Kryon Glossary


The Human Akash can be defined as an energy that represents “all that is.” Your personal Akash is stored within the Cave of Creation, and the Crystalline Grid. It is a profound energy that comes in with you … in your DNA. The Akash contains every unique life expression you have had (past lives). The Akash also represents the future – the potentials of everything that can be – your unrealized future potential expressions on the planet (future lives).


Akashic Acuity

This is referring to the Akashic remembrance of what is held and stored within your Akash.


Akashic Inheritance

Refers to what you inherent from your Akash (past life experience).


Akashic Record

Akashic Record is a record of everything you have ever done or experienced through all your lifetimes. It also applies to your future potentials because time is in a circle, not linear. The past, future and present is all occurring in now time.



Alani’i is the name given by Kryon to Peggy Phoenix Durbo. Peggy is to originator of the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) balancing technique. Kryon has told Peggy that she used to work in the Temple of Rejuvenation.



Angels are multidimensional beings just like you, but who contain their entire “group” in their awareness and comprehension. They have no duality and they have no biological expression.



Archangels are angels who have the energy of many angels. They are not “higher” or “lower” despite the name. They are not “in charge” of anything either. They are instead filled with the energy of many of the pieces and parts of the other angel entities. This makes them seem like they are more important, but they are not. Think of them as communication stations or “hubs” of energy transference that are more easily accessible to the whole. They exist to help bring groups of energies together for those who can’t think out of 4D. They also help in the organization of energy that is needed in the Universe.



Acsended beings (that are part of a benevolent group) are here to help humanity. They will only help and respond to Humans that allow it.



Refers to the many doom-and-gloom scenarios resulting in the end of humanity on the planet.


Ascended Masters

Kryon refers to Ascended Masters as those who have been on Earth as humans channelling instruction sets and information that is practical for humanity to know. Some of these masters include Jesus, John the Baptist, King Solomon, King Arthur, many Pharaohs, and those who have sat in high places of great wisdom. Names like El Morya, Sananda, Mahatma, Kuthumi are only some among the ones bringing information.



In the past the word ascension has meant “someone who passes on and raises into heaven,” but it now means something totally different. It is an enlightenment vibration measurement where the biological Human is able to hold the entire vibration and energy of his/her entity!



Kryon presents a very different approach to Atlantis, and says that there was more than one Atlantis. In fact, there were many but there are three main ones that the Akash of humanity remembers more than others. The commonality between all Atlantis remembrances is of a sinking island or natural catastrophe that caused the end of the civilization. The origin of this theme comes from Lemuria, where eventually their large mini-continent subsided into the ocean and created the present day chain of Hawaiian Islands.



Refers to your magnetic field patterns that can be seen by readers as auric life colors.


Cave of Creation

The Cave of Creation is a real place that will never be found on this planet. It marries the physical to the spiritual and the multidimensional to the dimensional. It is a place where there are crystalline structures within a memory vault called the Akashic Record. It is where your essence (soul) comes and goes from when you arrive to when you pass over, and what happened while you were here. It’s the first place you go, coming and going. The Cave of Creation is a multidimensional place that holds a crystal for every soul that has ever been on the planet, and every soul to come. Each crystal holds the Akashic Record of every soul. The Cave of Creation interfaces with Gaia through the Crystalline Grid. When you affect the Crystalline Grid with your consciousness and actions, it then alters the Cave of Creation. In summary, the Cave of Creation keeps a record of who you are as you come and go, and imbues your lifetime of experience to the vibration of the planet even after you have gone. It is the multidimensional system that captures the Human experience for Gaia and it stays with Gaia.


Chemical Inheritance

Refers to what you inherent from your biological parents and ancestors – your genealogy.


City on the Hill

This is a reference to the New Jerusalem and is Kryon’s metaphor for the New Earth. This scenario involves peace in the Middle-East.



Co-creation works within the system of everyone with you and it demands you pay attention to synchronicity. There is a system that sees your need long before you have it. It provides a potential and an answer that can help you if you need it. It provides a system where all things are known about your potentials. It provides something that is against all odds and out of 3D. Your co-creation will manifest when everyone in the system is ready. To many this looks like a coincidence or an accident. But you have (co-)created the synchronistic experience.


Consciousness (physics)

Humanity defines consciousness as a concept, and describes it as the self-aware state of a Human Being. However, Kryon states that consciousness is physics and that there are rules of consciousness, and it is a part of quantum physics. There are rules, postulates, math, graphs and solutions. There are beautiful attributes as yet unknown of the physics of consciousness. When you start to see this, it will begin to explain what is going to happen and the way of the future.



Cosmic Lattice

The Cosmic Lattice encompasses the entire Universe and more. It is present everywhere. It is what you could call the consciousness of God and yet it is physics and it is energy and it contains conscious love. While it is not a grid it does have symmetry. The Cosmic Lattice is what allows the mechanics for co-creation, for synchronicity, for love, and for miracles on the planet. It responds to physics and it responds to consciousness.


Creative Source

Kryon uses the term Creative Source synonymous with God, the Creator, and Spirit.



Kryon uses the term Creator synonymous with God, the Creative Source and Spirit.


Crystalline Grid

The Crystalline Grid is an esoteric (spiritual) grid that lays over the planet’s surface that remembers everything that Humans do and where they do it. The energy of humanity is affecting the vibrational level of the planet in actual time. The Crystalline Grid responds to Human consciousness, but it goes both ways: it receives and gives. So it really does two things: (1) it is an esoteric grid that works with the vibration of Human consciousness, both in retaining and transmitting back to the Human DNA, and (2) it talks to Gaia, and the Gaia part talks to anything crystalline within the Earth’s crust. The Crystalline Grid is quantumly aligned with the Cave of Creation.


Crystalline Sheath

Kryon tells us that our DNA, a system of 12 strands, has a “sheath” that is crystalline. Although somewhat metaphoric (since the full explanation is a combination of science and Spirit), there are parts of this metaphor that are physically accurate. Kryon describes the Crystalline Sheath in the following simple way: This is the memory that “talks” to the instructions sets, and it talks to them about predispositions, contracts, and karmic overlay. It talks to them about the divinity that they contain. It also tells the instruction sets how to work – and scientists won’t find it. It’s a core memory, and it is literally at the center of the spiritual information transferred to your cells about what you came to Earth for. The Crystalline Sheath around the DNA contains all the memory of a perfect genetic code. It is the sheath, therefore, that controls Human evolution spiritually. Note: Kryon has also referred to the perfect genetic code as the Youth Template.


Dark Entities

Dark entities are seemingly able to interfere with Humans, creating great fear and sometimes even physical harm. Kryon’s definition of dark is an attribute where there is no light. The significance of this definition is that darkness does not exist; it is simply what is left when there is no light. Light is active and darkness is not. Kryon says there is no such thing as evil spirits from another place. Instead, the greatest evil power on Earth is found in the minds and intentions of Humans, on this planet. Humans are very capable of manifesting darkness just like they hold the power to manifest light. With total free choice, the creation of evil is not only possible, but it is done all the time, but through the power of the Humans … not outside forces.


Death Phantom

Refers to a situation we have set up to terminate life as we know it in the physical realm.



Refers to the struggle in Human consciousness represented by choices of light and dark.



Elementals are also referred to, or known by other names such as devas, fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, sprites, brownies, leprechauns, Earth angels, and nature spirits. Regardless of the name, all of these beings are multidimensional energies that are helpers for the planet Earth (Gaia), and they are in service to humanity.



Engrams are thoughts that remain in your memory as energy. These engrams are more than just idle visualizations. Engrams are sacred energy thought-groups.



A form of reality that is multidimensional and not regularly seen or understood by a 3D humanity.



Refers to metaphysical belief.



Gaia is the sentient consciousness of planet Earth, created by the Pleiadians. Gaia is also known as Mother Earth, or Mother Nature. In South America Gaia is referred to as Pachamama.


Galactic Alignment

The Galactic Alignment is a precise astronomical term that occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. This alignment is caused by a 26,000-year wobble of the planet that starts and ends when our sun perfectly lines up (as we look at it from Earth) with the center of our galaxy. The precise alignment of the solstice point with the Galactic equator occurred on December 21, 2012.



The term hauntings and ghosts are used interchangeably. Hauntings and ghosts are a repeated pattern of events that happen over and over in the same fashion. The Crystalline Grid holds and remembers Human action. In certain conditions where the interaction of Humans have come together in profound scenario, such as a murder or sudden death, this grid will create an energetic informational imprint of the event. This imprint will then replay itself over and over, like a recorded loop of reality and emotion, at the very location of the event. The grid has stored this emotion, and will continue to play it back in a cycle of time. Note: Dark entities, of any kind, are not hauntings or ghosts.



Every Human has guides. Your guides are vessels that contain the by-product of energy that is generated by your intent. It is part of the alchemy of energy, which is connected to the Cosmic Lattice. Therefore, your guides are also responsible for co-creation. Many Humans have a perception that we have three guides. This is a metaphor where the numerological value of “three” represents the catalytic energy created when using your intuition and communicating with your guides.


Harmonic Concordance

Kryon arrived within Lee Carroll in 1989 (two years after the Harmonic Convergence – also called the 11:11 by many). Many began to feel enlightenment taking place. November 8 and 9 of 2003 was the Harmonic Concordance, the next step after the Harmonic Convergence. Another poll was taken and the question was asked, “Do you give permission to have your DNA changed? Do you give permission, humanity, with free choice, to have the tools available for its spiritual alteration?” And the answer was yes. This allowed for the DNA layer called Layer Three (Ascension and Activation) to be activated. It began a co-operation with the Earth that is new, and it also began a meld of masculine and feminine energies. During the Harmonic Concordance the crystalline energies within the Cave of Creation were changed. Only two or three times in the spiritual history of Earth has the Cave of Creation and the Akashic Record been altered. It is part of system that rewrites and realigns the Crystalline Grid and your Akash. It’s a system that has to be updated, as Humans get closer to being angels.


Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence is the name given to global synchronized meditation events, which occurred on August 16 and 17, 1987. This event also coincided with an alignment of planets in the Solar System. The lineage of what Kryon calls “the delivery of light” on the planet started with the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. This event set the stage for planetary shift. The Harmonic Convergence was the beginning of a powerful and profound reality change for all of humanity. It was filled with the honor of choice for all Humans on the planet. Regarding the Harmonic Convergence Kryon has also said, “In those moments, to us, there was an actual poll of the Higher-Selves of every Human on the planet. Perhaps you didn’t remember that? You wouldn’t, for it wasn’t in your reality. At that time, the Higher-Self of every Human Being was asked the question: “Are you ready to make the changes of the energy that you’ve set up?” This was the first time it was ever asked in the history of humanity. The answer was yes. The result is what you’ve seen in these past years.”



The Ancient Egyptians define Hathor as the goddess of love and joy, who personified the principles of feminine love and motherhood. The head, horns, or ears of a cow often represent her. Kryon describes the Hathors as an ascended race who are cousins to the Pleidians.



The term hauntings and ghosts are used interchangeably. Hauntings and ghosts are a repeated pattern of events that happen over and over in the same fashion. The Crystalline Grid holds and remembers Human action. In certain conditions where the interaction of Humans have come together in profound scenario, such as a murder or sudden death, this grid will create an energetic informational imprint of the event. This imprint will then replay itself over and over, like a recorded loop of reality and emotion, at the very location of the event. The grid has stored this emotion, and will continue to play it back in a cycle of time. Note: Dark entities, of any kind, are not hauntings or ghosts.



The true definition is dependent on how you are considering it. It varies depending on the category, so just consider it the core source of your divinity.


Human Consciousness

Kryon says that what we describe as Human consciousness isn’t. It is just consciousness. It only belongs to the Human Being because you’re Human and see it that way. You as a Human group generate an energy of consciousness, so you call it Human consciousness, but it’s almost identical to the consciousness that the other planets have gone though.


Illuminated Human

One who has awakened to a higher consciousness.



Kryon first mentioned taking the “implant” in Kryon Book One, The End Times. It was given in an energy that required giving permission to take an implant and it was called implantation of permission to drop karma. In the new energy the term is no longer needed and is replaced by our pure intent to drop karma. Kryon Book Three, Alchemy of the Human Spirit further explains the implantation process in Chapter Four.


Indigo Children

Refers to the new consciousness of children on the planet. The term indigo was coined by Nancy Tappe, who saw colors around Humans as a direct result of her synesthesia. In the early 1990s Nancy began seeing the indigo color on the children – a color that had she had never ever seen before.



Innate is the consciousness of the body’s intelligence. It is the smart body and referred to as the second brain. Innate works in a system with our brain, our consciousness, and our DNA. Innate is very elusive because it is beyond our 3D understanding. Innate lives is a multidimensional space and responds to multidimensional instructions. Some of the ways to communicate with innate include energy work, homeopathy, acupuncture, tapping, kinesiology, and saying affirmations.



Used as a noun it means intention of purpose. Used as an adjective it means resolved or determined to do something or showing earnest and eager attention. Kryon’s use of the word intent is generally in reference to spiritual change.



The term interdimensional was used by Kryon in the early channelled messages. However, it has been replaced by multidimensional, as this word more aptly describes the meaning, which is a reality that features multiple dimensions that are beyond our four dimensions (height, width, depth, and time).



Karma is about situations with other Humans, unfinished business, feelings to be completed and a system in interaction. Karma is an old energy driving system that did its job well with a lower vibration humanity, but it is no longer needed in our new energy. With free choice you can drop your karma by your intent to release any controlling energies. Dropping your karma disengages the karmic energies that “pushed” you to places to do certain things and meet people. This brings a new level of responsibility where you are able to put yourself exactly where you are meant to be.



Kryon is often described as a loving entity, but in actual fact Kryon is a group or entourage that is neither masculine of feminine. Kryon gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity channelled through humans. There are several humans all over the planet who channel Kryon. However, Lee Carroll is the original Kryon channel and has been delivering Kryon’s messages since 1989. Note: Kryon has been around way before 1989, because the entourage has no beginning or end (smile).


Kryon Grid Group

In 1989, the Kryon “grid group” arrived and began teaching about a new energy and consciousness on the planet. Many believe that’s when Kryon first came but Kryon has been here since the beginning. This is because Kryon is an energy with no beginning and no end, and therefore always is, just like your soul. Kryon said that the magnetic grid of the planet would be moved, and it did. This was to allow your DNA to shift with the new path of Earth. The grid work was settled in 2002, and that’s when the grid group left. However, it is also when the real Kryon work began.



Lemuria first began approximately 50,000 years ago until 15,000 years ago, and was the first isolated spiritual civilization of the planet. They represented the relationship between Mother Earth (Gaia) and humanity. The purpose and design of Lemuria was to prepare and build the Akashic Record of planet Earth. The location of Lemuria is where the current chain of islands of Hawaii is found today.



Lemurians were humans with attributes of DNA that are much more advanced than society today. They had a different consciousness and were always influenced and taught by Pleiadian teachers. With a few exceptions, Lemurians had only one life in that culture.


Ley lines

Kryon’s definition of ley lines is that they are based in Human conscious action. Ley lines are found all over the planet, but the majority of them are in the Northern Hemisphere due to the majority of Humans who live there.


Life Lessons

Life lessons are totally and completely personal and only about you with you. They may be related to karmic energy, but they stay with you even when you void your karma. So they are more profound than karma and belong to your individual core soul, instead of a group. Life lessons are carried from every expression of life, just like karma, but in a different way. Each Human has more than one life lesson, and each Human comes in with this overlay. When you solve your life lesson, the solution is carried over to your next life and never has to be learned again.


Lifting the Veil

For many lifting the veil means the reduction (lessening) of the barrier between humanity and Spirit – in other words, a reduction of the “duality” energy. For eons it has meant a closer walk with Spirit. But now Kryon says there is more than this. The new linear definition means “turning on the light.” It’s about illumination



A Human who does spiritual work of any kind.


Linear Time

Humans perceive time as linear and constant, with only two dimensions, forward and back. Constant “reliable” time is an Earth concept.



When applied to spirituality it is about the person being balanced and having compassion. The many Masters that have been on the planet were all compassionate. They were peaceful and balanced. They were slow to anger and quick to love. Humanity is slowly evolving where all Humans will eventually demonstrate mastery in their every day life. This will be the beginning of peace of Earth where Humans show love and compassion to each other.



Mele’ha is the name given by Kryon to Dr. Amber Wolf. Kryon has identified Amber as being a teacher and leader of the sisterhood in Ancient Lemuria.



The Merkabah is the quantum field of the Human Being and is filled with information. The Merkabah is made of geometry within a base-12 system. It is eight meters wide (twenty-six feet) and when you are not on Earth it has a glorious look, with colors and vibrations and sounds and shapes all intertwined.



Metaphysics means beyond physics.



Metatron is another entity, a group and entourage like Kryon, to help humanity. Many know Metatron as an archangel who works with the Merkabah and the sacred geometries.



Multidimensional is a reality that features multiple dimensions that are beyond our four dimensions (height, width, depth, and time).


New Energy

Description of a higher consciousness on the planet.


New Jerusalem

This is Kryon’s metaphor for the consciousness of a New Earth. This scenario sees peace in the Middle-East. (See also City on the Hill).


Newbie (new soul)

A soul that has been on the planet for very few lifetimes, perhaps it’s even their first one. They do not have an Akash that is rich with many experiences like the old soul does.


Nodes and Nulls

The Nodes and Nulls of the planet are part of the Gaia system created by the Pleiadians. This system features twelve major time-capsules, represented by polarized pairs that has one node and one null, found in twenty-four locations across the planet. The purpose of the nodes and nulls is a fast-track system to enlightenment, active since 2012.


NOW (Time)

Kryon describes humans as being in “linear time,” and the Universe is in “now” time. A simple and brief analogy to explain this concept was given by Kryon. Imagine a train track that is constructed in a very large circle. There is a small train on it that represents you. It is always in motion, travelling approximately the same speed. The track is your linear time motion, always moving forward from where you were to where you will be. The universal entities, including the Kryon, stand toward the center of the circle watching you traverse your linear time. Since the Universe built the track, and the tracks around it of other linear time events, it knows exactly where it is going, and what events will eventually come along to break your circle. At any time we wish, we can look to the left or right, observing not only what was, but the place where your train will be in the future. This is how we can be in the static “now” while you are in motion.


Old Soul

Being an old soul has nothing to do with your chronological age. Instead, it has everything to do with your Akashic age, which refers to the number of lives you’ve lived on the planet. As a result, most Old Souls carry a deep wisdom because they have the most experience.


Passing the Marker

Refers to passing the year 2012, which is commonly referred to as the precession of the equinoxes.


Physics of Consciousness

Humanity defines consciousness as a concept, and describes it as the self-aware state of a Human Being. However, Kryon states that consciousness is physics and that there are rules of consciousness, and it is a part of quantum physics. There are rules, postulates, math, graphs and solutions. Kryon tells us, there are beautiful attributes as yet unknown of the physics of consciousness. When you start to see this, it will begin to explain what is going to happen and the way of the future.



The Pleiadians are our spiritual parents, an ascended race from Pleiades (Seven Sisters constellation), who came to Earth and created the conscious grids of Gaia and “seeded” humanity. Yes, this means they procreated with Humans and the offspring then had DNA with multidimensional attributes. This is why Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes instead of 24, like all other closely related mammals.



A portal is a place on the Earth that has profound energies. A portal is a kind of node. Nodes can be a portal, vortal or vortex.


Precession of the equinoxes

The precession of the equinoxes is an astronomical phenomena that refers to the motion of the equinoxes along the plane of Earth’s orbit (ecliptic) caused by the cyclic precession of Earth’s axis of rotation. To simplify this explanation, visualize the true shape of planet Earth. It is actually an oblate spheroid with an equatorial ‘bulge’. The Earth is also tilted and it rotates around an axis that is inclined with respect to the orbital plane (the plane where Earth orbits the sun). This tilt is what creates season on Earth, but due to the equatorial bulge it is also responsible for the Earth’s axial precession (known as the precession of the equinoxes). This cycle spans a period of approximately 26,000 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the Earth. The start and stop point of this cycle is known as the Galactic Alignment.



Predestination is a concept in theology where a doctrine states that, all events have been willed by God, and that every individual soul has a predestined and eventual fate. Kryon says there is no such thing as predestination. Instead, there are potentials and predispositions.



Predisposition refers to a tendency to do something. However, when Kryon refers to predisposition it is in relation to the individual Human Akash. For example, if lifetime after lifetime a soul incarnates as a healer, then there is a predisposition for the next incarnation to also be a healer.


Pure Intent

Pure Intent is an intent that is not casual, which holds a desire to continue or follow through no matter what.



Kryon uses the word “quantum” incorrectly from a scientific viewpoint. When Kryon says quantum it means multidimensional. Science identifies quantum as an atomic particle of multidimensional attributes.


Seed biology

Refers to the Pleaidians DNA.


Seed Fear

This is referring to the fear of enlightenment. Many lifetimes of awakening did not always end well. In these instances the Akash holds a memory of dramatic/tragic end to life, which shows itself as fear to awaken to deep spiritual truth.


Shadow Termination

Shadow Termination is a real physical attribute where a part of you, at the cellular level, is still yelling, “Termination!” It’s held within the core memory (of the crystalline sheath) and so it’s a shadow termination memory. It’s called “shadow termination” because it is no longer in your reality! It’s only a shadow of what used to be.



Ascended beings and our “seed-grandparents” from the planet Sirius.



The generic definition of a soul is the spiritual essence of a Human Being. However, Kryon defines the soul as everywhere and nowhere! Kryon tells us that the Soul splits into many pieces and parts at birth and exists in many places simultaneously. As Humans we think we have one soul, totally individual and separate, and that everyone else has their one soul. This is based on our linear perception. Kryon tells us when we die we go home and that we return to the family. This is because our soul is an eternal, multidimensional soul soup of all that is, and is part of the Creator.


Soul mate

A Soul mate might be a partnership that’s good for life, but it may not result in anything else. Soul mates exist together for joy and life extension. That’s it! Twin flames however exist together to accomplish something that neither could do alone. Here’s the fun part … soul mates can also be twin flames and when that happens, it’s really obvious.



Kryon uses the term Spirit synonymous with God, the Creator, and the Creative Source.



Synchronicity is defined by events that happen that are odd or unusual at unexpected times, which seem to strangely co-ordinate together – seeming coincidences that aren’t. They often will surprise you. The occurrences you think will have the least promise, or the avenues you might have travelled down once that’s brought no results, will often suddenly bring the most!


The Field

What Kryon calls The Field is that physical space around you that can resonate with another source. God has created this in a way that is biased in your favor. This attitude of resonance is tuned to togetherness and harmony, and you are starting to be asked to resound to The Field.


The Great Shift

Refers to passing the 2012 marker (precession of the equinox) and the subsequent birth of new energies on the planet – a combination of a raise in Human consciousness, increased vibration of Gaia, and a recalibration of ALL the consciousness grids.


The Third Language

The Third Language is non-linear language that is sensed.


The Triad

Refers to the trilogy of survival and are represented by three parts of Human consciousness. These are the brain, the pineal, and the heart. The triad of Human consciousness is the beginning of the realization of mastery.


Twin Flames

The energy of a twin flame is one that’s your mirror-image energy. A twin flame is one who finds the “other half” of what it is seeking in purpose. Twin-flame energy isn’t necessarily a partnership issue like a Soul mate is. It’s more about coming together to fulfill a wholeness that’s missing in potential or purpose. Sometimes, twin flames are also together in love, but even if they are, that’s convenient for the bigger picture … something to be accomplished together.



A vortal is a kind of node (place on the planet with profound energies). It is half and half between a portal and a vortex.



A vortex is a kind of node (place on the planet with profound energies). The attributes of a vortex are where energies collide, and the energy is constantly moving, or circulating. To some, it feels good for a while, but it’s hard to live in a true vortex.



A true walk-in is difficult to understand because of our singular bias. Kryon says we have many pieces and parts to our spiritual body, and sometimes they even involve a meld with another energy. For reasons you can’t comprehend, sometimes a part of you comes into the Earth plane and grows up. Then later, usually through some kind of traumatic experience (or near-death experience), the other part joins you. Some have “seen” this as two different entities, where one kind of warms up the place for the other, then leaves! There are really two different kinds of walk-in experiences. One is where two actual entities are involved by agreement, and one comes in to start, then the other steps in and takes over when it’s time. Then the original takes a back seat, melds, and becomes a part of the whole of the experience for life. The second kind of walk-in experience is where there’s an “enhancement” of the first Human consciousness to such a degree that it appears that another Human arrived! Actually, it’s just the other part. The reasoning is about timing, and also about life purpose. Many times, a walk-in is one who suddenly has a purpose after the experience. That’s accurate, but the purpose is due to the fact that now all the parts are together, and are aware of what to do. Sometimes it’s so dramatic that even the walk-in individual sees the past as another person! Sometimes they even change their names. The logistics and “rules” behind walk-ins are not list-able, since they’re infinitely variable. Sometimes the other part never arrives if the timing isn’t right. Sometimes it arrives so strong that it’s scary!


Wisdom Barrier

The wisdom barrier is not a wall or obstruction, but a barrier of energy that is waiting to be reached, like the sound barrier was waiting. When the wisdom barrier is reached, it breaks an old paradigm of consciousness, and nothing can be what it was. For example, passing the wisdom barrier is when no human would ever dream of killing another human, period!



Yawee is the name given by Kryon to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Kryon has identified Todd as being a scientist in Ancient Lemuria, called Yawee.


Youth Template

The Youth Template exists in many molecules, including DNA. The template itself represents everything biological in your body.