2014 Kryon Gaia Global Consciousness Retreat

Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island, is the world’s most isolated inhabited island. It is approximately 3,500 km (2,100 mi) from the continent of Chile, South America. The small triangular island is only 24 km (15 mi) long by 12 km (7 mi) wide. This volcanic island consists of mainly three extinct volcanoes and has three freshwater crater lakes, Ranu Kau, Rano Raraku and Rano Aroi, which are the only water supply (other than rainfall).

Throughout this retreat we were blessed with the presence of the local Rapa Nui, including Shaman Pau Hitora (who I like to think of as a living moai). Traveling across the island we visited many sacred sites and learnt much from what Pau had to share. Special guest Kahuna Kalei’iliahi, from Hawaii, gave thanks to the ancestors under the watchful gaze of the moais – the living ancestors of the Rapa Nui. The hidden secrets and mysteries were unlocked for all those present during the Kryon channelled messages, given by Lee Carroll. If you have ever wondered about this mysterious and magical place, I invite you to hear what Kryon had to say at the following link: