call it “compliance” of energy. Some get healed and some don’t. Some have miracles, and some have nothing. Do you see how what I’m saying makes some sense? It really is basic “round pegs in round holes” thinking, and it explains why prayer often seems to fail. But the energy of it is never wasted.

If the recipient cannot receive the energy of the benevolence being created, for whatever myriad of reasons that might be there, the energy does not dissipate into the ethers. Instead it gets amplified back to the senders, in a balanced way. Did you ever attend a gathering of meditators or those who are praying, and you felt so much better when you left? This is what is going on.

*Author’s note: After Kryon answered this question Lee said that Kryon wanted to give a channelled message at the next Kryon seminar. The next seminar was in Baltimore and Kryon gave a profound channel called “The Way Prayer Works” available for you to hear on the Kryon website: CLICK HERE